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A light-hearted comedy, bonnie English girls, good cast, 4 November 2000

Not the best British comedy ever made, however, my partner enjoyed the girls witty sense of humour and I enjoyed the sarcasm against the guys!!! ha ha.

Karl is best seen in Brush Strokes.

Shame the show was bumped here in Australia after a few episodes. Needless to say, we did ring Channel 7 to find out why!

Don't Miss this One!!, 4 November 2000

Recently moved over to Australia and couldn't believe my luck when I saw Bad Girls being advertised on national TV.

A thoroughly enjoyable series which keeps you engrossed. Some great characters, namely Dockley and Fenner, and excellent story lines.

The series keeps getting better and better and only hope that we get to see Series 3 also in Australia!