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Us Two (1979)
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Wonderful film, 4 November 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Perhaps one of Deneuve's finest films, "A Nous Deux" contains some pretty meaty material. The main character, Simon, is a crook who's escaped from jail, only to meet up with a beautiful highly paid whore, played by Deneuve.

I say that this is one of Deneuve's meatier movies because there is a rape scene within that really must've challenged her as an actress. She is attacked by four thieves which goes on to explain her iciness towards sex.

The two grow to like each other due to the fact that they are escaped convicts who must escape together. A fantastic film for French cinema fans. A great film throughout. Good music. Good writing. Good cinematography. I'd recommend seeing it if you can.

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Fantastic French film, 9 September 2007

For all of us American Deneuve fans, this little gem is a little tough to get ahold of. Fortunately, I found myself so wrapped up in the short bits that I saw previewed on that I was willing to go to any lengths. I found it on, ordered it directly from France, and changed my laptop so it would play Region 2 DVDs. Let me tell you that it was well worth it. Be warned - there are NO subtitles (unforunately, Pathe shouldn't have released this on DVD, Koch Lorber should've - they're good about the subtitles). I don't speak a word of French. I can utter a syllable here and there, order a drink and whatnot. That having been said, this film was a treat anyway. I couldn't fully appreciate the supposed "bawdy" humor or the witty dialogue. Watching Deneuve and her cohorts was enough for me. I understood what was going on without need of the dialogue. It really says something about a film when those who can't speak the language enjoy it.

The cinematography is wonderful. London is adorable as the smitten son-on-law. Loved the lesbian Mom. And, of course, what can I possibly say about our dear Mademoiselle Deneuve. She is one of a kind. Those eyes, that smile. I could watch her films all day. She really goes beyond beauty. People always say she's gorgeous. Well, yes, she is. But she is also VERY talented. I believed her every second of the way. Her conversation about chocolate and vanilla with London is too sweet. Her character even gets arrested for smoking dope with some 15 year old in the street. NOT TO BE MISSED! Fly to France and buy this if you have to. Great. 10

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Boring but beautiful, 21 February 2006

I loved the cinematography in this movie! The story, however, is utterly boring. There's no catalyst, no actual order of events. Emma Thompson is one of the sexiest, most brilliant stars of her time. Her real life mother, Phyllida Law, was also incredible. Overall, however, there was no drive in the film. Will she go to Australia or not? Do we honestly care? No. Even great actors can't save badly written scripts. There wasn't anything really here... Sorry Alan... Sorry Emma... Sorry cast. You're all beautiful and incredible but you need something to do. Life or death. That makes a good movie. And a decent resolution would've been nice.

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Terrific, 5 July 2004

Let me first say that I expected PERFECTION from this movie and boy oh boy did the cast deliver! I was a little disappointed with Alan Alda's performance as the sunny divorcee who argues with his wife over who gets custody over their teenage daughter. He can't handle Neil Simon as well as I thought...In a way it sounded as though he were reading his lines. Jane Fonda was hard-edged and a little rough in this one...A real firecracker who's selfish and tries too hard at NOT being caring or maternal. All you want her to do is get off the screen. But here's where the REAL talent comes in...Michael Caine and Maggie Smith. Caine plays a "homosexual-bisexual" who's married to actress Diana Barrie (Smith). The best lines in the movie come out of this duo. They're funny and touching with an extremely complex relationship. Maggie deserved the Oscar for this one. She's brilliant! She delivers her lines with pure wit. Her drunken scene is worth watching alone. Bill Cosby and his little group also provides some laughs and Walter Matthau as the cheating husband is TERRIFIC...especially his reactions to everything that happens to him. Definitely rent this one, even if you don't buy it. Trust me, you'll want to rewind.

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Brilliant, 22 June 2004

Deborah Kerr has always been one of the best actresses. Her beauty and wit have always gotten her pretty well rounded roles. "Tea and Sympathy" has done something else for her...It has made her a real human that we can all identify with and understand. She captured your attention with her every second on the screen. John Kerr, as Tom Lee, (the main character) is simply in the backdrop, carrying the story along as best he can. Within him we see a ridiculed boy whose over-femininity makes him the joke of his school. Even the teachers seem to gang up on him. Known as "Sister-boy Lee" he tries to 'become' a man, only to let himself down further. He is soon pitied and taken in by Laura Reynolds, the school master's wife, who is told to "Stay out" because she's not really "involved". The truth is she is deeply involved...Her husband is the main reason for this kid's pain. I don't want to spoil the ending for you so I will say this...Vincente Minnelli is a brilliant director. Deborah Kerr is a wonderful actress who's inner beauty matches her physical beauty. John Kerr really shines. This movie is worth seeing. It does skirt the topic of homophobia but it tells the story that we (when we were teens) can all tell, trying to accept who we are and not trying to be what we aren't.

