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Saw (2004)
If you like Se7en, then you will like Saw., 8 November 2004

I liked this movie. I enjoyed the story, acting, and the suspense. This movie is like Se7en, because its about a psycho who chooses people that are involved in one vice or another and tricks them into killing themselves or others; leaving them messed up for life and maybe better off dead. The main gripe I have about the movie is the Killer's reasons for choosing his victims was pretty weak. But, this lack of a decent reason for the complicated design for madness the Killer put his victims through, also made the killer more interesting, mysterious, increased the belief that any average ordinary person could be next. I was surprised about the ending. It is the reason why this movie got a 7 instead of a 6. I went to see this movie hoping to be disturbed. I didn't get disturbed, but I was entertained. Saw should be seen at least once by all (except children).

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This movie SUCKS!!, 8 October 2004

I really tried to like this movie, but it's hard to like crap! I don't know what people see in these kill bill movies? These movies are bad! They are know where near realistic! My imagination can only bend so far! If this was animation, then it wouldn't be a problem. Come on -punching out of a coffin and digging your way out of the ground?! And how many times will they not kill her when they have the chance, just so she can magically survive and kill them?! These movies are insane. I hate this crap!! Again, if this were a comedy I would give it a higher score, but since it is not then it gets a 3/10 (only because I did laugh). I didn't like Kill Bill and Kill Bill 2 is not better.

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Disappointing! Don't believe the hype!!, 18 July 2004

I'm going to get to the point: Kill Bill is a let down. I heard & read great things about this movie, so I was very disappointed while watching it. The story is nothing special. Lady wants revenge on the people who ruined her life. But, the story isn't the problem. No, the problem with this movie is the same thing that the hype is about; the action! Bottom line: the ACTION SUCKS!! I've seen a lot of action movies (I love japanese samurai & chinese kung fu movies) and Kill Bill is not great! Hell, is barely good! Everything is so exaggerated!! The action gets so bad that its laughable. While watching Kill Bill, I would say to myself, "This is so ridiculous! It's like watching a bad samurai anime!" The best part about the movie was the anime part. That was tight! I could watch that part over and over. I don't know what people see in Kill Bill. Maybe there are millions of people who're just ignorant to the fact that thousands of movies like Kill Bill are out there, that have the same kind of story & action, but do it a hell of a lot better. If you like Kill Bill, then you are in the majority. But, for those out there who have seen lots of martial art movies, Kill Bill is a nice movie to make fun of!! Score: 6/10. Not terrible, just not good neither!

Longshot (2001)
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Oh man!!, 29 May 2004

Longshot is one of the weakest movies I've even seen! This could of been a great comedy, if it wasn't for the bad writing, bad acting, hell, the story in general is just dumb!! Oh and the cameos!! There are so many cameos it's ridiculous. Every 5 to 10 minutes there is a famous face. The "Captain" must of called up every manufactured pop star in Orlando, FL. Everyone in the movie is well built and polished like a Doll. Damn, I felt exploited after watching this crap. I wish I could sue Mr. Pearlman. This movie isn't terrible to people who like pop music, so let them waste their money on this masterpiece, and be ashamed they did 5 years from now! But, for the rest of us "Normal, level headed folks" make fun of it for what this garbage is!!

SpiderBabe (2003) (V)
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Not a good., 24 February 2004

This movie is bad. I saw the rated and the unrated versions. They are terrible!! Now, I know it's suppose to be a low budget, porn spoof of spiderman, but Spiderbabe is just not good at being bad-good. It's not funny! Not funny at all!! I wanted to laugh. I tried to laugh. But this movie let me down. At least the unrated version has lots of nudity to look forward to. And is it me, because Mundae is not a great looking woman. From the waist down she's okay, but on the way up leaves much to be desired. She does look good in that school girl outfit. Please, if you must watch this spiderbabe, rent it first. Rated or unrated, doesn't really make any difference, they're both bad to me!!

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Awesome Show!!, 24 February 2004

First I would like to say is that, if you don't like Dave Chappelle, then don't (i repeat: DON'T) watch his show. If you've seen the show and didn't like it, then don't continue to watch the show. Now, if you like dave chappelle, then this show is for you. I got the first season and dvd and it is funny. It can be offensive to some, but it's a funny show. Just watch it for the "P*** on you" song!! I cry every time I watch it. Now, the bloopers and deleted scenes I didn't find that funny at all and the uncensored scenes aren't anymore shocking than when they were censored (only a few breast shots and a lot of swearing). Nice show!! I give it a "8".

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The worst movie I've ever seen!!, 17 August 2003

I don't know the words to tell you how bad this movie is!! It's just terrible!! I know it was made to make fun of kung fu movies, this Kung Pow is not funny. NOT FUNNY AT ALL!! Now, I've seen spoofs before, hell I'm even one of the few people who enjoyed Pootie Tang, but Kung Pow just sucks!! Thank God I didn't see this in the theaters! I would of had to burn the place down if I didn't get my money back. This movie is so bad that I couldn't bare watching the whole thing. I watched the first 30 or so minutes and then went back later to watch the last 20 (i think). The movie is bad!! For those people who like this film or even "painfully" watched the whole thing, you are unique individuals. God help you.

Lots of action!, 18 May 2003

Reloaded is a cool movie. There's a ton of action, cool characters, and the plot was a little bit hard to understand (for me). I talked with a few friends who thought the story dragged on and was dull, but if you like movies that go over your head the first few times you watch it, like I do, then this is for you. If you just like action movies, then go see X-Men 2, but if you want a story that's out of the ordinary then go see The Matrix Reloaded.

It's an okay movie., 18 May 2003

The Transporter is pretty good. This movie as action and a good bit of comedy. It's almost like watching a b-movie with a better budget. It's not anything too special, but it's worth a watch. There's an all right plot and enough action to keep you entertained. It's fun to watch and I enjoyed it. I give it a 7/10.

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The dullest dairy I've had the misfortune to see., 22 April 2003

Don't let the title trick you into watching this movie. I read the title, saw that it came on in the middle of the night, and figured it was one of those soft porn movies. This movie is bad. If you like soft porn movies, then I'm sorry to say this isn't one. There are a lot of sex but nothing shown and they only last for 5 seconds or so.

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