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Her (2013)
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I could not watch it, 21 March 2014

This is the only movie that has 7 or more points on IMDb that I could not watch. I started, and then I just realized that I was not going to wait the end of the movie to be inflicted some emotional or moral wound. The tone, the emptiness of first few minutes convinced me to stop. This is less than a review, for sure, yet it is a valid impression of mine. There is nothing for me in this movie. It is not necessary to be emotionally attached to the movie in order to watch it through the end. I am watching many movies out of curiosity, even some very bad movies had something in them. Yet, this one blocked me instantly. I cannot explain it, except that the kind of emotional blindness I felt in the movie is actually starting to surround us, and I do not want to watch something I am afraid of anyway in reality. Maybe the movie depicts such state of mind perfectly, still I do not want to know about it, there is no resolution if that is the case.

One Chance (2013)
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Just like Paul, 20 March 2014

I did not expect much from this movie. I thought it will be an average TV movie, watch and forget. The movie works great because the main actor is an unsuspected winner. The movie talks about what it means to win anything, about what it means to live actually, the competition was just a climax of a struggle this man had in his life anyway. He did not even believe in himself, yet he did not know what else to do except to keep on. He was not aware how ready he was actually. The movie is still simple, but it extends itself beyond, so the two, the movie and the main character, go hand in hand. It is nice to watch for once a movie that is not trying to do anything special, and achieves beyond its apparent limitations. Just like Paul.

Philomena (2013)
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It is the valid story, but not the movie, 4 March 2014

For me, the movie was not good. It is only a valid story to tell, a true, gripping and hard subject. I did take it quite emotionally, the story. Yet, if I look this as a movie, elements are not connected. There was an obvious trust from all parts that the story is enough and a drama made around "bad nuns" and innocent kids is all that is needed - and Judy. King's Speech is layered, Notes on Scandal and so on. In this movie, there are two worlds that are disconnected and remain disconnected until the very end of the movie. Judy Dench did an excellent job, of course, but that is not enough, neither I think she deserved to be nominated for another Oscar. This is not a mono-drama, or at least I did not want it to be. Even the story itself is not quite new on its own. Of course it is a harsh theme and something that probably needs to be said, but that is not enough to think about transforming it into a film. I will not be watching this movie again. It was a valid story to tell, but definitely not a movie to make.

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On its own, 18 December 2013

This is the movie that stands on its own and cannot be easily compared with Lord of The Rings or first part of the Hobbit. In LOTR, we have several large distinct stories, hence, three movies with their own domains. However The Hobbit is only two almost separate stories that start with first and will end with the last installment. So the events from the book are taken for what they are, without any special attempt to give any depth because there is none, it is still a book for children.

We could say that this movie is far more an exquisite illustration made for the Hobbit, than we could say the same for any of the LOTR movies. In that sense, I can't compare this with any other movie from this group. For what it is, it is a mesmerizingly brilliant adventure not only in the sense of the events in the movie, but rather as a production itself. There is no stopping point. Many brilliant movies end with scenes that in The Desolation of Smaug repeat without any pause and just leave you with the question how far this all can go. I was very sure that the pace must stop somewhere or get unbound or difficult to follow. No, it does not. Nevertheless, because of this, I have to watch again to reach the characters' development, but I will watch it again anyway. It is worth watching many times, there are so much material in every scene.

Regarding 3D 48fps, the strange effects are still there for me, and I have to say that for me 3D 24fps is really an enhanced version of 2D 24fps. But 3D 48 fps makes me feel so big a change as if the music has changed in the movie. I do not say this is necessarily bad, but it is as if I watched two different movies. I am not sure if I like this effect or not. I think I would rather not having two options of that sort.

I enjoyed the movie immensely and really cannot wait the last one. I cannot even imagine what will be in it now after this one.

Really, how more can it be?

Möbius (2013)
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Very good movie, 6 November 2013

I really cannot understand the low ratings on IMDb for this movie. It is a very good movie that will see its remake, if necessary, very soon. I enjoyed it very much with all suspense and games played around. I do not doubt that these games are real. The movie is spanning US, Europe and Russia, and I was afraid that the story is going to become too simplified or too convoluted. No, the movie is very watchable and to the point regarding the story it tells. Acting is brilliant. All elements in the movie are so real and so current, like a novelization of real life. I almost forgot that the movie can be made that way. The movie definitely has French elements: individualism and all that, but it goes beyond France. I will closely monitor events in French cinematography as this is really not as much of a surprise as it is a very good work in every aspect.