Annie Hall (1977)
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A little over rated, 18 December 2003

I think that Diane Keaton is one of the best actresses that America has produced. I think that Woody Alan WRITES funny material. But he pushed too hard for "Annie Hall", like he wanted every sentence to produce a laugh. And that's fine for about two minutes. But after awhile it gets annoying. I had to fast forward through things just so I wasn't tempted to turn the movie off. I just don't really like this duo. Seperately their fine but together it's like a shot of novacaine - you don't know what's just hit you but you know there's going to be pain involved. I just couldn't give this a 10. Keaton deserves a lot of credit. And Woody, good try. But I just wasn't all for this movie. I wasn't that impressed. It had no real point. Actually, it was kind of stupid. I gave it a 5.

Wonderful!, 16 December 2003

I haven't done a review in a long time. Trust me, this movie is worth taking the time out to comment about. I saw it last night and was absolutely amazed at how sexy and talented Dianne Keaton still is (and probably always will be). I'm not usually a HUGE fan of Jack Nicholson's work but when I sat through this show I laughed so hard. He was ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS. Both young and old will enjoy this show. It shows the humor of how the young look at how "old people" 'get together' and the humor that the older folks get in the aging process. Keaton shouldn't change. She looked great! And Jack was charming. Amanda Peet and Keanu Reeves also added that extra touch that made this romantic comedy perfect. The only problem I found was I think it should've been rated R. I was pretty surprised when Keaton ran out naked and it was only rated PG-13. But hey, if you don't care about nudity or whatnot, go and see it! I plan on seeing it again. Don't let this brilliant movie go past your local theater without you sitting through it! A perfect 10.

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Beautifully done, 10 July 2003

"The Razor's Edge" has to be one of the best movies ever made. It's real, it's beautiful, and it's deep. Bill Murray is terrific in this movie, adding his humor along with his dramatic character. Along side of him is Therese (sorry if I spelled her wrong) Russell and Catherine Hicks. Of course everyone has seen Catherine in "7th Heaven" but she was an absolute beauty in this movie, full of the emotion and passion that Annie (her character on the show) rarely sports. I'm surprised she hasn't been in a million movies and didn't win an academy for this one. Therese Russell has those eyes that cuts right through you. Yes, this movie is definitely a gem. Best of all, there are plenty of twists and turns throughout the movie to make it interesting. It's not just a story of a man trying to find himself, it's also the story of the people in his life and the sacrifices people make for each other. I suggest that you see it in DVD format, even if you hate widescreen as much as I do. They did a great job reformatting it and recoloring it. Wonderful movie, a 10/10 most definitely! YOU HAVE TO SEE IT!!!!!!!

The Hours (2002)
Wow, 26 June 2003

This movie has to be one of the most beautiful and sad of it's kind and of it's time. Moore, Kidman, and Streep all should've received some type of award for their work here. Not only do they have a great supporting cast but the storyline is so deep and rich that you can't help but wonder who the brilliant man was who wrote the script and want to shake his hand for doing so. I cried through basically the entire movie. It kept me on the edge of my seat, I can tell you that. What I honestly think though is that (although Nicole Kidman did BEAUTIFULLY) Julianne Moore was a little underrated here. She was FABULOUS. I mean when she turns on the turns she really turns them on. I adore that woman. Great job. And as for Toni Collette as Kitty Barlow, wow. She made quite an impact for 10 minutes of work if I do say so myself. A 10/10 you must see it. I don't think I can own it or probably even watch it again, it was a little too sad to be able to sit through twenty times. But it was fantastic.

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Maybe I'm overcritical but..., 10 June 2003

These four actors have brilliant talent, so I asked myself, what are they doing in a movie like this? I mainly saw this to watch Toni Collette and I can honestly say I was rather dissappointed with this movie as a whole. I didn't get enough background on this relationship between the couples, and although they talk quite a bit about all their "vacations and years together" we only witness one occasion in a 1988 flashback. One minute I was sympathizing with one character, the next minute disliking them. I hate that type of back-and-forth thing because it's tiring to keep up with who you're supposed to like and hate. The ending is kind of...this is the end. Finis. So what is that? Did the writers just forget to finish the script? If more effort had been put in this movie (not by the actors, they were finaminal in their roles) then perhaps this movie would've been more than just an HBO run-by. Not even a huge fan of any of these four can honestly love it...Sorry Toni.

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