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Best Wrestlemania EVER!, 4 August 2001

This is the best Wrestlemania I have ever seen! The matches on here are all great, my favourite was TLCII (tables, ladders and chairs 2). All the other matches are very enjoyable and fun to watch, such as the gimmick battle royal. The main event Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Rock is a very good match and a dramatic end that changes the face of the WWF forever. All in all this WWF event is possibly the best WWF event, let alone the best Wrestlemania I have ever seen! Make sure you watch this one you cant afford to miss it!

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A brand new way to see space and where we came from!, 22 July 2001

This whole new series is brilliant! There really is no other way to describe this series. Sam Neill really does host this series well and the graphics are really good, for instance when the diagrams showing how stars super nova at the end of their lives you will be really impressed by the amount of detail in the computer animation. I really recommend this show for anyone who is interested in space or who has ever wondered the answer to the question 'where do we really come from?' The whole series will not be a let down to anyone who watches it!

Pearl Howler!, 2 June 2001

I thought that this film was going to be one of the best but I was very wrong! First of all where did the budget go..oh yeah 3 million of it went into the party after the premier! They could have at least of studyed the facts instead of spending it all on the premier party. This film contains so many mistakes its hard to know when the film is telling the truth or trying to get across 'Hollywood history'. In this particular film the Hollywood history is that the Americans did not help Britain or Europe until something of their own pride was destroyed, then they decided to help the British people! Second of all tangling in a love story in with a part of very emotional history is very degrading and hidiously unkind! It may have worked for Titanic but not for this film! The third is opening the film in Hawai, I mean how degrading and unkind is that dont you think that the peoples relatives have suffered enough? My last point is that if you are going to see this then dont worry you will not need tissues for crying but for the fits of laughter that you will be overcome by! Overall rating: 8/10 for the special effects 5/10 for the story line 2/10 for the whole film

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Good Start to a great Star Trek series!, 25 May 2001

After watching this episode of Star Trek Voyager I knew that this series of Star Trek would be one of the best. In this episode (the pilot) all the main characters are introduced. Kate Mulgrew plays a convincing role as Captain Janeway who is generally nice but when it is needed, which it mostly is, Janeway can also be a real bad-ass! The other characters have their good points and their bad points, Chekotay has his general knowledge of the outdoors and how to get in touch with his spirit guide. Tom Paris has his knowledge of 20th century history and Harry Kim has the knowledge of music (what good that will do on a star ship 75,000 lightyears from home we dont know). Tuvok being a vulcan the most knowledgeable species of them all has knowledge of well everything, constantly offering the logical way out to the rest off his crew. B'Ellana has knowledge of enginnering and is able to always have good suggestions on how to keep the ship in ship shape!! The Doctor or EMH has knowledge of medicine and how to treat anything from a stubbed toe or acute stomach pain from Mr Neelix's cooking! (One of the many jokes from Voyager's EMH). Neelix has knowledge of cooking and how to make lettuce in to a decent meal. Kes well she knows a bit of everything and is always willing to learn! Lets not forget the computer voice who has been with the Voyager crew through thick and thin always willing to answer their questions no matter how stupid or annoying they can be. So basically watch this series its full of fun and enjoyment!

"Friends" (1994)
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6 Friends with ordinary lives?, 11 May 2001

In my mind this is one series that will never loose the spark to attract audiences all the time. At the beginning I felt that the story lines were a bit boring and a tad tedious. The basic story line is about 6 friends Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross who lead ordinary lives until Rachel comes back to New York and finds Monica after leaving the alter. After this the story line continues. (He falls in love with her and so on). Through out the whole running length of 'Friends' the plots do get much better and nearly all the time, after the fighting and the arguments, the episode has a happy ending!! If you enjoy laughing at 6 people who are trying to survive being single in a hard world then I personally recommend this for you. I have nothing left to say apart from ENJOY!!!!

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Watch it if you think you can handle the challenges of Boot Camp!!, 8 May 2001

Boot Camp is one of the newest type of game shows that has been broadcasted in England. This game show which a horrible twist is basically that 16 members of the general public go through very tough training and finaly they make it to Boot Camp. Then only trouble is that the D.I's that are constantly on your back 24 hours a day!! WARNING: The D.I's are not actors and they WILL treat you as if they are still in the army. The contestants have to nominate a new squad leader each week and complete a task, if they win a nice treat is awarded to the contestants (a picture of thier loved ones) and if they fail the D.I's have a little treat for themselves to punish the living c**p out of you...but hey you win some you loose some!! At the end of each episode the team nominate a member who they would like to see gone from Boot Camp and the ultimate revenge approaches now. The nominated member can also drag another contestant with them for any reason from "I dont like thier hair colour" to "I dont think they work well in a team". If you enjoy people from the public being shouted at 24 hours a day then I recommend this for you...ENJOY!!!

Innerspace (1987)
He's a man lost inside a strangers body., 21 April 2001

This is one of the fims that you can watch over and over again. The basic outline of this film is that a bunch of scientists have decided to try a new type of science, miniturization and to get the plot it all goes horrificaly wrong. Tuck Pendleton (Dennis Quaid) is the man who has been miniturized and he seems to be heading for the insides of a rabbit but somehow ends up inside Jack Putter (Martin Short). This movie has other funny moments with co-star people such as Henry Gibson as Mr Wormwood, Wendy Schaal as Wendy and Robert Picardo as the cowboy, also firm favourite co-stars of 'The Burbs'. All in all this film is great and with alot of different characters with thier own funny sides and sad sides (like the film) I have really enjoyed watching it!!

The Mummy (1999)
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A top-notch film!!, 19 February 2001

This film has basically everthing that you would expect from a film of such greatness. Brendan Fraser is 'supposed' to be the hero of this story but yet it is a little over-reactive and nearer to the end this film begins to get a bit thin!! The actual mummy in this story does keep you on your toes, waiting the next grusome appearance, and this is when I have to warn you this film is not for people with a sensitive stomach. The only bad point of the film is the actual story line, for example at the end, although the computer anamations are good, could this really happen..? All in all a good film by my account 10 out of 10!!

King of the Ring (2000) (TV)
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A thrilling WWF event!!, 23 December 2000

This event, I found was a very exciting and thrilling event. The matches in this event were well set out, but the actual setting and design of the stage was not all that breath taking. The main match between six of the main superstars was perhaps the best of the whole night, it was a very enjoyable event in the WWF series.