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Spider-Man (2002)
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didn't expect much and thats just what i got, 6 May 2002

There is really nothing to this movie. Its popularity and rating are based on previous material. If this were to be the first appearance of Spider Man this movie would not be getting half of the attention. This movie was boring mindless and big waste of time.

Acting: a huge step down for all those involved (most obviously Dafoe and Maguire)

Directing: I've never like Sam Raimi, but there was some good stuff here though the only real memorable part would be Spider-Man swinging from building to building, other than that pretty straight forward.

Script: a whole lot of nothing. The love triangle was ridiculous and all of your corny conventional stuff is there.

Music: Danny far the best part of the movie.

The Ending: couldn't tell you, I fell asleep

Rating: 4 of 10 (for moments of interesting directing and Elfman's music)

The way I see it (and I am by no means a fan of the action/superhero genre) there hasn't been a worthwhile superhero movie since Burton's Batman movies. Those had style and darkness, Raimi's movie is like watching a commercial.

Cast Away (2000)
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wake up...this is nothing special, 21 August 2001

This movie is not good. Yes it has a great plane crash, but after the great suspense, Tom Hanks lives...damn. Wow... "I can't believe Tom Hanks was on the screen by himself for soooo long"...well I can't believe so many people watched this garbage for soooo long and actually enjoyed it.

From what I understand Hanks has wanted to do this movie for a while. If it meant that much to him he really should have waited untill something better came along from the Hollywood script dept. Yes he performed a great physical transformation for this movie, but others have done just as well and for much better movies (DeNiro, Raging Bull).

Tom Hanks has done a great job in some great movies...he now has to try to keep himself known as a great actor...he now has the power to wait untill the next 'gump' or 'private ryan' comes along. But Hanks answered our question when we asked "what do you do after playing a role that great in saving private ryan?" You sign yourself up for "You've Got Mail" that's what you do.

They should have stopped after Gump...if ever again I hear the names Zemeckis and Hanks in a trailer I'll run like hell.

If you're interested in seeing some of 2000's best stay away from this highly overrated film.

"I Have Made FIRE..." and now I will toss a copy of Cast Away into it...

it makes me sad that this movie was ever made, 21 August 2001

Why God, Why?...Am I in Hell?...Is this some kind of punishment?...Is Jerry Bruckheimer actually the Devil?...Michael Bay his underlord?

When I first saw the trailer for Pearl Harbor I was actually looking forward to seeing this movie, but then those hellish words were shown...produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, but wait it gets worse, there were more bad words...directed by Michael's true! You can't make this stuff up, it's too evil.

Walking out of the theater having actually payed U.S. currency to see Pearl Harbor I had the feeling that somebody had just hit me over the head repeatedly with a bat for three hours and two minutes.

There is not one redeeming quality to this movie...well yea there are some good special effects, but by then you've already tried to kill yourself in ways no human has ever thought of, so you don't really care about special effects.

OH YEA and there was that one know the one I'm talking about...the tenth time the music changed and Ben Affleck leaned in for a kiss, I mean the first nine times I saw it coming, but the tenth time! WOW!!!!!! amazing cinematic genius.

I've thought it many times before, but now am sure of it: Jerry Bruckheimer was put on this earth to destroy movie making forever. He will not stop untill the art of film is thought of in the same light as dog feces, but hey i can't be that cruel, comparing a Jerry Bruckheimer film to feces would be an insult to feces everywhere.

Bamboozled (2000)
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this could be a very important film, unfortunately it won't reach a wide audience, 24 June 2001

Spike Lee has a great movie in "Bamboozled". There are things that i didn't like, but they were minor and didn't much effect the overall impact this movie has the power to deliver.

The best part about the movie was that while I was watching it, it bad me asking myself personal questions. It's not every movie that gets you thinking and regretting things you said, thought, and have done while you are watching it. It did not even have to get to the end for me to appreciate what this movie had to offer. I have read a lot of reviews saying the end hurt the movie, but the end of this movie (unlike most) isn't the important part, this movie has a powerful message, but the message is going to be different for every person that sees this movie. I believe that the viewers social perspective is an important part to this movie (hence the reviews are high praise or hatred, not a lot of so-so reviews).

