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Great film, 1 June 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Nathan and Dexy are a couple with a love of swinging but finding partners to satisfy Dexys needs isn't easy due to the fact that virtually the entire human race have been turned into flesh eating zombies. Nathan goes out in search of partners for Dexy and finds Matool who has been out taking the zombies in hand to hand combat. Matool soon finds out that Nathan and Dexy arrant alone. Dexys sister Sassy who happens to have the deformed head of another sister (Dotty) joined to her side, likes to join in with a bit of spanking to. All is going well until a group of soldiers one of who has been bitten by a hyper zombie come to the house too.

The Stink of Flesh is a low budget shot on video independent film and to tell the truth it doesn't show. It looks fantastic, well shot and well lite. All the sets look really good as well. The effects are also above average for a low budget film. There are some great gore scenes and all of the zombies look really nice too. Keep an eye out for a particularly creepy child zombie that is seen walking aimlessly about. The cinematography is extremely competent. There are some really great shots and some very nice angles are found in a somewhat confined interior setting.

The music in the film also works really well. Some slow bluesy songs go strangely well with the action. The sound was all very well recorded too, often a problem in low budget affairs. While mainly a serious film it does have its funny points too. Many of which are at the expense of Dotty.

But the film isn't perfect. It does have its down points. for one the acting. On the whole its good but there are a few times that it isn't so great. Sassy being one of the main offenders here. A question I asked myself was what was the kid all about? He is brought back with Matool to the house but does virtually nothing at all. He could have been cut out of the film with no problem at all. The final problem was the ending. They have gone with the sudden ending that doesn't really give us an outcome as to what happened to everyone.

For a zombie film being made these days The Stink of Flesh was very good. It far out did my expectations. Great effects, lovely camera-work and direction and great story line. I just wish it had a better ending but lets hope for a sequel to sort thing out on that point.


Zombie Toxin (1996) (V)
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Not bad for no budget, 24 April 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The owners of some kind of torture shop hire a couple idiots to steal and chop up a horse for some satanic ritual or something like that. They cut it to bits but in doing so one of them becomes contaminated with some disease that turns one of them into a zombie. The other guy meanwhile dumps the horse offal into a local stream. A farmer who is nearby drinks from the stream and also becomes a zombie. These aren't your normal zombies, as well as being flesheaters as normal they also have trouble with diarrhea. Two Nazis witness the carnage and see it is taking place on a yeast field. They come up with a plan to make and sell wine from the yeast to sell to the towns people to make and army to take over the world. They sell a wine making kit but the plan backfires when the bottles of wine come to life and seek vengeance on the Nazis.

Yes this film really is as crazy as it sounds. It's a no budget shot on camcorder film and it does show. The effects are pretty poor but when you think this film is just made by a few friends in there back garden then that can be excused. I really enjoyed this, its pretty stupid and cheap but being a wannabe film maker myself I know how hard it i just to get a film done. At times Zombie Toxin can be pretty funny. The Monty Python references are obvious and plentyful. One of the main guys also really reminded me of Peter Jacksons character, Derek from Bad Taste. The scenes where he loses his arms and legs are pretty amusing.

For a no budget film the camera-work is at times pretty well done. It also seems that all the sound has been dubbed in afterwards which kind of adds to the film in a positive way. All the parts are played by just 3 people so that shows some of the limitations the makers had. The gore effects are pretty homemade in quality but thats no real problem. A few times during the film they even break into song. All in all for what it is its a good film. Sometimes I was laughing at it but there were a lot of times I was laughing with it.


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Toetag are the future of horror (spoilers), 22 October 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A group of three serial killers film their crimes. We see these acts from the camera they use and nothing else. The trio later team up with another killer and we also get a glimpse into their every day lives.

There is not much that can be said for Mordum that hasn't already. Yes its at times hard to watch the things that these individuals do and yes at times its hard to watch just because of how shaky the camera gets in the heat of the moment. One thing that also gets mentioned a lot is the fact that the film is plot less. I would have to disagree with this one. All of the characters have a lot to them. There is a great deal of character development that is probably lost on first viewing as the main attraction is the carnage that is ensuing on screen.

The acting in Mordum is pretty amazing when you think about it. Often the scenes go on for a good ten minutes without a single cut. There must have been a lot of planning gone into it to achieve this. There are also scenes where the makeup must have been being applied as the scene is being filmed. For instance near the end we see a girl tied up in a room and we are then taken to another room where the infamous bathtub scene is unfolding. A minute or two later and with no cuts we are taken back into the other room where the girl who was tied up has her throat slashed. This effect must have been applied as we were in to other room. Very impressive.

The effects are superb and well that's the main thing in this film really isn't it? Some of the highlights are the castration scene and the many body parts on show in Killjoys garage most notably the corpse of the baby. There are two cuts of Mordum, The Maggot cut that is floating about with traders and such and Fred's the one on the DVD. To me the one on the DVD is superior as Maggots cut seems to focus on his character a lot more.

I was extremely impressed with Mordum and although it didn't really shock me I think this is a lot more due to the fact I have an iron stomach than to the content of the film. I cant wait for the next installment. P.S. Wait after the credits for a cool little video.


