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Bad teacher gives rock a bad name., 4 March 2005

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I love the guitar. I like rock music. I love seeing teenagers fulfill their dreams.

I could not stomach watching this horrible teacher, Paul Green, crush kids spirits, cursing them, ripping instruments out of their hands, throwing them out of the room, making fun of students who obviously have depression issues, ridiculing them both in front of them and behind their backs. And the ridiculousness of it all is that he says he's not qualified to teach, but he's just a "really good teacher". It comes naturally to him.

This man shouldn't be NEAR children, much less having parents pay him for his influence. And as for the statement he makes, "You know, I mean, it wasn't just like, 'Well, since my band didn't make it, I'll teach guitar and be all bitter.'" Um... I think it was.

As for the quality of the documentary itself, it was average. Nothing apart from the skin-crawling teacher made it that interesting. There were a lot of very talented kids, and there seemed to be plenty of qualified music instructors in this show. This teacher seemed to be the glaring immature problem in this situation.

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This was a beautiful movie to see with your kids or loved ones, and I bet it'll be out for ages, alongside the original Chuck Jones "Grinch Who Stole Christmas", "It's a Wonderful Life", and the original "Miracle on 34th Street". It's great for adults and kids. This movie made me miss my own childhood, and the time when I loved Christmas so much and it lasted the whole month of December, not just the one or two days we get off of work and the hectic weekends spent rushing around malls. It's not for the cynics out there, as it is a 32 page picture book made into a movie. But I loved the feeling, the innocence, the excitement and belief in this movie. Truly, truly beautiful.

The only thing I could wish for this movie was that it didn't come out on a Wednesday in mid-November, but maybe a little closer to the season. I'm sure it will be a classic for a long time to come.

Spun (2002)
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So incredibly retarded, 1 April 2003

This movie is so stupid. The only thing funny about this movie is what pathetic losers everyone in the movie is. The best person in this is the lady who works at the gas station. The rest of them are sick, perverted low-lifes who do nothing except screw and swear and get high. If this is what real life is actually like, it's time for us to use the A-bomb on ourselves.

Stupid stupid stupid. F--

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Lots of characters, no plot, 10 December 2002

An Italian con man goes around all of Sicily, tricking people out of their money for a chance at stardom. I know from experience, this is something that happens every day. The main character is unsympathetic, and has very little depth until the end. The characters who confess their sins, their hopes, their dreams, their fears, in front of the camera are interesting, often emotional. However, the plot is missing, or at least weak.

Also, the view of women portrayed in this movie is sexist, and I'm sorry to say, one that is common in Italy and Italian cinema that I've seen. Women are either virgins or whores. The "daughter of the Virgin Mary" shows herself to men for money, and says it's for love when she offers to give sexual favors to the main character. Another woman who gives payment with sex instead of money is treated degradingly. None of the sex in this movie is about love, it's all about giving sex to the main character to get something in return.

I see some links to Cinema Paradiso, but overall, I can't believe this is by the same filmmaker.

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Wonderful date movie, 23 August 2002

I love this movie. It's one of those old classics everyone should see. It's no shoot-em-up, and doesn't have any taudry sex scenes, but it has emotion, and innuendo, and lots of warm mushy feelings. I agree, it's a bit sappy, but if you want to leave your cynicism at the door, this one is truly enjoyable.

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Extremely cheesy, 13 May 2002

This is SOOOOO BAD. I have so many problems with this movie. #1 How does van Gogh know how to speak English? #2 Why of all places is he reincarnated in Hollywood? How does he steal all these paintings when not all of his paintings are located in the Los Angeles area? The overacting by the police officers who think he's an "Art terrorist" is painful to watch. This is a puff piece for people who want to show off how much they know about van Gogh. Also, the production values seem quite low.

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If you think this is funny I want to cry, 26 April 2002

This movie is so bad, I have no idea why it was made. I checked IMDB to see if the director/writer/producer was some relative of a Hollywood star. There is no reason that I can see why this movie was sold. I did not laugh once. Words that come to mind are: stupid, unoriginal, immature, retarded, and just BAD.


Slap Shot (1977)
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This movie is Terrible!, 21 March 2002

This movie is SOOOOO bad! If hockey was actually anywhere near this bad, it would be WWF on ice. This movie is nothing but stupidity, sexism, swearing, and violence. The only thing worse than this movie is Slap Shot 2. Don't waste your time watching this. Boring and mind-numbing.

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After School Special, 7 January 2002

I give this movie a C+. It is a cute after-school special type of movie. The most amusing part is the terrible German accent Steve Zahn affects. Other than that, I'd say it's good for your 10 year old audience.

Drive In (2000)
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Worse than a B movie, 6 September 2001

I'm almost positive that this was a film student's final project. Not in the least bit scary, the "killer" is a mentally retarded kid who kills with whatever's handy, a real estate sign, dental floss, a drive in speaker and a kid's merry go round. The acting is so bad, I'd call it memorized lines without any feeling. Not a movie, more a school project.