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Enough to make you vote conservative, 13 January 2014

I watched this last night, and I guess I wasn't surprised by the 'shock' factor instilled by the producers.

While I am not naive enough to think this is a complete representation of all people on benefits, it is certainly a microcosm of those estates/streets where these people have somehow congregated.

The galling factor is the constant smoking, use of smart phones (one girl who is threatened with eviction for not paying her rent is never off her iPhone, drinking and branded clothing, while all the time bemoaning they can't survive on benefits. Added to that, the general disgusting nature of the houses, dirty and untidy, brings me to the conclusion that these lazy so-and-so's have no intention of working and would prefer benefits (albeit much larger payments).

It was pleasing to see a guy who was trying to make a living and help those 'needy' people, by selling produce door to door in affordable quantities. I have a lot of respect for that person based only on what I witnessed in the episode.

In short, a group of miscreants who are happy to stay that way, and steal and defraud to maintain their way of life.

Remarkable and revealing, 11 November 2013

I watched this last night and although I thought I knew pretty much everything about the invention of the bouncing bomb and the raids, I realised I knew hardy anything.

The resistance to Barnes Wallis' 'bouncing bomb' was quite fierce, as letters from Bomber Harris testified. He was not prepared to let his Lancaster carry this crazy idea of a bomb.

Gibson is honestly discussed here, not as the Richard Todd affable character, but the aloof and arrogant commander that refused to acknowledge NCO's, but still garnered the respect of his men, and whose leadership was to make this mission a success.

Whilst the breaching of two of the dams and the considerable damage to the other were not perceived as being greatly damaging to the Reich at the time. the documentary points out that without the bombing of the dams, and the diversion of resources to rebuild/repair them, the D-Day landings would have been so much more difficult. Without this diversion of resources the Germans would almost certainly had a more complete, if not complete, Atlantic Wall coastal defence. That may have been the difference between success and failure of the D-Day landings.

The daring and flying skills required to be able to achieve the mission are outstanding, and the courage of the men of 617 squadron should never be questioned.

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what a load of garbage, 8 August 2011

Sunday Night and my wife has me sit with her and watch an occasional Cookson adaptation on Yesterday channel. I have to say I have been mildly surprised that up to now the few I have seen have been reasonably good, if predictable and a little cheesy. However Fifteen Streets does not fit into this at all.

What a load of tripe. Surely the book wasn't that bad. The acting was dreadful, John O'Brian sounded like Stephen Hawking attempting a bad Geordie impression. There was no story line that you could get into. The whole thing was absolute manure. Even the wife though it was awful so it really must have been.

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David Jason on top form shame about the ending, 21 December 2010

When I saw this was on last night and it had David Jason it was a no brainer, had to watch it. David Jason does drama well and this was no exception. There is also a little mix of humour which fitted the plot well. It's about a high flying property developer who finds himself out of work and out of money. David Jason plays his dad who is naive in his belief that his son is an honest person. Alison Steadman plays Jason's and she is as solid as ever.

It is quite touching, particularly his relationship with his grandson and daughter in law and his endeavour to keep the family together. I thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend anyone else to watch it - even if its just to see Jason with ginger hair and watch out for his Afro!!! The only thing that spoiled it for me was the ending. Not terrible but not up to the standard that went before.

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Aboslutely riveting and an eye opener, 2 July 2010

I sat and watched this thinking, rather naively, that the movie pretty much told the story though embellished somewhat for the American audience. Though the movie had some fact included it certainly didn't capture the real horror of what happened to those escaped prisoners. In fact this documentary could certainly have been captured in a sequel. A little known figure in history, Frank McKenna, a Blackpool policeman enlisted into the RAF was tasked with bringing to justice those responsible for the murder of the POW escapees. The documentary shows not only the amount of effort and time and determination that McKenna and his men plough into uncovering the perpetrators but also the background to those perpetrators themselves, in one case interviewing the daughter of Emil Shultz. In some cases you feel for these men; being possibly forced into their actions but there are others who clearly relished their duty. I would recommend anyone to watch this and am disappointed that there is not more information available about Frank McKenna, a man who evokes admiration but remained modest and humble up to his death.

Comedian and Folk Musician of Immense Talent, 26 June 2008

The Mike Harding show aired on BBC 2 and was terrific. He had a real penchant for observing life and putting the comedic twist to it. Much like Billy Connolly except without the swearing. The 14 and a half pound budgie story took up pretty much of the whole of the half hour episode and had me crying with laughter from start to finish. I am pleased to say some of the material is available on CD now, though sadly not on DVD.

I guess his true love was and still is folk music and he performed this with true feeling. Accompanying himself with many varied stringed instruments, including a balalaika; the boy from Crumpsall did well.

I was lucky enough to see him live on a couple of occasions and still count those shows among my all time favourite live performances. It's a shame he doesn't tour anymore. You can catch his folk show on BBC Radio 2.

Thanks Mike for the laughter - and tears!

Wolfen (1981)
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Truly scary, 26 April 2004

This film is a classic horror set in modern day USA and it is because of that it makes it all the more scarier. Who is safe when the events can take place in our policed society.

Finney is superb as ever and Gregory Hines covers his role well. the film produces some unexpected shocks.

Considering the now outdated effects that they had to work with back then the movie still delivers and is a treat to watch. Particularly for the time it was made it is pretty gory but not overly so like some of the other dross turned out at that time.Not repeated on TV as much as it should be make sure you catch it when it is shown as it may be a long wait until the next time..

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B movie premise but fun and action, 2 February 2004

This film lived up to everything I expected of it and a little more. This was 'The Blob','Invasion of The Body Snatchers''Them' and many many more 50's b movies with 'Tremors', thrown in for good measure.

Acting was as it should be and although predictable, highly entertaining. Get the DVD and watch the short that inspired the film. That's even more creepy.

The Night Stalker (1972) (TV)
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his is a truly remarkable series somewhat mimicked by the X files, 29 January 2004

This series, made in the 70's, saw some of the best suspense ever made for television. Darren McGavin was excellent in the role of Kolchak, a newspaper reporter.

The X files is somewhat of a take on this but this series holds its own and is a shame the it does not appear to be published on either video or DVD. If you see it advertised on tv make sure you make time to see it. Be surprised at the right you'll receive for a 30year old show an how good the story lines are.

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Superb and moving, 9 December 2003

This film is terrific as seasonal fare. It has everything from comedy to tragedy. The actors are excellent and encourage the viewer to take stock of what we really hold dear at Christmas. It is regrettable that it is not shown more often.

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