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This movie is a poignant delight! (delightfully poignant?)...
12 June 2004
"Pieces of April" is... is... is....a hard movie to define... Its laugh out loud, slap your thigh and guffaw funny while at the same time, it feels as though someone has just ripped your heart out, thrown it to the floor and stomped on it. its been years since a film has made me feel that way!

From the opening scene where April's boyfriend patiently wakes her up, acknowledging but not begrudging that she is obviously "not a morning person". Yet he knows how important this day is to her, and he does all he can to be the one thing on this day that is hassle free. Of course, in preparing for this special occasion, nothing goes right. Murphy's law, doncha know. But her resourcefulness in the face of adversity will make you laugh and cry at the same time. "Necessity is the mother of innovation"- actually, i believe the quote is "of invention" ..but it works well here with only a minor change to the root word. Wonderful flick! **** (8.7/1.0)
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this movie always haunted me
4 November 2003
the first time i saw this movie i was a pre-teen, and it always haunted me. i think it should have gotten a much higher rating also.

yes, it raises all the cross-culture misunderstandings, thats what makes it so tragic and so good. it makes you stop and think before you make that next assumption about someone you don't know....whose culture your only vaguely familiar with..not a bad thing to do today, then or anytime.
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