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Dizziness inducing boring underwritten flick, 2 August 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First of all I want to clarify that Matt Damon and his friend Ben Affleck are in my opinion the smartest actors of this generation. They avoid Hollywood gossip and always try to make smart or at least deeper movies, even if sometimes they commercially fail. However the Bourne franchise as directed by Greengrass was never my cup of tea. Greengrass style produce me motion sickness; but besides that there is completely lack of humor and after the first three movies; there is no much memory to recover. James Bond on the contrary; was always filled with jokes (sometimes cynicism perhaps) and more open story lines. This four installment (with Damon) is by far the worst of the pack; the action scenes are too long and never produce any kind of emotions. The car persecution in Vegas it is almost too close to the cars so the spectacular stunts get diminished.

The full movie it is basically a brief start, four long persecutions (Greece, Berlin, London and Vegas) and an epilogue. Damon barely talks on the movie and does not kill anybody; Cassel as the villain, kills everybody and has far more dialog lines than Bourne. Tommy Lee Jones just uses a little charisma and gets the job done without any effort. Viklander however has the most important character; but somehow her motivations do not add up. In fact most of the things she is related seem forced.

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Great taste of the classic in a modern box, 24 July 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am not a fan of J.J. Abrams; I hated the end of LOST and was very disappointed by Star Wars The Force Awakens; but I have to give that his reboot of Start Trek was exactly what the start wanted. The old familiar feeling with ore advanced action, environment and FX. This time is not Abrams on the director chair but Justin Lin who after directing 4 Fast and Furious movies; knows a thing or two about action and also about people chemistry. This new movie plays largely with the classic disputes between Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy; who remember the original Star Trek; those were the funniest and smart moments; both were usually right; but never agreed; it was to the viewer to take a stand. After a funny and classic bit were diplomacy goes horrible wrong; Star Trek is send to respond a distress call beyond the legendary NEBULA; the place considered the end of the universe in the series and some of the original movies. Do not expect too much on that; there is a standard trap and rescue that pretty much resembles the classic episodes, new found friends and unknown enemies and a certain surprise to the end. This one is not INTO DARKNESS; in terms of story but mixes the old universe with new modern issues; like declaring one of the main characters as gay (nothing sexual at all) and filling the movie with lots of humor; a welcome contribution from co-writer Simon Pegg who keeps the many funny bits for his character but share a lot with the others. This is not the best perhaps STAR TREK movies; some FX are too dark and overwhelming while others like the final fight in non-gravity are outstanding and the script could have been more complex; but is the funniest and non stop entertaining In brief; far better and entertaining than the last Star Wars

An incredible suspenseful movie that leave you a few open questions, 16 July 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Based on the true story of Robert Mazer; an undercover customs agent that got quite close to Pablo Escobar and incarcerated many people related with drugs traffic and money laundering; this is the type of movie that after a few minutes will keep you nailed to your seat and will not let you breath until the very end.

Most of the credit; belongs to the incredible performances by Bryan Cranston and John Leguizamon closely followed by Juliet Aubrey and Diana Kruger as real and fictitious wives and many other secondary characters; but also thanks to the very tight script; and a direction that forcing slow burning pace that make you feel inside the movie.

There are however some open questions that the movie barely answer; first of all the CIA involvement but a few things about characters that are not really very clear (specially about Mr. Mazer motives to keep risking his and her family lives).

In brief; worth the price of the ticket and your time

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Lots more of fun than the original, 16 July 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If you (like me) consider Bill Murray humor more cynical than funny then stop reading and go to see this very well done re-make that really improves a lot on the original.

If you are not still convinced; let me tell you why. The original GHOSTBUSTERS was about 3 misfit nerds, an African American guy and a girl (the love interest). Only the girl and one of guys has a lot to do in the movie; the rest of characters were heavily underwritten (specially the black guy).

In this remake; there are three nerds (women), an African American (woman) and a love interest (guy, cute but not smart at all). But this time, screen time is shared, everybody has a few fun time (even the stupid guy) and the African American girl is lots more better written than the blonde one.

