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I'm sure it seemed like a good idea at the time - but in 2017 the 1990 version is, well, just bad, 7 June 2017

First of all, let me state that I am viewing the show from the lens of 2017, which is a fantastic era for television. For the last 20 years we have seen dozens of "top shelf" dramas, many which probably were inspired (to some degree) by the original Twin Peaks. I have no doubt Twin Peaks was an important show and helped build the foundation of TV greatness today. At the time, I have no doubt that it was light-years ahead of the garbage that was airing on the major networks (and honestly still is ahead of most of the major network programming, although that isn't saying much).

Now on the my review, which reflects season 1 and season 2 of the original Twin Peaks show. If you are tuning in for the first time to these shows like me (I was in college when the shows originally aired and I did not watch them), then I would advise you to skip them. If you want to watch the "new" version of the show, I would recommend just going to Youtube and finding a nice summary of the original series. Because I promise that watching 30 hours of the original series is NOT time well spent, at least for my wife and I.

My expectations were not real high as I knew that the show would be dated. I knew it would be quirky. I knew that the director has some real oddball stuff, and that of course is part of the appeal. But the show is just bad. The acting in some cases is so bad that I was not sure if it was supposed to look like bad acting, or if it was just bad acting. The story line started off good, and honestly season 1 is tolerable and had some fun moments. And then season 2 kicks it up to a ridiculous notch and never gets grounded for the run of the series. What started off as a murder mystery turns into a complete mess that reminds me of something Stephen King would have written during his drug-altered years (Dreamcatcher anyway? Yeah, that kind of bad). I love David Lynch, I love Kyle MacLachlan, and I love Stephen King for that matter. But this show is just a steaming pile of crazy bad television. Incredibly unsatisfying to say the least.

So I know I will get lots of non-helpful votes, and I'm fine with that. If you love the show, good for you, but ask yourself if you love the originality that the show brought in 1990, or if you really think this is great television in 2017. I'm sure a 1990 Corvette scored high marks by the auto magazines in 1990, but a 1990 Corvette evaluated by 2017 car magazines would slam it for being a slow piece of junk that is unreliable, gets terrible gas mileage, is very uncomfortable, and is much slower than a 2017 Toyota Camry. Since we live in 2017, my review is written from a current perspective.

Bottom line, if you have never seen the show, I advise you to skip it and instead jump into something like Fargo (a quirky screwball show but it is very well done and ultimately is satisfying to watch). Thanks for reading my review.

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Feels like a mediocre 1990s comedy - not edgy or funny, 25 April 2017

I wanted to like this show. My wife and I watched several episodes, and unfortunately just did not care for it. To be fair, we just finished binge-watching three seasons of Grace and Frankie, which is a sharp comedy with great acting and interesting story lines. Unbreakable just felt silly for the sake of being silly. It feels like a comedy that would have aired on a major TV network in the 1990s and been canceled after a few episodes (not that the 1990s didn't have some great comedy shows, but there were also some awful ones). There obviously is a large audience for the show; I mean no disrespect in saying that this show probably appeals to "the masses" but if you are looking for a more edgy and unusual comedy that you would expect from a Netflix, Amazon, HBO, etc, this is NOT the show you are looking for.

Get Out (2017/I)
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Lives up to the hype, 6 March 2017

I decided to see this film at the theater after hearing some of the hype (which was basically that it is an excellent horror film that is told from the perspective of a black man).

Well, I can see this would be truly the worst nightmare of a black man (and really the worst nightmare for us all). This is NOT a film that tries to make the viewer feel "sorry" for black people, nor is it at all preachy, but it is just a good old fashioned horror film with a fresh new setting. I'm an old white guy by the way.

The acting is wonderful, and directing is amazing. The film, while mostly horror, is actually completely hilarious in some parts, making it the funniest AND scariest movie I have seen in ages (no easy feat). It is a shame that the film will likely not be regarded in the company of Academy Award potential nominees, because the directing and acting is honestly Oscar worthy. Again, no small feat for a horror movie that is also funny.

In summary, this is a MUST SEE at the theater and one of the best films of the year. It is a fun ride that is very well done!

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A truly exceptional film in all regards, 2 March 2017

I saw this movie when it came out, and at the time I really liked it. After a few years passed, I couldn't stop thinking about the movie. I read the books about the same true story. I became even more fascinated. I finally saw the film again, and enjoyed it even more the 2nd viewing and FIRMLY place it in my top 5 films in history (yeah I'm typically a mainstream guy ... Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Lord of the Rings are also in the top 5, but this one even shines above those in many ways).

The acting, directing, and adaptation of a true story are wonderful. The real settings (not some studio back-lot) are apparent. You are really brought along for the journey. There is something primal in all of us, and this movie points that out better than any other movie out there. While I can't say I will ever have a journey like the one in the movie, I can say that it is something of a fantasy to shed the shackles of "normal" lives and just go out into the world and really live. Chris McCandless really lived, and to some degree he will always be a hero and inspiration to me thanks to Sean Penn's amazing film.