The only part of the movie that gets in the way is Spike Lee's big head, but like I said they were small things and did not bother me that much. For instance the portrayal of white people is very racist in this movie, the writers table scene had me angry, but I'm sure that is what Lee wanted it to do. Also there was a personal gripe against Tarantino, yes it was related to the films theme, but totally unnecessary. I don't want to focus on these though because they are not important.

I feel this film is far better than Malcom X, I loved Malcom X. Unlike Malcom X this didn't already happen, but the premise of Bamboozled is something that could easily happen and that brings something extra to the film. The fact that the viewer is going to think "I can actually see this show being on tv," makes him think on different level, you start thinking what if and then start questioning yourself.

I just saw this movie 10 minutes ago and I have a feeling this will stick in my mind for a while. Everyone should see this movie, even though there will be a lot of people that will hate it.

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don't miss this movie, 5 March 2001

I write this review to simply say do not pass the movie over once you hear the words "a naive male prostitute." This is a great movie with incredible acting by Dustin Hoffman and Jon Voight. Too many times I have heard people put this movie off once they hear that it is about a male prostitute, but never in this film will you feel like you are watching anything grossly inappropriate. All you will see is a great movie with Hoffman's and Voight's career best performances. I don't think I will ever forget Ratso Rizzo and Joe Buck.

Kundun (1997)
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incredibly beautiful movie, 5 March 2001

I rented Kundun to further my quest to see all the Scorsese movies I can. I never expected such an incredible movie. I didn't want this movie to end. It's really difficult to describe how I feel about this movie since I have only viewed it once and was completely blown away, it left me in complete awe.

Like most when I first started watching Scorsese I thought that he did brilliant gangster films and that was his thing, but I have recently discovered that this couldn't be further from the truth. Fist seeing The Last Temptation of Christ and now Kundun I wouldn't care if Scorsese ever made another gangster film. It is easy to see that he is an artistic genius, the acting in the film was great, but I could have watched it on mute and still have been amazed.

If, like I was, you are unfamiliar with the Buddhist religion and the Chinese takeover of Tibet this film has even more to offer. Scorsese's risk of using real Buddhists to do all of the acting payed off better than I ever expected it would, the fact that we are hearing the story through the people it affected adds another level to this movie.

I cannot believe that this film only has a rating of 7 on this site. If you are a fan of Scorsese and are not sure you are going to like this just give it a chance, it deserves at least one viewing, if you give it that I am sure you will be amazed as I was. Scorsese's vision's in this movie are unlike any of his films, not to mention a great score by Phillip Glass.

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The Best Christmas Film, 28 November 2000

Many times in a movie trailer a film will advertise that it is "a film that is great for the whole family." Well, if you are around 17 years old, you know as well as i do that this is hardly ever true. This quote usually means that the film is great for kids around the ages 2-10 and for adults. A Christmas Story truly is a film that will please the whole family. There is an unforgettable scene in this movie for every type of person.

I saw parts of this film at work today and there is something in every scene that makes me laugh. Every time i walked into the room that the movie was playing in i was so overjoyed at how good this film is. There are countless scenes that you will always remember because they will remind you of your own family.

I have yet to see a Christmas movie that i like as much as a Christmas Story, and yes i saw and liked It's a Wonderful Life. If you haven't seen this movie you are one of a rare breed and should shut off your computer, go to the video store, rent the movie and enjoy. Don't expect a cinematic masterpiece, but expect a great movie that you won't soon forget and you will look forward to seeing it each Christmas.

Magnolia (1999)
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simply a great film, 26 November 2000

When you first see a preview or look at the box for Magnolia you may think, it's three hours long and it looks kind of cheesy. Well, don't. Paul Thomas Anderson has quickly become one of my favorite directors, and with only three films under his belt he has created three masterpieces.

Magnolia is three hours long, yes, but i could easily watch this movie every day without ever getting tired of it. It amazes me the things that p.t.anderson does in this film that i haven't seen in any other films. And i can't forget to mention the beautiful camera work as well.

This is a movie that you can't miss. The beginning grabs you, because of it's originality and slight humor and then the movie never loses your attention, until finally bringing you to one of the most original conclusions to a climax i have ever seen, and it is a scene that you will most likely never forget. And i almost forgot, great acting as usual by the standard pta cast members, and tom cruise at his fathers house is an amazing performance.

This film is worth three hours of your time, and it is one that i will always keep in my collection. I will continue to watch it for years. " the book says, we may be done with the past, but the past is never done with us..." **********