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For me, a very beautiful and inspiring movie, 2 February 2006

Despite the fact of this movie was exhibited on screens in 1992 or 93, I've just saw it on TV in my country only a few days ago. In fact, it isn't the first time it is exhibited, but for one reason or other I've never had seen it. And I've to say that "A League Of Their Own" really touched me. In my country, unlike other Latinamerican like Venezuela, Puerto Rico and -- if I'm not wrong -- Cuba, baseball isn't a popular game, like soccer or tennis. It's played only in some clubs by American citizens or Chilean who lived in the U.S. and learned to play and love it. However, for me the ignorance of the baseball rules is not important, but the fact of that the subjects treated in this movie are universal: fight for a dream and achieve it, solidarity (how beautiful the scene when one of the players teaches to read the one who doesn't know, using a "little hot" short-novel), friendship, hope, dignity and the spirit of trying to be always better. From now on, this movie has become one of my favorites, with some other like "Steel Magnolias" and "Fried Green Tomatoes". Beautiful ones, inspiring, with no-violence and giving a positive message good for our spirits, no matter the zone of the world where you live because, like I've already said, its message is universal: the hope on reaching your dreams and be a better person. And I think that it's marvelous in a world like the present, that sometimes turns so hard to live in. I believe also that it isn't necessary to be American or have had friends or relatives involved in a terrible conflict like the 2nd W.W. to understand this movie. Finally, I'm sorry for my not good English and, if possible, I beg from someone who had had the patience to read this lines up to this point, some additional information about the female baseball league of the United States. I will appreciate it, really. And friendly greetings from Chile, proudly the world's southernmost country!!. (and very friendly with foreigners, too. Visit us, we're waiting for you!!)

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I didn't understand, 10 January 2003

Well, as my opinion is contrary to the majority of the other judges, I just have to admit that I didn't understand this movie and what the author wanted to say with it. Definitely, the british sense of humour is not my favourite.

My favourite movie, 18 February 2002

I don`t know if this few words could qualify for a commentary of this movie, but I just want to declare loud and clear that it`s my absolute favourite, now and for ever. I saw it when I was a little boy, in the 1960`s, and now, as an adult of 40, I experiment the same sensation: a deep emotion and the feeling that if all of us try to be a little as Mary Poppins, our world would be certainly a better place where to live. Or, at least, a funnier one! I would like to vote "10", a million times for this wonderful movie, which was, is and will be in my heart for ever.

I love this movie!, 27 April 2001

Simply, I just want to say that I love this movie. Perhaps because I'm a big fan of beauty pageants and because it has an happy end. I smiled, laughed and, in short, felt involved with this. I spent a good moment viewing this movie, on its 1st day of exhibition on chilean screens (April 26th).

I am certain it isn't a masterpiece and probably not qualify for the Academy Awards, but helped me to forget the every-day troubles. Thanks and congratulations to the producers and players, and sorry for my not-very-good English.