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Unchained (1955)
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UNCHAINED (1955) A movie I haven't forgotten after all these years., 12 October 2000

At the time, the movie wasn't hyped as big box office. It was a low budget endeavor. The ability of the actor(s) to pass on the frustration of the prison was well done. The prisoner singing about the "Green green grass of home" (A song from the movie that has had repeated come-backs.) indicated his fear and frustration of never again seeing the green grass of home, being relegated to the concrete of prison.

When I hear the theme song, "Unchained", I always think about the movie. I wonder if I saw it today, would I be as impressed as I was when my wife and I first saw it when it was first released. I have been unable to find a video copy of it, so I assume it wasn't rated highly enough at the time to make it to video? It does seem strange that a movie with such popular songs and good acting, wouldn't be available, but maybe a testament of the time. If that's true, it's a real shame, as I feel it might be as appropriate today as when it was produced. But, I'd like to view it again to see how my reaction today would compare to my original. I would appreciate knowing if it is available and if so, where?