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Vinyl (2012)
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Great music, great story!, 2 May 2012

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I recently watched this film at the Newport Beach Film Festival. It is such a fun story with great music and acting. A lot of fresh new faces. I love when the underdog triumphs, as in this story. I'm sure there are a lot of guys out there like this main character: searching for recognition and acknowledgment in an industry obsessed with youth.

You don't have to love punk music to love this movie. I was surprised to learn from the director, writers and producer at the Q&A afterward that this was all based on a true story about The Alarm and Mike Peters. It wasn't even over yet and I wanted to watch it again!

I hope this film has a wider distribution in the United States. I'm not sure if or when there is a general release date.

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A stunning re-adaptation of a Henry James classic., 20 November 2000

I had the privilege to watch the world premiere screening of this film at the San Sebastian International Film Festival. It is a visually stunning film that draws you in from the very beginning. This first-time director from Mallorca, Spain, was fortunate to have two powerful actors in his film - Harvey Keitel and Lauren Bacall - and used them both superbly. Bacall's performance was the most impressive as well as the rich costumes and set designs. Nilo Mur, in the role of Miles, was the surprise enchantment of the film. Don't miss it!