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It is the gesture which counts !, 30 April 2002

Jacques Hansen, 55 years, had a life with woman and child. Today tramp, it wanders in Paris...Rough, intense, the drama of the exclusion shown of the interior, film to the snatch by a man of convictions. This indictment against exclusion is sought then disappoints when the theatrical fiction takes the step on documentary sobriety.

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A child should not be removed !, 30 April 2002

Enclosure at 15 years, Mariel Hemingway chooses to leave a possessive mother and an irritable father-in-law to raise only his child. In the same small city, a young couple hopelessly seeks to adopt a child. An edifying drama, but sometimes a little too naive.

No terrible !!, 29 April 2002

A novelist upsets the calm life of her cousin... A limpid history with the taste of romantic picture story. The realizer carried out a film which is really very flat, that does not even give desire for looking at it, on the other hand Susanne Uhlen, Eva Kryll, Bernd Herzsprung saves film.

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I do not know if one can call that a masterpiece !, 29 April 2002

The tragic destiny of a famous courtesan of the XIXe century. Masterpiece of max Ophuls, a fresco baroque and cruel which offers to Martine Carol one her more beautiful roles. On the other hand for Peter Ustinov I would say that it is not its best film, it plays better in "Appointment with Death".

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Patrick McGoohan plays too well !!, 29 April 2002

Conspirators try to replace Louis XIV, king de France, by a double. This page of the French history, re-examined by our American friends has only little interest. The actors Richard Chamberlain, Patrick McGoohan, Louis Jourdan, Ian Holm and Ralph Richardson save film.

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It is good the beer !!, 28 April 2002

In the heart of the Ardennes, a family saga where history of a dynasty of beer, beginning of the second empire the shortly after the First World War. A romantic fresco with the height of its ambitions. The realization, perfect, gives breath and rhythm to this saga which sounds just. When with the actors, they embody with flame of the characters who captivate us.

Even when she is afraid, Alexandra Vandernoot is magnificent !, 24 December 2001

The death of one of his patients drives an anaesthetist to exhume the terrible secret of a clinic. A medical thriller which is well-worked in its form and remarkable effectiveness. The tension rises to a crescendo and the original direction, inspired by the great masters of suspense, brings an appropriately harrowing atmosphere.

Actors (2000)
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Actors with a lot of talent + crazy scenes = Bertrand Blier, 24 December 2001

Jean-Pierre Marielle, Andre Dussolier and Jacques Villeret are dining in a restaurant where the first is surprised when the waiter does not bring him the bowl of hot water he had ordered. His friends start to go on about his lack of conviction when makes an order. Jean-Pierre Marielle soon exits, replaced by Claude Rich, whom Andre Dussolier and Jacques Villeret interrogate about his eternal smile... Bertrand Blier scrutinises the existential disarray of his actors through a long succession of crazy sketches, impregnated with cruelty and self-derision. But all this ends up as nothing.

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Really beautiful !, 24 December 2001

Suffering from a bronchial infection, Jean-Claude Brialy, a young Parisian, seeks convalescence in his home village in the Creuse, where he hasn't set foot for 10 years. There he meets up with his former friend, Gerard Blain, who, despite a brilliant adolescence and a bright future, has ended up in a drunken stupor after his marriage. The first film by Claude Chabrol, who launched the New Wave with this bitter account of rural life, perfectly constructed, and served with the talent of Jean-Claude Brialy and Bernadette Laffont.

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Claude Sautet's most beautiful film with a distribution of high quality., 21 November 2001

Two opposite men of character quarrel the love of a woman, who doe not manage to choose among both. A harmless intrigue, transcent by Claude Sautet's stage setting, which brews humor and emotion, the dialogues chiselled by Jean-Loup Dabadie and a magnificent trio of actors.

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