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The Recall (2017)
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Passable low budget B sci-fi movie, 25 June 2017

The Recall has a couple of good ideas in it and the movie is able to hold attention for its 90 minutes. Sadly the low budget does not allow to a better development of some part of the story. Wesley Snipes as mysterious Hunter is able to inspire some frightening moments. The other characters has very little development but the rest of the cast does what they can. The alien sequences are not particularly original nor very well staged but create some (lite) horrifying / terrifying moments.

In brief; it is not the worst way to expend 90 minutes of your life if you have nothing more important to do.

Skeletons (2010)
Beautiful poetry but not for everybody, 25 June 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Davis and Bennet (Ed Gaughan and Andrew Buckley), are two physics working for "The Coronel". They take trains and walk through the English country side visiting "customers" and doing "skeleton" "removals" . Both have their own hidden secrets and pains even being best friends their communications is quite lacking.

One day they must visit and eccentric woman (outstanding Paprika Steen) with a mute (perhaps autistic daughter) and a boy who is trying to find out the whereabouts of her husband disappeared eight years ago. A somewhat tender relationship develops between the woman and Bennet; but that start causing problems with Davis and even worse with their strict boss.

It is not difficult to see where the movie is going; but in goes on in a very poetic and tender way; with characters who looks like losers or dimwits but end up being quite likable.

The movie message is simple but is very well expressed; life must go on and we should not stop it.

The Mummy (2017)
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Entertaining mess, 12 June 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I saw a restored (and colorized version) of the original 1932 version, with Boris Karloff, and it was terrifying. After a few misses; I saw the 1999 which worked more as a comedy and still somewhat kept the spirit of the original. The later sequels not so. However this time; the Tom Cruise version is the kind of mess with a few interesting ideas and unnecessary over exposition. The Mummy being a woman is in fact a brilliant idea and the cast of Sofia Boutella is perhaps the greatest achievement of the movie. Sadly the adding of Dr Jekyl and Mr. Hide only adds a pale action scene that do very little for the movie. I assume Universal is trying with this DARK UNIVERSE to make some kind of monsters' crossover as Marvel and DC comics did with its superheroes. The idea is not bad; but the execution of this movie does not open a promising path. Tom Cruise as always does his best; he supports a lot of beatings stoically and his character is not as perfect as his previous ones (well it is heroic and generous but at least a little more humble). In terms of action; there are a few intense scenes; however in between a lot of exposition and unnecessary dialog makes the movie lag until the next action sequence. Russel Crowe as always delivers; but does not seem to convinced. Annabelle Wallis does what she can with a limited character; but is Sofia Butella who really shines as seductress and deceived woman. In brief; is entertaining and well produced; more horror movie than comedy but far from the 1932 and 1999 versions.

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The best BLOCKBUSTER as of May 2017, 19 May 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Let's be frank; 2017 has been a terrible year for big blockbusters pictures. LOGAN was depressing, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST cannot be compared to the animated original (director should be expelled from the movie world), GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY is half as funny as first one. Basically; there is no originality at all (excluding LOGAN which I would preferred to be a repetitive WOLVERINE movie instead of the tragedy it is). Guy Ritchie (ex- Mr. Madonna and the creator of Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and most recently Sherlock Holmes), has crafted another of this crazy movies using his usual tricks that are plenty of fun.

Kings Arthur, Legend of the Sword is a curios movie. It is not particularly serious or over dramatic to tragedy (considering is a British tale).

There are plenty of spectacular scenes; but instead of sword fights Ritchie favors big mass movements, collective fights and foot running action. British style humor mind games played in images are usual Director's trademarks and he perfectly knows how to use them and when making more enjoyable moments taking down the seriousness of the situations.

Acting is superb. Ritchie gives enough screen time to every secondary character; making the movie more live, interesting and funnier (some of the small parts are quite good).

