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Bionic Ever After? (1994) (TV)
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Final in Trilogy of Bionic TV Movies, 24 September 2009

Steve and Jamie are back in action again...reluctantly, as everything that can go wrong, does go wrong, putting a quick-halt to their long-awaited wedding. It was fun to see favorite characters again, regardless of their ages. And the pace of this film was a little better than the previous disaster, "Bionic Showdown". Here, Jamie's bionics start to break down, and no one knows why. Steve also re-enlists with the OSI to rescue a kidnapped agent. Okay - now, enter Rudy Wells to, if he can, solve the Jamie Sommers bionic mystery in fifteen minutes or less. A few bionic surprises at the end of the movie looked very interesting ...even exciting. Sadly, that was all we ever got, as this, it seems, would be the last time we'd ever see Steve and Jamie (played by Majors and Wagoner) again. The final scene of this movie tied up the long-running series nicely, and there was a funny last-line spoken by Majors. So, all in all, as this may not have been the greatest set of movies, we got what we got, so you might as well just say "thank you" and be happy. The original Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman television series was always a blast to watch in the '70s ...and they're still fun, to this day, to re-watch and enjoy! (And no. I did not enjoy the Bionic Woman remake/re-envisioning series. I always felt they catastrophically miscast Jamie Sommers - and the addition of the bratty sister was another colossal mistake. But it usually is when writers, for some reason, feel they have to add kids in an adult action/drama story.) I would, however, be more than willing to give the franchise another chance, should they ever decide to remake The Six Million Dollar Man. The Bionic Woman should be included in that show. That's what a fan of the series would like to see. Great fantasy stories mixed with current events would be nice as well - like, don't be afraid to have Steve fight a mythical creature, as he did in the original series. Remember, that Bigfoot episode is probably the most popular. That, and Death probe. Just stay away from dating-woes and bratty kid issues. Nobody cares who Steve & Jamie's recently orphaned half-brother/sister is...even if he or she is a goth-wannabe and a brilliant computer hacker who 4 episodes later suddenly reveals they're a black belt in karate too and they also know how to unlock any lock with the spiral part of their spiral notebook and other MacGyver so-whats!

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Not Evil Dead 4...not really, anyway, but still big-time fun!, 12 February 2009

A quick what's-it-about: In 1870-something, these Chinese people die in a mine, but this bean-curd eating ninja-spirit watches over the final resting place. Flash foreword to present day, and everything's cool until this kid messes around and wakes the ninja-spirit, who starts cutting people's heads off. Thankfully, the kid is like the worlds biggest Bruce Campbell fan. A bat over the head later, and Bruce is whisked away to a one-horse town to fight the ninja-spirit...only Bruce thinks it's all pretend. This movie works best for fans of Campbell (if you've never heard of him, a lot of the lines in this movie just won't have the desired effect: "Gimme some sugar, baby", "boomstick", and the like) but still has quite a bit for youngsters and civilians who need to catch up on their movie-watching. Campbell is, naturally, superb here; great one-liners, great action-comedy mingled with the macabre. If you've seen the Evil Dead movie series or like Bruce Campbell even a little bit, then this one's for you. The ninja-spirit-thing is a little corny, but who cares. We needed this movie. Bring on more! And if you haven't seen Bubba Ho-Tep, rent than movie too, order some pizza, invite the gang over and watch it.

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A Must be believed!!!, 20 April 2007

Have plenty of crackers ready for all this cheese. This movie is for the person who loves those late-night public access horror hosted shows. In fact, it's a safe bet that's the only way you'll ever see this movie. It's that bad.

But that's what makes it so great! Hokey dialog, corny special effects and cardboard sets, along with some of the dingiest background music (and theme song) you're likely to ever hear. Add that to the cartoon-sounding sound effects and you've got a worse-than-Starcrash movie that'll satisfy any B-movie fan! UPDATE: This movie, believe it or not, has been released on DVD. The copy is as bad as the movie, but if you can find it in the dollar bin, there you go!

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Fun For Trek Fans, 21 December 2006

Star Trek Hidden Frontier will surprise you in many ways. First, it's a fan made series, available only on the web, and it features mainly friends & neighbors who have the computer programs and home video cameras and sewing machines to, as Mickey & Judy once put it, put on a show. It's definitely friends & neighbors to... you can tell. A lot of these people aren't the most beautiful looking folks you've ever seen, or the youngest, or the thinnest… some of them stumble through their lines like they're walking on marbles… some of them have thick accents which makes it very difficult to understand what they're saying. Still, you have to admit, the show is fun to watch. Yes, some of the dialogue is hokey. Yes, it's a little odd (though admittedly a little cool too) watching two Starfleet males kiss (some of the kissing scenes seem to go on a bit too long.) Yes, you cringe a bit when they clearly quote from ST:TOS, TNG, other shows and the movies, or when you hear the theme from Galaxy Quest played at the beginning and end of every show. But we can get past that. Why? The graphics are very good. Better than almost anything you've seen. And sometimes, a show or two really stands out story-wise… some of them are actually real tear-jerkers.