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Nothing amazing but watchable., 6 July 2004

Children of the Corn

In a small town called Gatlin in Nebraska a young child preacher by the name of Isaac persuades the children of the town to kill all of the adults. One of the kids who is sick of Isaacs preaching tries to run away but is caught and stabbed. He stumbles into a road and is hit by a couple that happen to be driving through. They see that he had been stabbed and put him in the boot of their car to take him to the next town to report the murder. It just so happens that the next town is Gatlin. When they get there it seems the place is deserted. They soon find that it isn't and the kids of Gatlin kidnap the female and take her to the corn field to be sacrificed. They guy then, with the help of a couple of good kids tries to save her.

The kids in this film do a superb job and some of them are really well cast. Isaac for instance is very suitably freaky and weird. Malachai is also really unique looking and does the mean killer part really well. The acting was fine by all Infact. The film has a good pace and doesn't really get to boring. The locations are great. I love a good deserted town and Gatlin looked great. The directing was ok nothing amazing but it did the job. Not the goriest film I have ever seen. A few more nice bloody scenes wouldn't have gone amiss. I have never read the Stephen King story so I can't tell how well it compares to that.

I didn't have many problems with the film. Lack of gore was one and the fact that by the end of the film they had seemed to completely forget the fact they had a dead kid in the back seat of the car. I'm guessing they just wanted to get out of the town by then. While the film is watchable throughout, it never goes above that. By that I mean there was never anything that blew me away or would me want to watch it again.


Gut-Pile (1997)
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Evil Dead ripoff., 6 July 2004

Some guy goes off hunting in the woods and accidentally kills someone. He buries the corpse and hopes no one will find it. One year later he returns with friends for a hunting weekend and goes to see the grave. It is still there so he thinks he has gotten away with it. But that night strange things start to happen. The group start to get killed off one by one.

For a film that only lasts for around 45 minutes this one sure did drag on. I'm very surprised this was even released. Basically it is an evil dead rip off. They rip off shots from evil dead, they rip off settings from evil dead and they rip of scenes from evil dead. For example there is a scene where the main guy is in the cellar and he turns the light on and just as in evil dead the light is covered in something and so lights the room in a strange colour. Another ripped off scene is where the guy is being chased in the woods and the trees come to life and try and grab him. I'm surprised they can even get away with such blatant ripping off.

The acting is some of the worst I have ever seen in my life. Just check out the guy that plays Bob. It sounds like he was only told the lines just before the take and yet still has trouble getting them out. The other two don't fair to well either. Despite it's short runtime, many scenes are over long like just after he kills the guy at the start of the film he stands over the body and the camera just pans around for ages pointlessly and as if that isn't bad enough we see it all again later in a dream sequence.

The special effects are pretty poor. We see some arms and legs fly across the screen and some guy with his belly cut open. When we finally see the monster it isn't too bad. It looks a bit crap when it is in the scarecrow outfit but when its face is revealed it looks pretty cool. This is defiantly one to avoid. Bad acting, Bad effects and more Evil Dead ripping off than you can shake a stick at does not make a good film. Come on Sub Rosa I know you can do better than this.


Scarecrows (1988)
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If you cant find it buy it!, 2 July 2004

After they have just stolen a ton of money from somewhere or other, a group kidnap a pilot and his daughter to fly them to Mexico. One of the groups gets greedy and decides he wants all the cash to himself. So he grabs it and parachutes out of the plane after throwing a grenade. The rest of them get rid of the grenade before it goes of and set of in pursuit of him. They all land in a field full of scarecrows. These are no ordinary scarecrows, these ones are alive and they kill. Can the group get the money back and more importantly can they survive the night?

Scarecrows is a film that defiantly doesn't get the respect it deserves. Why it isn't out on DVD I have no idea. Its superb from start to finish. The direction is very stylish and well done. It's a crying shame that director William Wesley doesn't have a successful career as he sure shows here he can make one hell of a horror film. Scarecrows has all the great elements of horror, suspense, gore, setting and a rather original killer. Killer scarecrows is a very underused thing in horror.

The performances are all ok and for such a low budget and small film they are way above the norm. The scarecrows look amazing as does the field and house that the majority of the film is set. There are some brilliant gore scenes like a very nice body that is hacked apart, a nice scene where a large knife is stabbed through someone's face and a cool hand chopping off. These scarecrows defiantly don't hold back when it comes to getting rid of people.

One of the few things I didn't like about it is that at times it was so dark it was hard to make out what was going on but then this could just be because it's only available on old VHS. Just another reason it needs a brand spanking new DVD release. Apart from that it was great. It even had something that is rare in a horror movie even a good one and that a superb ending. If you can find it get it.


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Superbly shot film that deserves a dvd release, 23 June 2004

A mentally challenged man called Bubba is out playing with a small girl he is friends with. When she is seriously hurt by a dog, the local people instantly blame Bubba. Four of the locals arm themselves and go after him looking for revenge. Bubba hides in a scarecrow but is still found and shot and killed. Moments after they have killed him, the group find out that Bubba was in fact the one that saved the girl. So they put a pitchfork in his hand and clam self defence. They get away with it in court but soon after it seems as if Bubba is back and out for revenge.