Individually; Jude Law is perfect as the "bad guy". He really looks like a greedy usurper. He can be terrifying and likable at the same time (like a snake). Hunnam's Arthur has been given a scoundrel background story which fits him and the character. He is far from perfect and not always likable.

I was really surprised Djimon Hounsou and Astrid Bergès-Frisbey had too little to do in the movie being such important to the story.

This and the unnecessary use of digital images are the only two drawbacks of the movie.

In brief: It is wonderful way to expend two hours.

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Cheap and insulting, 4 May 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A Nobel price winner writer; returns to his home small town after 40 years abroad, invited by the town to be declare a Distinguished Citizen. The guy is an skeptical whose motivation of life and people had completely wore off. Just in the first scene of the movie, when accepting the Nobel price he regrets it because the prize represents acceptance which somewhat means became one more. His town receives him as a hero but further events make the people start rejecting and disliking him. The idea; not too original has been already been made in many movies and novels; the most recent I remember was Jorge Amado Tieta do Agreste; but there must be many more. The problems are many; first of all; a few short monologues were written and recited to perfection by Oscar Martinez; but the whole movie seems to be an excuse to those parliaments creating very forced situations that are later contradicted in an intention to make the main character look better. The second problem is the attempt to create some kind of neo- realism; using non professional actors. The scenes look fake and sometimes embarrassing. The third problem is the depiction of a misery and abandon that is not quite real. Small towns have abandoned properties but are just a few and the also have nice house and people all over. The fourth is the insulting casting of small time people as dumb, with no artistic values or qualities and with a latent anger near to explode. Dady Brieva usually a reliable comedian; is used in a one dimensional character that do not exist more than the resented mind of this movie directors. I left Argentina 28 years ago but I travel at least 3 times a year to visit my family. I acknowledge many bad things happened and still happen; but this movie is not against the corrupt governments; is just an insult to people living day by day. Perhaps with no access to the culture in Buenos Aires or other big cities but are far from stupid and not bad at all.

I believe the only bad people here are the two directors; making an easy coin out of insulting their own people but without the guts to criticize whatever is really wrong there.

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Below expectations, 23 April 2017

There was some potential in this tale of four superheroes created by the Russian government during the Cold War; that have to stay hidden until needed; but the movie sadly has very very lazy writing and even poorer editing. The FX are acceptable (the last Avengers was not much better and cost 50 times more); but the characters are pure stock. Forced; unsympathetic and underwritten. Action scenes are not spectacular as they were supposed to be; and villain motivations (or goals) are not that clear.

In brief; perhaps next time with better production and writing they will make a better movie; but just one is just a curiosity.

Attraction (2017)
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Far better than I expected, 23 April 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There are several common points between this movie and The Arrival; but while the later takes a most philosophical and in my opinion unsatisfying resolution; GRAVIY (or Attraction) took a somewhat romantic road but end up being about our communications problems as humans and obviously with an alien race. During a meteor show in Moscow; and alien vessel gets hits and descend to Earth. Russian air forces immediately shoot the descending falling down in the middle of the city and causing great havoc and hundreds of deaths. In an attempt to communicate; one alien inform the military commanding officer that nobody could get near the vessel and they will repair it and leave; but need some time. Military surrounds the area creating an state of siege with curfews and the obvious confrontations between armed forced and civilians when the communication is restricted and on a need to know basis. The alien presence creates a discomfort on many people under the impression of being invaded.

After a somewhat slow paced start; and very serious events; the young protagonist lady gets in contact with one alien; that without his menacing suit or armor looks handsome; and she try to help him. The movie shifts from serious science fiction to light comedy and then to romantic comedy.

Things keep moving in a darker direction after a while; getting to violent last act that somewhat justifies everything that happened before.

I cannot tell that I was fully satisfied with the overall story but compared to The Arrival; this is more enjoyable and far less forced. The conclusion are sadly very similar; and not particularly optimistic.