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Portlandia: The Movie (mixed with shades of Into the Wild), 2 March 2017

I really liked this movie. As a fan of the excellent comedy show "Portlandia," I couldn't help but draw parallels in some of the seemingly ridiculous antics of these characters. However, this is a serious movie, and the central themes of learning, growth, and what is important in life resonate throughout the movie. I cannot possibly recommend this for everyone, but for some people the film will really connect. In some ways it also reminded me of "Into the Wild," which is one of my favorite films of all time. Excellent acting, excellent location shots, and a decent script form a recipe for an independent film winner.

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Walking Dead meets Desperate Housewives ... yep, that bad, 3 February 2017

I love the actors in the show. That is the only nice comment I have to say.

The show feels like it was pitched as a comedy combo of Walking Dead, Desperate Housewives, and a touch of True Blood. In their own way, all of these shows succeeded, but unfortunately this show does not.

The show is just flat and not funny. At all. It is the worst show I have seen, and I have watched some real steaming piles. Sorry Netflix, but this one is your biggest dud by far.

I wish the best fir the cast and crew, and I am truly sorry that I cannot find anything positive to say on this one.

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Excellent show - shame on Amazon for canceling it (still worth watching season 1 though!), 3 January 2017

This is an exceptional show, period. Despite the name of the show and the "cutsie" feel that is conveyed with the photos and trailers, it is actually a very serious drama about women's rights in the late 60's into the early 70's. And even better, the root of the story is true (yes, different characters, names, and fictional subplots, but the key elements are exactly what happened at Newsweek). Some might dismiss this as a cheap Mad-Men clone. Others might knock it as a silly comedy. But anyone stating those opinions has clearly not watched the show, as it is an outstanding original drama that stands tall among the best shows out there.

And just a quick rant - Amazon decided to not renew this show for a 2nd season. The first season is a nicely wrapped story-arc and stands alone just fine, but there are so many other stories that could be told with this series. While drug use is depicted in the show, I think the decision makers at Amazon must also be partaking with the same recreational activities that were so popular during that era. Amazon - shame on you for such poor judgment in not renewing the show; it could have been a shining star in your portfolio ("Transparent" is an amazing show, but it isn't 2015 or 2016 any more; "Good Girls Revolt" could have been your next mega hit if promoted and supported properly).

"Red Oaks" (2014)
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Pardon Season 1 Episode 7, but otherwise stellar, 12 December 2016

This show gets a very solid 9 of 10 from me. I'm in my 40s and therefore am a proud child of the 80s, so this show is fun for me for obvious reasons.

I describe the show to others as what John Hughes would have done with a TV show. The struggles and awkwardness of young people is timeless, and while the setting is the 80s, anyone alive will relate to the story lines (whether you were a child of the 30s, or a child of the 2000's). The beauty of the series is that the characters become more and more developed, which ultimately is what makes or breaks most productions. Sure, this is a comedy, but it is moving and nostalgic in a way that few shows achieve.

I just concluded the second season, and I liked it even more than the first. The music selection is spectacular; some of the selections I have not heard since the 80s, and so Amazon racked up a few extra MP3 purchases from me thanks to this show (Amazon, if you produce a Season 3 I promise there will be additional purchases to be made!). The ONLY weak point for the show occurred in Season 1, Episode 7. There are entire discussion threads dedicated to the subject, but honestly I would recommend that people completely skip that episode. Or perhaps some additional footage can be tacked on to the end to show that it was all a dream (a perfect 80s thing to do, right???). But if you can survive that ridiculousness, I promise the whole rest of the series is amazing, and just builds and gets better through Season 2.

In summary, I am keeping my fingers crossed that Amazon keeps this incredible gem of a show going as it makes a wonderful addition to their lineup.

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Simply outstanding - holds up well (as of 2016), 5 December 2016

Age is relative, but I am old enough to remember seeing this movie shortly after it was released. Of course I was probably not even 10 years old, but even then I remember it being an interesting movie that wasn't as good as Star Wars or Jaws, but certainly painted a horrible picture of mental health facilities. Although I was young, I remembered enough of the movie to not want to re-watch it, at least until recently.

Well it came on a commercial-free cable channel, and I decided to DVR it. And wow, I was blown away when I watched it. The acting is amazing. I mean, TRULY amazing. The story immediately pulled me in, and each scene is sharp and riveting. The location shooting in Oregon really shines (so much better than a sound stage). The film just feels authentic and has a soul, which is so severely lacking in most films these days.

In summary, the film was so exceptional that I felt compelled to write up a quick review. If you are looking for an amazing drama (and borderline comedy as this film has plenty of truly funny moments), then give this one a chance!

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Walking Dead Payoff, 24 October 2016

For those of you who were disappointed with the cliffhanger last season, rest assured there is plenty of payoff in this episode. I appreciate what the writers did with the show. This one is just plain hard to watch, but it is incredibly gripping and entertaining, which at the end of the day is why we all watch. I personally have never felt a buildup of a TV show like this (and I'm "old" and well into my 40s); I literally was nervous to the point where I didn't want to eat, drink, or even blink. That, folks, is good television, period.

In summary, well done; I can't wait to watch what happens as this season unfolds!

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