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Barnyard (2006)
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What's all the fuss? Go see it if you can!, 29 August 2006

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This movie was awesome!! I went to see it twice, once with my little sister, and once with my mom, and i have already requested it for Christmas when it comes out on DVD. (Yeah, i'm 25, but if i can scam a DVD out of someone, hey it's 30 bucks i don't have to spend!) Anyway, yeah, it's a little odd seeing cows with udders, but come on people, IT'S ANIMATION!! It's not supposed to be exactly like real life!! I admit, it does have a little bit on the Lion King in it, but it was a lot better!! A lot more modern, and the music was awesome. I loved Wild Mike, and the rat that sings the Shaggy song. Like i said, i'm 25 years old, and i REALLY enjoyed it, so did my mom and my sister. I'm pretty sure my dad would have loved it, too, had he decided to go.There were a lot of children in the theater when i went the second time, and they all seemed to love it! The only comment was when Ben died, a child asked his/her father what had happened, and if he had died. I don't understand what the fuss is all about, Barnyard is an awesome movie and anyone who gets the chance should go see it before it leaves the theaters.

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i thought it was cute., 21 August 2006

I first saw this show when a friend sent me a text message saying turn to channel 3 (the CBC). Now, i normally don't watch this channel, it is usually quite boring (except for the Simpson's's at supper-time!), but i tuned in anyway. It was a really cute stop motion animation show that was playing. I liked it quite a bit, and i put a reminder on my television to watch it again next week. I really liked the one character (my friend has watched this a few times and believes she is the main character) she appears to be goth, tall, skinny and depressing. I didn't catch her name, but i really liked her. She reminds me of a few other characters that have been in other shows. For some reason, i am usually drawn towards the goth characters. (my mother thinks i am morbid) But anyway, i thought this was a cute show, and you should check it out if you have a chance.

Daredevil (2003)
Really great, but not what i expected., 26 February 2003

DareDevil was a really great movie, as movies go, and i loved the way they did the credits in Braille, it was a nice touch. I didn't expect so many love scenes, though. And in some of the action scenes, i could see the animation. But all in all, it was a good movie, i would go see it, or at least rent it. ~egbkid

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It's a shame such a good show ended so soon..., 23 December 2002

This is one of the better shows of our time, it is a shame that it ended, but it would have been worse if they had just replaced Mr Waxman without a thought. I don't understand why Mr Jones was taken from the story and replaced with Mr Smith, but both seasons were good. If you can catch this series on re-runs, watch it, you won't be disappointed. As well, there are a lot of good guest stars, a new story every episode! I have actually seen every single episode, most only once, though. If you haven't seen this show, you should make a point to check it out, it is up lifting and spiritual, enjoyable, there are a few episodes that are a little deep for children, but it is a really good series for teens.

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Don't read the book if you're going to watch the movie., 2 December 2002

Two Christmases ago, i heard the song. Last Christmas, i found the book and i loved it. It was a charming story of a little boy who's mom was dying, so he wants to get her a special pair of shoes so she'll look beautiful when she meets Jesus. At the store, he finds out he is short money, and pleads with a workaholic lawyer in line behind him to help. the lawyer is having marital problems and can't understand why, but in this moment, it dawns on him what he has been doing to his family by working so much. This Christmas, i watched the movie, and i regret it. There are so many differences between the book and movie, i don't even see why they have the same title. The only thing the same is there are two families, one rich, one poor. In the book, the families have two children each, in the movie, they only have one. In the book, the lawyer is a workaholic, in the movie, he comes across as a dense dick who doesn't see what is going on in front of his eyes. And the biggest difference is the sick mother has Cancer in the book, but heart failure in the movie. Standing alone, it is a good family movie. But, if you want to watch it, don't read the book, or else you will be disappointed.

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Wow., 27 July 2002

This has got to be one of the best Disney movies i have ever seen. I went to see it twice, it was better the second time, and if the theatre it was playing in wasn't an hour away, i'd go see it twice more. this will definatly be a movie i will buy when it comes out on DVD, and Stitch is so adorable. the soundtrack is just as good as the movie, i reccommend everyone to see this movie, it tops all animated movies this summer. out of ten, i give it a twenty. ~egbkid

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Addicted!!, 29 April 2001

Now that I have seen more of Dark Angel, I am completly and entirely addicted!!! It is the best show running, and one of the few I watch regular. I'm glad it is being brought back for another season, and I hope it will continue on for more than just one more season. It should stay on for a long time, like the X FILES. If you havn't watched Dark Angel yet, watch it!!! It is the best series on tv!!

The Best Movie Ever!, 25 December 2000

The Sixth Sense is one of the best movies I have ever seen. I can't say I have seen anything before it to compare, and only one movie sence has met the same expectations by me, the X Men. I do not believe in going to the theater to see a movie twice. This movie is the ONLY movie I have made an exception for. If there is ANYONE out there who has not seen this movie, GO RENT IT NOW! It is the best movie!!

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Good family movie., 5 November 2000

This is a fairly good movie. A good family film, but best if you already know the series. The continuing story of the Seaver family is worth watching, especially if you enjoyed the 80's series. I recommend it as a family movie, but there is a lot of things in it that may confuse a younger audience.

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One of the best cartoons ever made, 4 November 2000

This is one of the best cartoons ever made. Stereotypes are gone in this show. Gone, out the window! I mean, how often do you see a group who would normally be outcasts in a cartoon or television show? When I went to school learning Early Childhood, I was told cartoons that are best for young children contain certain elements. Some of these elements are showing different cultures working together; showing people with different abilities working together and doing different things that would normally be considered unable to be done; guys and girls doing the same job, with no difference between them, etc, and guess what? Extreme Ghostbusters conforms to this EXACTLY! Of course, it is a little violent, so I wouldn't let my three year old watch it. But I recommend Extreme Ghostbusters to ANY school age child, including all you teenagers out there (after all, I got hooked on it when I was seventeen). This show is what made me realize what I want to do with my life, animation, So ENJOY!!

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