This is obvious a McCarthy and Wiig movie; however Paul Feig (the director) let the others two shine and the chemistry between the four women works even better than the original.

In terms of jokes; there is lot of slapstick; some women/men sexual jokes and even sum digital FX jokes that make the kids laugh. All that is far more than you can tell about the original that if you see it again now; you will find it kind of boring and not that entertaining than this one (I just did before seen this one).

Forget the classic; contrary to even my expectations; this one came out quite right

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The best kids movie this side of the summer, 10 July 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If you are looking for a movie full of dramatic moments; slow pace and sadness; that basically bore your kids but make the critics praise as a masterpiece; stop reading and go to see some PIXAR / Disney movie (like Dory or Zootopia) and watch your kids get impatient to get out of the cinema.

If on the other hand; you want your kids to laugh non-stop for about 90 minutes and you enjoy with them; then do not loose one minute, get tickets for the Secret Life of Pet and start laughing on the first minute with the Minions short and keep doing it short until the very end of titles. There is some moral message about friendship, trust and love; but it will be guilty pleasure laugh and a few suspenseful moments.

***SPOILER AHEAD**** Word of advice and possible spoiler; Snowball (the rabbit) is the most twisted character seen lately in movies; it can easily be part of an horror movie; but as played by Kevin Hart; it is historically funny whenever on screen. The same can be said for Gidget (played by Jenny Slate); her transition from a white sweet puppy to a dangerous and terrifying fighter is another of the top moments of the movie. ****END OF SPOILER****

In brief; it will not win any Oscars; but is still the funniest movie of the summer.

Regression (2015/I)
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Another unnecessary film from Amenabar, 9 July 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There are a lot of excellent Spanish directors; however only Almoodovar and Amenabar are very well known abroad. And sadly they made great movies long ago but their latest efforts are really badly directed and even worse scripted.

After getting Tom Cruise to remade his second movie (Open your eyes) and winning an Oscar for his third (The Sea Inside), Amenabar made an over-produced, and later financial failure called AGORA.

The movie blamed the rising Christian faith as the barbarians who destroyed the Alexandria library and its documents and knowledge without any historic accuracy. Some people considered the movie offensive; but it was just a poorly directed, mediocre script whose only goal seemed to be to create controversy.

Regression (after an hiatus of a few years) is perhaps more of the same. It is difficult to understand if Amenabar is attacking one more time the Christian faith, psychoanalysis or people stupidity.

*** SPOILER FOLLOWS **** Based on real events (which does not necessary means what the movie tells is completely true) it tells the story of a police detective that investigating a possible child molesting case; turn things in a satanic cult stuff, creating a media big mess; to find out later that everything was product of a quite hysterical young women.


Nothing in the move makes a lot of sense; people believe things without any real proof; everybody (including the "smart" city detective) becomes obsessed almost immediately; but it happens so fast and without any logical reason that is impossible to believe

Ethan Hawk makes a big effort to with his character (frankly, never trust his character with any investigation) and Emma Watson surprises with her dual personality character.

The rest of the cast does whatever they can; but no magic can be done with an script without any proper progression that keeps asking to accept the absurd of a situation.

In brief; avoid it !!!

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Interesting but predictable John Le Carre thriller, 2 July 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After too many Le Carre novels and movies; there is some deja vu feeling in the tales. Normal people getting entangled with high level espionage (been used and discarded ) is always interesting and tense but sometimes the feeling that you see it before (and can basically predict what will happen) is too strong to ignore. That is basically the only problem with this incredible well acted thriller, with a perfect timing and suspense and special care with most characters even the secondary ones. Compared with most of the mediocre movies been shown; this is one excels and keep you engaged; but I a pretty sure the original book (I did not read ) has lots of more twists and surprises than this one. In brief; it is perhaps the best movie around this week. Enjoyed while you wait for something better.

