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Charles is in Charge!, 17 October 2004

Charles in Charge is a show about a college student who becomes a live-in helper for the Pembroke family, consisting of mom and dad, teenager Lily, middle schooler Douglas, and 10-year-old Jason. From the second season on to the last one, Charles switches families and stays with the Powells, as the Pembrokes are moving to Seattle. The reason for this is because Charles in Charge originally ran in 1984 for the first season and was cancelled. However, it was revived in syndication from 1987-1990 and on the first episode of the 2nd. season, it is explained that while Buddy and Charles were on a camping trip, Mr. Pembroke got transferred from his job in Pennslyvania to Seattle, Washington. Mrs. Pembroke and Jason both show up in the episode to explain things to Charles and to say goodbye. From then on, the Powells are the new family who have leased the house and they also maintain Charles' services. Charles now has to contend with Grandpa, Mom Powell, (Dad is away in the Navy), teenager Jamie, middle schooler Sarah, and 10-year-old Adam. The Pembrokes and Powells are definitely not totally the same but there are some similarities.

In any case, I have seen some of the first season as well as the later seasons and they are all good. Buddy is the best. He is so crazy and hilarious. He and Charles are such good friends and have great times, dating girls and keeping everything at the household under control. It's great. Charles in Charge rules!

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A hilarious cartoon version of a hilarious live action movie series!, 10 August 2004

I grew up watching this cartoon in the late 1980s. The movies the cartoon is based on are incredibly funny! The cartoon is very true to the movies and the characters look and sound much like the movies. The whole gang of cops gets the job done in their own unique way, with tons of laughs along the way. Plus, there's a great theme song by The Fat Boys! (Fat Boys coming to town, oh yeah! bomp, ch-ch, bomp, ch-ch bomp bomp) Captain Harris and Proctor are really funny as they try to get the lovable crew of Mahoney, Jones, Sweetchuck, Zed, Hightower, Hooks, House, Callahan, and Tackleberry off the force. But Commandant Lassard and the Professor are there on their side and the Police Academy always comes through. Hooray!

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not nearly as bad as you might think, 2 July 2004

I remember watching this cartoon as a child and it's not nearly as bad as some people made it out to be. Yes, it is a real cartoon and it did air in various countries around the world, although apparently not in America. After looking at quite a few of the actual Garbage Pail Kids cards, I would parents had good reason to be concerned about a cartoon based on the cards. I don't care much myself for the cards, because I think they were gross and disgusting in the 1980s and they're gross and disgusting now. I will admit that some of them are kind of funny.

The cartoon itself was actually my first introduction to the Garbage Pail Kids. I didn't find out about the trading cards and the infamous 1987 live action movie (MacKenzie Astin's greatest role, next to that bit on The Facts of Life! :-) until much later. I actually viewed the Kids more as superheroes than anything. Well, you had Clogged Duane, who could turn his body into goo and slide through things, much like Nickelodeon's Alex Mack. And there was Patty, who could stretch her body and contort her face into silly shapes, much like Plastic Man or Mr. Fantastic, or even Elongated Man. There was Elliot Mess, who could take apart his body and hold his head in his hands. (I'm not sure how this power benefited him, other than he could use his head as a bowling ball. Well, anyway, that is using his head! Ha! I kill me! Okay, but seriously...) Split Kit was kind of the James Dean type dude, who could split himself into half nice kid and half bad dude. Then there was Janet, who could wipe her face clean and move it to her left hand and would talk with her hand. Literally, people would have to talk to the hand! And her face would be blank. (Again, I'm not sure of the point of this "power".)

Anyway, the Kids actually went around and helped people (sort of) and it was quite funny. It really wasn't as bad as the cards. That portion would usually be half of the show and the other half would have movie parodies. There were parodies of famous movies like the Indiana Jones trilogy, The Fly, and the Superman movies. I still remember "The Fry" parody and the "Supernerd" parody. Both were very funny. I was even able to acquire two episodes of this rare series and it was just as I remembered from a few scant years ago. Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Whoa, Whoa, Oh, Oh,.... (Yeah, I remember the theme song too) Garbage Pail Kids - the cartoon was pretty cool. I don't think I would get into collecting the cards and I haven't made myself watch the movie yet, but if you can find the cartoon you might want to check it out.

