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Was it really made in 2013, 26 May 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I believe the script was written way before than facebook or twitter and then produced recently.

The characters do not show any ability to use cell phones, internet or the computer itself efficiently. The dumbest character is not only the blond ex girl friend but also every single of them.

The acting when Laura encounters the boy at the bathroom door is so poor by both sides, they don't seem surprised even a little bit.

This is just another poor romantic comedy to watch when you have nothing else to do.

I have seen better low budget movies made in 90s.

EMR (2004)
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Was Expecting more, 14 June 2007

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I was expecting more out of the movie. It goes from here to there and then somewhere else. It is hard to figure out what is gonna come next.

You are always in between to decide if the guy has a mental problem or it is caused by the drugs. But this movie worth watching. I enjoyed it.

It starts as a it is a conspiracy about a new drug testing. Then introduced some urban legends in to it. It gets interesting to watch.

Especially the scenes in San Francisco are the ones I liked the most.

The ending scene also takes place there, which I totally agree with the idea meant in the movie...

"San Francisco is Heaven"

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Two (Too) nasty kids at the Fire House, 14 April 2005

2 puppets are left to their uncle's attention who works at the Fire house.

They are so spoiled and they do nasty things.

You observe some scenes of child abuse, which are not acceptable for our time. But back then it would have been OK to physically punish children in 1935.

It is a good movie just to see how far animation industry has developed so far.

It is a short one and I recommend you too see it if you have time or encounter it on TV.

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Fast paced Travel Guide, followed by boooring conversations, 14 April 2005

If you don't speak Portugese, French, English, Greek and Italian at the same time you have to watch the movie with the subtitles, A GREAT DEAL. For the first 30 minutes of the movie I found myself reading the subtitles instead of watching the movie itself.

The movie starts with the sightseeing of the monuments from Portugese, France, Italy, Greece, Istanbul and Alexandria. When these monuments were exposed and the story is being told, you occasionally distracted by the endless questions of the little girl.

And please get real, who waits for someone at the arrival of a cruise ship other than people who makes money of it? But in this movie there are lots of local people wandering around (and/or) showing themselves off(and/or) by the order of casting manager, they throw themselves in front of the camera when just the ship approaches to the port, maybe just to give an idea how people dress in that country.

While hoping that it would go on like this, you suddenly find yourself at a table where you can't decide whom to listen in which language. Actually it is giving an idea to the viewers from outside of the EU, how Europeans communicate. But in real you don't see many of them with this knowledge and with this ability to speak many languages.

The Greek singer's song was really awful, and I am amazed how the passengers could listen to it without giggling. And again this lady was a little discriminative to other nations. I voted 2/10 for this movie, if you are not gonna see it at a festival, then don't bother.

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The best Eurovision show ever, 22 May 2004

For a country which had been organizing a Eurovision Song Contest, this was the best one I have ever seen. I can say it has some flows while connecting live to other station because of the technical difficulties. The introduction of last year's winner Diva, Sertab Erener made an impressive 2-song show with dervishes.

The interval act of the "Fire of Anatolia" which may be resembling Riverdance, but in fact a totally different one, was remarkable with cultural dances from the ancient Turkish dances to the perfect and modern belly dance.

Because of having eliminated 12 of 36 entries, a total of 24 countries competed this year. The most irregular, non-routine, song for this contest was Turkish song "For Real" by ATHENA.

The crowd was incredible. All the people at the venue seems to accompany the singers, like they were all on the stage.

The winner Ruslana, from Ukraine with the song "Wild Dance" gathered the most attention. It was a well-worthy victory for her.