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Another mediocre X-MEN movie by Brian Singer, 29 May 2016

I love the X-MEN saga and acknowledge that Singer made a very good job with the first two movies (specially X2 ); but I still consider X-MEN UNITED (directed by Brett Ratner) one of the best of the whole series (the movie was more expensive but even under-performing; made more money than the first two; and is still the second best of the series. Singer left X-MEN to pursue Superman; but failed and his next two movies as well. He finally returned for Days of Future Past (a huge commercial success; but as a movie far less interesting the previous installments. However; smartly Singer joined past and actual main characters in one movie and that underused trick help the movie become the highest grossing of the series. In another smart move; he end Days of Future Past with a hint of Apocalypse; the most beloved of the X-MEN comics; grating a lot of attention and expectation on this one.

Well sadly this time; Singer imagination run out and the movie become a very poor mess. A lot of characters with poor development. QuickSilver (Evan Peters) and Nightcrawler (Kodi Smit-McPhee) are the only ones to give some humanity to their characters. McAvoy, Fassbender and Lawrence do what they can; but the script does not help. Byrne and Hoult (and the rest of the cast) has very little to do and look uncomfortable. Even Oscar Isaac fails to create a good baddie.

In terms of special effects; things are not that better. Lack of imagination is everywhere. The final fight; seems copied of older movies and the FX and digital images look cheap.

X-MEN interest on the saga is based on the characters. McKellen and Steward or Fassbender and McAvoy as Magneto and Xavier can carry a movie by themselves if they let them; but in this case their characters are secondary to a bunch of new mutants and a bad guy none of them interesting or close to charismatic.

In brief; it could have been the best X-MEN but lack of imagination made it the worse.

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A great movie that should be seen by kids and adults, 29 May 2016

The Mermaid is something completely unexpected; incredibly funny for moments with some very violent scenes and a clear message about damage being caused to nature and the world; to satisfy the greed of a few.

The story is simple; a clumsy mermaid disguised as a normal woman; tries to seduce a greedy tycoon who is killing marine life where she and her community lived. She falls in love with the guy (and he with her) and tries to protect it. However thinks get more complicated (and violent) when people find out about the mermaids community.

As usually happens; foreign movies; particularly the successful ones; are punished by the MPAA with a ridiculous "R" rating that basically kills younger viewers and of course the movie itself.

The movie has some violent scenes; particularly ones showing people killing whales, dolphins and some mermaids. There are some depicting of mermaids burnt by the powerful sonar systems using to "study" marine life but those scenes are meant to show the human cruelty.

There are other goofy violent scenes; but are playing basically for fun.

This is an Stephen Chow movie (the guy that created Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer among others. This is in my opinion his best movie. Very fast paced; funny and cruel when it has to be.

In brief; see it and recommend it. It is time to star seeing good movies instead of crap like Avengers (or the last X-MEN) that basically take over all USA cinemas.

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The funniest move of the year killed by bad marketing and poor studio choices, 29 May 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Brothers Grimsby is perhaps Sasha Baron Cohen' s funniest movie. There were nothing that funny in 2015 and as far as 2016 goes neither.

It is basically a spy spoof; so fast paced that your brain will be laughing from a joke or absorbing an ultra kinetic action scene while other two arrive. One viewing will not be enough to enjoy it completely.

Do not try to compare this one with SPY (the overproduced McCarthy vehicle). This one is ten times funnier and really for adults (SPY is Disney cartoon compared to this one).

And that's seemed to have been the problem when this one was distributed. There are no PC jokes or any kind of respect for anybody. Usually an American comedy has one or two gross scenes; this movie has about twenty; unexpected and each one stronger than the other (how many times two people hide in an elephant vagina and make elephant decides to have sex ?).

In the hypocrite Hollywood world; doing drugs is a good but sex scentes and strong jokes are devil; thus distributors did their best to kill the movie and give it very little publicity and a bad release date.

In brief if you cannot catch it in cinemas; get the DVD and prepare to laugh as you did in Boratz; but beware is not for kids (even when many kids are involved in the jokes).

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