Dark night of the Scarecrow is a made for TV from 1981 that really packs a punch. Beautify shot for a TV movie and it has a great atmosphere to match. The score really helps with the truly spooky feel of the film. They most likely didn't have a great budget for the film but it was spent well. All of the actors do a fine job and the sets are all pretty good too. The death scenes are original and pretty well done. The death in the silo was really well shot especially when you think of how small a space they had to play with when it came to setting up the shots.

A lot of films like this fall apart at the end. This most certainly doesn't. The ending is great and really makes you think about what has just gone on. If you can find it then defiantly check it out. The killer scarecrow genre is something that isn't often touched. Infact I can only think of two other killer scarecrow films, ‘Night of the Scarecrow' and ‘Scarecrows'. If they are anything like this one then I can't wait to see them.

The Slayer (1982)
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Sadly boring. Could have been fun., 22 June 2004

Four people head for a deserted island for a peaceful holiday. One of them keeps dreaming of murders and when she wakes up and finds out her boyfriend has been killed, she believes her dreams are coming true. The story has elements of A Nightmare on Elm Street to it two years before A Nightmare on Elm Street. Although I don't really think that the idea was stolen from the slayer.

Despite this Elm street connection the slayer certainly doesn't compare in quality. The slayer starts out like it could be good for some fun. Some of the settings are rather nice like the theatre although what a theatre is doing on an island that size in the first place is another matter all together. There aren't too many kills as there are only four main characters but the first person to snuff it is some guy who was just added on to die and nothing else. Just what was that guy doing fishing on that island?

The acting is pretty poor as you would expect from a low budget 80's slasher but the effects are not too bad. There are some rather nice kills shown in all gory glory. There is a nice head smashed in with an ore, a rather nice looking severed head in a bed but best of all is the superb pitchfork through the breasts scene. The film really could have been a fun cheesy little number but there are so many overly long drawn out scenes that slow it down far too much. The killer isn't shown until the end and that's a real shame because when it is finally is it is a really cool looking monster that is only shown for all of 3 or 4 seconds. As with most of the films from the video nasty craze, it doesn't deserve the hype. If there weren't so many overlong and dull scenes it could have been a good film. Sadly it wasn't.


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Great monster effects, 11 June 2004

A Comic book artist, played by Jeffrey Combs accidentally brings one of his creations (a large monster) to life. In killing the monster he also kills himself. Fast forward a few decades and the place he worked and died is now an arts institution and a young comic book artist by the name of Yvonne has just enrolled. She soon finds the book that the original artist got his inspiration on and sets about finishing his work. She of course then wakes the monster back up and the killing starts again.

If your looking for a suspenseful film then I really wouldn't bother with this one. The monster is shown straight away, no messing about here. But then if you have a cool monster on a low budget film then you are going to want to show it as much as possible. The monster really does look great and if you have seen a Buechler film before then you will instantly recognise this as one of his creations. We get a few pretty cool gore scenes mainly a nice head being smashed off. The acting is as you would expect from a low budget Charles Band film from the 80's but it doesn't get in the way to much. It is a pretty short film so it moves along quite nicely and never gets to boring.

Cellar Dweller is a pretty enjoyable little film for a mindless night on the sofa with some popcorn. Great monster effects and passable acting makes it very watchable. Anyone that is a fan of films such as Gholies and Troll should defiantly check this one out.


Blood Gnome (2004) (V)
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Not what you might expect, 23 May 2004

I rented this film expecting a Critters / Ghoulies style film. But what it actually is seems to be some guys BDSM fantasy film. A bunch of invisible gnomes go around killing people that are indulging in blood sports. Blood sports is a part of BDSM that involves cutting and blood. A police photographer who has only just come back from the mental hospital after his wife was killed is on the case. He starts to see the gnomes through his camera and questions his sanity. After a while he is convinced that it is all real. He sets off to learn more about the BDSM world and becomes friendly with some girl in the fetish scene. It isn't to clear why the woman sending the gnomes out to kill is actually doing it. I think it has something to do with drugs but then why is she only sending them out to kill people doing blood sports? The acting is pretty rubbish. The main guy is terrible and he pulls some of the stupidest faces ever. The girl that plays Divinity isn't to bad though and she is very good looking so at the many times that the film started to drag on and get very boring at least I could just look at her. The fact she gets naked a lot helps as well. The effects for the gnomes isn't to bad. I'm glad they went for real puppets rather than cgi. But then I do hate all cgi. The story was very poor and full of plot holes. Take the ending for example. First he is framed for killing a cop and then after they kill the gnome and what not that's it, the end. What about the fact that the cops still think he is the killer? The DVD has a making of on it and I found it amusing how the makers honestly thought they were making a good film. Even funnier was the way they talked about how good the performances were. If you pick this up expecting a fun film to sit and have a few drinks to and enjoy then you will be disappointed. The only way this film works is if you're looking for a bit of nudity and if you are just watch a porno. Don't be tempted by the cover.


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