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Gargoyles (1972) (TV)
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Wildly scary movie when you're 12 years old, 27 September 2006

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I really enjoyed Gargoyles when it came on TV back when I was 12 years old. There are two scenes that I really enjoyed and nearly scared me to death. One scene involved the Gargoyles sneaking into a motel room to steal back the corpse of one of their colony who'd been killed when it was hit by a car or a truck, don't really remember which now. The doctor was going to take it to a lab to be analyzed the next day or something but anyway, they had it there in the motel room and the other gargoyles broke in to take it back. The very scariest scene to me was the one where the gargoyle is chasing the Dr and his daughter down the road. They're traveling down this dark highway and the gargoyle is actually running behind them and leaps onto the top of the car. It starts beating on the windshield and the top of the car and rips right through the top of the station wagon they're driving. I suppose I found it exceptionally scary because my family had a station wagon at the time too. I remember it must have been a year or more before I didn't get the creeps when we were traveling in that car at night, especially through an area that had thick woods right next to the road. It's funny now when I think back on how many times I looked out the back window of our old station wagon and half expected to see a gargoyle running behind it.

Not bad but they should have stuck closer to the 1953 script, 26 February 2006

I enjoyed this movie despite what I'd heard about it. The tension I felt during the movie was very real and much as I remember it being when I saw the original version as a child. The scenes in the cellar were very good and projected the fear to the viewer very well. The biggest problem I had with the film was the "war of the Ferriers" going on within the movie. I did nothing to add to the overall experience and Dakota Fanning's performance was absolutely annoying. Several times during her screaming fits I nearly walked out. One other thing that wasn't realistic at all was how they tried to portray Cruise's character as someone who couldn't afford to meet his monetary obligations. Does anyone have any idea how much sky crane operators make? They can make as much as $200,000.00 per year. This movie done closer to the original script would have been a much better film but overall I enjoyed it.

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My My My Don't waste your time on this one, 22 May 2005

This is a pitiful attempt to present a modern version of the story of Jesus. The entire movie seemed contrived throughout. The concept was ludicrous and it just didn't translate well at all. The soundtrack was incredibly lame. This one deserves to stay in the can hidden way back in the back of the vault. I see TBN picked this one up for broadcast late an night. That would be a very good time to broadcast it as it's not fit for daytime viewing. I was quite surprised too since it had some cursing in the script. I've seen lots of swords and sandals flicks and several religious films and I must say, without a doubt, every single one of them were better than this movie. In fact, I've seen movies I hated that were better than this movie. Is it ten lines yet?

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Bill Wallace was a real life modern hero, 9 May 2005

Bill Wallace was a Baptist medical missionary to China after WWII. This movie tells the story of this modern day saint and the courage he displayed in the face of his communist oppressors. When the Red Chinese put him on trial not a single person would speak against him. Faithful to his God until the end, Bill Wallace died a martyr's death in a communist prison.

I saw this movie in the late 1960's when I was a kid. Gregory Walcott's brother James was the pastor at my church. Mr Walcott was visiting our church when the movie was in the movie houses so he gave all the kids free passes to see it.

The movie was good but we were in "hog heaven" going to see a movie as the guests of the a real life Hollywood movie star!

I have corresponded with Mr. Walcott for some time now and he was disappointed that this movie didn't do better at the box office. A lot of his own money, blood, sweat and tears went into its production.

Ironically, Mr. Walcott is probably best known for his role as the hero in Plan 9 From Outerspace from the Ed Wood stable of notoriously bad movies. Walcott still receives fan mail from Plan 9 aficionados

and has decided that even though Plan 9 was voted the worst movie of all time, it has given him notoriety he never received from some of his better work.

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Worst acting I've seen since Plan 9 From Outer Space, 21 May 2004

What can I say? This movie is a real piece of work. Not only is the script poorly written, the acting is even worse. Could they have cast a more talentless group of people?

I suppose if you can get past the cut and paste scenes of the shark eating boats and stuff you probably won't mind the pitiful acting. I think they must have blown the budget on catering because they sure as heck didn't spend it on talent or fx.

Do yourself a favor. Skip this one. If you feel you really must punish yourself just pop some popcorn and dig up those old Amway tapes you spent a fortune on and never could sell. That should make you miserable.