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Fantastic, 4 February 2010

I haven't enjoyed an episode of this series as much as this one. This was fun from start to finish and I didn't want it to end. This chapter was better than much of what is being shown on the big screen today! Casting was flawless and the depiction of the eras famous people flowed as if Indiana was too a real icon of the time. If Mr. Lucas could've made more episodes like this one this show would still be running on cable today! I can't say enough nice things about this showing and as my rating is the max you get my point!! Now its on to volume 3 disc 9--- Hollywood Follies and I hope it is 1/2 as good as the Scandal of 1920! A must see!!

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multiple parts, 2 July 2009

There were many multiple roles played by different actors during the lifetime of this series but none more puzzling then those of Glenn Cannon. Mr Cannon played 5 different parts (through the 1971 season) before settling on the role of District Attorney John Manicote in 1972. He played that part for 28 episodes and in his final episode in 1977 was then Attorney General John Manicote. I guess enough " book em ,Dannos" got the DA enough points to get elected to that post. Let me take time out today to wish a Happy 50th anniversary on August 21,2009 to our 50th state. The state was admitted to the Union on August 21, 1959, making it the 50th state and also the last state to be currently admitted to the union. Aloha!

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WORST MOVIE EVER, 24 December 2002

this has got to take the razzberry for the worst movie of all time! what trash and i spent $9.00 to see it! :( SIGH unbelievable junk that John Travolta puts himself in as he was a follower of the author L.Ron Hubbard