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Wired (1989)
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The movies tries, but......., 1 November 2000

It just doesn't succeed. I didn't hate the movie like some did, I simply felt it should have concentrated more on Belushi's life then the whole afterlife fantasy nonsense. It had good moments here and there, especially the scene where Belushi and his wife are on the beach and he tells her he loves her, and the scenes involving Cathy Smith(played riveting by Patti D'arbanville)who was the women who gave drugs to Belushi the night he died. As far as Michael Chiklis performance goes he does try valiantly but comes short with portraying the comic energy that made John Belushi such a special comedian. Lucinda Jenny however is good as Belushi's wife. I'm surprised no one ever metioned her performance. She is one one the film's few virtues. Overall, though it comes up short in showing the true Belushi and really you what the filmmakers were thinking.

Bad Taste (1987)
Silly But Fun, 31 October 2000

It surely is a bizarre movie but it has some great moments in it. If you get sick easily this is not the movie for you but if you want to see a funny and offbeat movie, this is it. Peter Jackson is an underrated talent.