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A "charming" film, 11 October 2003

I don't know how I missed this gem of a movie when it was first aired, but I've finally made up for that. I thought it was a terrific little film, and I liked it a lot. Gena Rowlands is superb, as usual, and the story line, though on the slow moving side, held my interest from start to finish. When I first saw it I came in at the middle, but got hooked right away, and stayed with it until the end. I just watched the complete film, today, and my opinion has not changed. Direction and cinematography wee excellent, and the performances, especially Miss Rowlands', were admirable. I felt I was a part of these ladies' lives, and I don't ask much more than that from a film. As some people say, I thought it "worth the price of admission."

Tombstone (1993)
One of the best non John Wayne westerns I've ever seen, 26 December 2002

I didn't see this movie when it was first released in 1993, but I sat up and paid attention when I caught it on one of the movie channels, a few years later. This is one of the best non John Wayne westerns I have ever seen! Ranks up there with Shane. The director's cut is even better, as it explains more about Mattie's drug problem, as well as a few other things pertinent to other characters' development. Sam Elliot, though not in the film for very long, makes his usual strong mark. Val Kilmer and Kurt Russell were terrific, too. Kilmer, in my opinion, did his best acting job of all time in this film. I'm sorry he was never nominated for an OSCAR. The cinematography was outstanding, as was the direction. Great, great movie. Too bad the director's cut wasn't released to the theaters.

"I'll be your daisy."

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The greatest western of all time, 8 October 2000

I think this movie is, without a doubt in MY mind, the best western ever made. Wayne is riveting as the anti-hero, Ethan Edwards. The acting is superb all around, the scenery, matchless, and the era perfectly captured in Ford's imaginative filming.

The massacre scene is a terrifying one, and yet we don't see a drop of blood shed. Wayne makes you believe he IS Ethan Edwards. You love him, hate him, feel sorry for him, and admire him --all at the same time, in this movie. His best role ever.