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"My Hero" (2000)
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This show is getting better, but it was hilarious to start with., 27 September 2003

Just saw an episode from the third season. The April Fool bits, the time travel bits are just wonderful. I can't understand the minds of the people who submitted negative comments. I find myself laughing out loud over and over. I suppose people who think Doctor Who was bad because it had low budgets and unlikely stories wouldn't like this one, but those people should stay away, stick to Space 1999 or Star Drek (which I watch, but it is so predictable it's almost irritainment).

My only complaint is the incompetence of TV Guide, which can't even tell me when there are new episodes, or any of the plotlines. It's on PBS in Oregon at 9:30 Saturday and worth setting your recorder for.

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Not sure if I'll ever watch it again, 17 August 2002

I just finished watching this odd movie which I had taped last year but forgotten until now. (I think it ran on Showtime.)

I think if Troma Studios had existed in the '60s they would have come up with this; it seems too strange for American International, no slackers when it comes to weird movies. Oddly disjointed story, cheesy production values, but the whole film is enhanced by narrator Ken Nordine (Word Jazz) and the appropriately chaotic jazz soundtrack.

This is a movie you should acquire and save for a late-night party with friends. It needs to be watched, not ignored as background, or you lose track of the surreal plot line. I wondered if it had been cut mercilessly because it seems too choppy. But seeing it without commercials helped immeasurably.

Somehow I doubt you will watch it more than once.

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Most romantic movie ever made, 28 September 2000

I love this film. I love the soundtrack written by Tom Waits and sung with Crystal Gayle. Their voices blend beautifully; one would never have guessed. This is incredibly stylized; the basic and simple plot is almost irrelevant; the imagery, the direction, the sets and the performances are all enchanting. If the DVD would only come out I would order in a nanosecond. Find a copy to rent, duplicate it and save it for your next first date with someone. A little promotion of a new DVD, theatrical re-release, and FFC/Zoetrope would probably make all their money back. I wonder what it would take to make this happen.