Hidden Frontier is a total guilty pleasure in every sense of the word… but you have to give the people involved credit where credit is due. It takes a lot of effort to put on a production of this magnitude. People, sets, costumes, graphics… so I watch, I return, and I thank them.

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Better Than I Expected, 20 December 2006

Actually, this film was more fun to watch than the original, which was very slow at times. This new feature, Fox and the Hound 2, with the exception of one very clunker-song, "Hound Dudes" was very good. It deserved a theatrical release, really, instead of the being dumped into the direct-to-video market.

Reba McEntire was just as funny in this film as she was playing Heather Gummer, the gun-crazy wife of Burt Gummer in Tremmors. And Jeff Foxworthy (Lyle) did a good job as well. Buy this movie and add it to your Disney collection. It's much better than all those other "part two's" we've been made to suffer through from Disney (Lady/Tramp2, Hunchback2, Mermaid2, and so on...)

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Spacetastic Fun for All Your TV-time Adventures!, 4 January 2006

In the tradition of Elvira, Svengoolie, The Ghoul and others, comes a new Horror Host that's got movies to share. Not bad movies, just misunderstood. I am speaking, of course, of Sacramento's own Mr. Lobo.

Put simply, this guy's got talent. Not only does he know how to work a TV audience, but he's got laughs mixed with insight that holds through for a full 2hr television program.

For each show, the movie sets the theme. Then, the show is wrapped around the movie. I mean, the show actually follows as if Mr. Lobo himself, who is hosting the movie, is actually experiencing the movie right along with you. Creatures and characters come to life and visit him in the world that each movie creates every week. Situatuons and events invite the audience to "play along" by constructing various whosits or whatsis so that you, the viewer, may better experience that experience which is Cinema Insomnia.

This show is a one of a kind gem / has something for everyone / fun for the entire family.


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First rate / Characters you love / GREAT SHOW, 26 December 2005

I'm an original BSG fan. When I was a kid and I knew it was coming on, I'd run inside to watch the show. Now, my mom and Dan weren't crazy about it and usually tried to change the channel, but I made the attempt and watched what I could in first run. In later years, I rented tapes at the video stores and caught the reruns whenever ch. 32 in Chicago aired them.

When I heard about this new series, and when I heard about some of the changes, I wasn't sure if I was going to like it or not.

I loved it! Deep into season 2 now and I still love it! I also find myself really caring about the characters on the show too. When they're in trouble, I get nervous. When they're hurt, I feel sad.

Every week I have a new favorite character. How cool is that?! I haven't felt like this about a TV show since Star Trek Voyager. I loved that show too and I place this one right up there with that one, although I think the Cylons could definitely kick the Borg's butt!

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Creative, fun to watch sci-fi., 21 June 2005

The folks at Cow Creek deserve all the praise they're getting. They're really putting together some very fun stories to watch.

I'm also glad for New Voyages because it has much more heart than anything Paramount has been asking fans to accept for the past three years. New Voyages reminded me of the reason I loved Star Trek to begin with, and kudos to E-Rod, Fontana & Koenig for going along for the ride. I hope other TOS actors take notice of this rich, new series as well...what a great stage to Bring Back Kirk this would be!

Are you listening, Mr. Shatner?

So many of us out here hope so before another 11 years go by!

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Great Vehicle for Shatner, 5 December 2004

Shatner & Hamlin are the reasons to watch this film. Tim Thomerson (Trancers movie series) has a bit part in the film that's worth the watch too. Everyone else pretty much bunks. William Shatner has one of the most original and funny lines in this film that I have ever heard in any movie...period. You'll know it when you hear's pound-the-floor funny! Shatner's comic timing is right-on. Should he continue to make movies, he needs to do more movies like this. Harry Hamlin was also great as a sleazeball movie producer. Really, you don't have to be a fan of either Shatner or Hamlin to enjoy this film. It's only 90 minutes, the pace is relatively quick (for the most part)...and I'll say it again, William Shatner is funny!

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Sucked On So Many Levels, 30 November 2004

Someone must have owed someone a favor, because that's the only way this film could have been made. Yes, it's nice to see Eddie Johnson and his family again, and the characters have been funny in the past. Not this time. The production value was low, the dialogue was trite, the jokes were predictable, and the only thing "holiday" about this movie was that they kept reminding the viewer that it was supposed to be Christmas time. This is not a holiday classic. This is not a good film to watch at Christmas time. This is not a good movie. I'm also a little tired with seeing new actors playing familiar characters with every "Griswold" chapter in the Lampoon's series. I mean, come on... Dana Barron is the fourth person to play Audrey now. Time to give this series a rest, WB.

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