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Great fun!, 4 November 2013

As all other movies in this franchise, it is a good story combined with action and, quite successful bits of humor. You could start analyzing this movie and find minuses here and there, but as soon as you are about to try a touch of humor would remind you that the movie is about - fun. (One sad scene is quite remarkable, probably the best of that type I have seen in 3D fantasy movie so far. Unexpectedly so touchy and vivid. The sorrow expressed in a way that you are convinced that the culture and tradition of Asgard is high and very old.) I laughed more than for Avengers and I think the rest of the audience too. If you want fun, go and see it.

Gravity (2013)
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Movie Symphony, 30 October 2013

Action, sentiments, plausible catastrophe, acting, cinematography, directing, music... and all that in space,... and all that with basically 2 or even one actor, and all that in 3D.

In essence, if you've ever seen a script that is basically a dialog for some Broadway experiment, and somebody told you that it will be a feature movie in 3D and in space, you could think that as a joke, right? That cannot work. It must fail.

This movie is more or less a new genre, because you can't match it with anything else completely. The scenes happening under the helmet, with distant radio call, going on and on, and you are staying within the movie all the time.

Sandra? Yes, she is the key, as much as Haley Joel Osment was the key for The 6th sense. Clooney is as supportive as one actor could only wish for.

The movie is an action movie, but the pace and the struggle is both personal and universal at the same time. Some scenes are totally new in the movie industry. The level of inventiveness is just leaving you speechless.

This is one of the movies that will become a "2001: A Space Odyssey" of the first half of the 21st century. Everybody will watch it, or know about it, as much as everybody in the world knows who Dostoyevsky is.

I am glad I caught it in 3D, it does give some moments to the movie, but I am very certain it would work without it equally well. It is like a symphony where even the elements used before are given with new light, new insight, new possibilities.

I hope this movie will open the door for something more frequently new, fresh, bold and artistic.

Life of Pi (2012)
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This bijouterie did not work for me, 27 August 2013

This movie really did not work for me. The story was simply so shallow that all effects and scenography went bleak and with no real point. The story development goes from one unlikely event to another that in the end it becomes a nonsense, more of a science-fiction where anything can happen, but it is not science-fiction. Not only that the entire story has no connection points with simple logical and probable cause of events, even many details in the story are there without overall relations to the entire story, they are just there, hanging.

It seems to me that Ang Lee tried pulling the carpet over this fact and maybe for some people it works, but for me the story may work only in very old black and white simplicity, yet when you have all those 3D magics added it just looks almost bizarre. I wish Ang Lee took some other story not this one. I have to say that these pitfalls in the movie are serious, and the only explanation I can have for his success and high ratings (except 3D effects) is that people do not care about every aspect of movies these days and carefully crafted bijouterie, which is what this movie really is, can pass for quality.

Looper (2012)
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Good movie with some highlights and some pitfalls, 18 March 2013

This is overall a good movie. Only that, good, worth seeing once. However, in every department there are dislocated moments, editing, cinematography, acting, story, characters etc. so it does not fit well overall. The story is murky. I would prefer if nothing was explained just presented through some artistic elements. This was something is explained, the rest, well at least unbalanced. The acting is average, except for the kido who is the best I have seen so far after Haley in Sixth Sense, what a posture, what attitude, not for a second I doubted that he can grow up exactly as the story would have told.

Although I was with the film from the beginning to the end, something was constantly missing. Abrupt scene and location introductions, out of nowhere violence, undeveloped characters added with some key element in the plot and so on.

In some sense, all characters are not to be loved, all are negative, so the story is simplified like: can several very bad characters create one good deed? Nothing to worry about for one popcorn fun. The movie is watchable, but I will not watch it one more time.

Could this movie be done better with the same actors, action scenes, story? Well, if you ask me which element I would definitely fix even now with the movie completed, it is editing. Few linked scenes here and there, putting some flashbacks to more logical places would make this movie far better. Who knows, it was not done before, but some reedited future version maybe. We've seen everything done with movies so far. If an experiment is to be done of this sort, this is a very good candidate. Some film students out there? There is a job seemingly unfinished here.

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The best movie by many standards, 4 March 2013

Yesterday, Sunday, I went to the movies to see what's new. I watched probably 10 minutes of different clips of "Les Misérables" on Internet so I decided to see that one.

Half of the movie, half theater cried, another half all theater.

Gripping thunder of emotions, while one opens another, to the culmination that ends up in hugging the one near you in consolation.

It is a rare chance to witness an applause in theater around the globe, US is more frequent. In Norway, where I was, it was probably only me doing that at the end of the movie I liked.

This one was applauded immensely by all.

Acting, singing, cinematography, music. In essence definitely the best movie of the year worth watching many times. Paper tissue please, not to forget, men women regardless.

Last time I witnessed the sobbing of the entire theater was Emma's bliss, German movie, Toronto movie festival, but that was by the end of a movie.

This one does not let you go.

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