"MacGyver" (1985)
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The best television series ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, 10 November 2003

MacGyver is definitely the best television series ever!!! This show was a totally different show from all the violent action heroes proliferated in both movies and on TV. MacGyver actually used his brain and showed viewers that there's a better way than using guns. All of his tricks on the show are totally backed up by science. It's true that some elements were left out on the show, but this is only because the producers of the show were responsible and didn't want children to emulate anything that might be possibly dangerous. MacGyver was a hero who said "ow" when it hurt from throwing punches, because he was a very human character and it made him a more real character you could relate to. He also rarely cursed, (by the 2nd. season onward, he never cursed at all), he did not use guns, he did not drink alcohol, he did not smoke, and he was always helping someone whenever they were in trouble. He is a great example of a true hero. MacGyver is an overall clean show that still delivers plenty of great action, adventure and excitement, as well as teaching viewers a bit about science along the way. MacGyver ROCKS!!!

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A great TV-movie!, 10 November 2003

This tv-movie picked up right where the series ended and did a great job of delivering another MacGyver adventure! There's lots of great acting by all the cast, and some pretty cool music too. There's plenty of action and of course classic MacGyverisms! A triumphant return for MacGyver to television!

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One of the best Christmas specials ever!, 3 December 2002

I can't believe nobody else has commented on this yet. This is definitely one of the best Christmas specials ever, for any age. I watch this almost every Christmas. It's a fun video to enjoy. Bert, Ernie, The Count, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, and Kermit all go ice skating, which is fun to watch. They sing Feliz Navidad. Bert and Ernie act out the classic O. Henry story "The Gift of the Magi", with each selling a precious possession to buy the other something, only to render each other's gifts useless without the items they sold. Mr. Hooper is on there too and that's really neat seeing him on there. Big Bird, Kermit, and Grover all do interviews with children, trying to find out how Santa Claus gets down the chimney. Big Bird is worried about people getting gifts at Christmas if Santa Claus can't fit down the chimney. Of course, this is prompted by Oscar the Grouch's teasing, who is actually sorry and worried about Big Bird at the end. The movie is very fun, filled with great songs, and really funny moments, like watching Cookie Monster try to send a letter to Santa Claus without eating his writing utensils in anticipation of the cookies he's going to ask for. You can get this movie on VHS video at and now it's on DVD.

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One of the best sitcoms of the 80s!, 23 October 2002

This was one of my favorite shows growing up! It's still one of my favorites now! I watch it all the time on Nick at Nite. I have seen some of the episodes from the 1st. season, but I have to admit that I watched the show in syndication, so I grew up seeing the Powell family. However, the Pembrokes were great too. I'm especially thankful for the "Amityville" episode which explained why Charles was set up with a new family and kept continuity intact. Charles is cool, but Buddy is the best! Anyway, the show rules! (no matter what season)

By far, one of the all time best 80s sitcoms!, 23 October 2002

This was probably my absolute favorite sitcom growing up!

This is still my absolute favorite sitcom now! Okay, I can't say absolute favorite, I've got too many others that I really like as well. But anyway, Full House rocks! The show was funny without using dirty jokes and language. I can hardly ever remember hearing any curse words on the show. Joey did awesome cartoon impressions too! Joey is cool. Well, you know, they're all cool. Every episode had a great moral value at the end too. This is a good clean show that actually teaches good values and still delivers lots of clean laughs. Any show like that rocks in my book. And Full House most definitely rocks!

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Awesome movie!, 1 October 2002

This is probably one of my favorite Captain America movies though I like them all. The costume and motorcycle looks great and the theme song is awesome. It figures- Mike Post was the guy who did it. (he's done lots of other great theme songs, most notably Magnum, P.I., The A-Team, and Quantum Leap) These movies could have been made into a tv series! That would have been cool. They already had a great theme song! Awesome movies! Captain America rules!

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Indiana Jones ROCKS!!!!, 1 October 2002

This was one of my favorite tv series and... oh wait, it STILL is!!! Indiana Jones, whether in the movies, or on TV, ROCKS!!! The tv show had Indiana Jones meeting real life history makers and was actually quite educational, which I enjoyed. Of course, episodes like The Treasure of the Peacock's Eye show Indy starting to get into what will become his future career - archeaology. The episodes showing him fighting in The Great War - later known as World War I, are really cool too and really paint an accurate as possible picture of what it really was like. It showed different events in Indy's life that shaped his values and ideas and made him into what he is now. Sean Patrick Flanery did a great job as Indiana Jones. The show rules!

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