In terms of production values and digital FX; this movie is quite impressive. Acting is really quite good too; specially Alexander Petrov as the deceived boyfriend and violent teenager. Irina Starshenbaum performs very well too; as the rebellious military daughter who gets involved with the extraterrestrial. She sweet and sympathetic enough to be believed.

In brief; it is two hours plus movie taking from The Arrival (2016), STARMAN (1984) and E.T. (1982); it is not outstanding but is worth your time.

The Answer (2015/III)
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A very intriguing and well done sci fi movie, 26 March 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Answer is a very low budget sci-fi movie but is capable of keeping the tension all the time while mixing an unlikely love story with an alien persecution (by other aliens). Bridd is shy person working as a mail delivery within an office; he tries to be unnoticed; but he is aware of his photographic memory and his mental (and sometimes physical) speed capable of understanding complex financial sequences in seconds or executing actions like dodging a bullet. One day at the office he meets Charlotte; a free spirited girl and both sync. However that same day; all their acquaintances get killed but some masked people and they are being persecuted while try to find out why.

While the story is somewhat predictable; there is pretty good pace; plus the two main characters are far from perfect but likable enough to get you worried about. Both Austin Hébert and Alexis Carra delivers very good performances and a nice chemistry.

The end is perhaps a little weak and rushed; but your are able to enjoy 90% of a very good movie anyway.

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Another inferior remake of a very good movie, 20 March 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

People be advised; Disney industries are taking good old movies and remaking them in a cheap and fast way in order to extract new money out of older ideas. Recent Kong Island is a simple example. The movie is basically about half of Peter Jackson's King Kong version; but with lower productions values; minimum writing and barely no character definition (well Kong OK).

This Beauty and the Beast has most digital images than the animated version; so considering this more realistic is no more than a joke. I give that Emma Watson (out of Ermione) was a good choice; she is capable, has charisma and obviously is drawing a lot of kids to the movie (who loved her on the Harry Potter's series). The rest; however is forgettable.

Lumiere and Gaston steal the show as on the animated version; however while Chris Evans is able to do something with his character; Ewan Mc Gregor has not such luck since he is basically an animation that has a lot less to do than the original.

The lowest point is the "Be my guest" song; which was one of the highest achievement in the other version. The scene is confusing and not even nice to see. The ballroom scenes (another higher point of the original; nothing here).

There are a couple of new songs that add nothing new or interesting and a few changes on the characters like the unnecessary rewriting as LeFou as gay. I understand that Disney wants to run with times; but this was no more than a very lame (and offensive) comic relief.

I am not sure if Bill Condon (a sometimes good director ) was responsible or Disney executives did it; but this a cash cow that will make money but kill the flock.

In brief; get the animated version and forget this crap

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One of 2016 best movies ignored by public and academies, 15 March 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I originally ignored Ms Sloane because I believe was another of those courtroom movies with heroic characters that are not at all like the money starving and lazy lawyers I know. I pick up interest when I found out it was about Lobbyist (a profession very few people know about but is well know that control politics). Miss Sloan was one of those pleasant (and obviously sad) surprises because pretty much reflect the reality of USA politics during the last year; with a Congress controlled by Republicans and with everybody trying to stay afloat and blame everybody else with the recent crisis. Miss Sloane is a combination of the best of Michael Clayton and the unexpected twist of THE STING; however this time focused on politics. Jessica Chastain has an special ability to act like a bitch so she is only perfect for the character. I cannot imagine any other actress doing this so well and the movie would never work with a male character.

The underline theme is basically the fight for stronger weapons selling controls. Something we know is almost impossible to get with a powerful and deep pocketed lobbyists but the movie dares to go there and explain us perfectly well the level of corruption in government and elected officials.

Why Miss Sloan failed at he box office like Ang Lee 's Billy Lynn Longs Halftime can only be justified on the sad fact that American public prefers to ignore those things that show realistically the moral corruption in our Country.

What is even worse is that critics basically kill both movies. Why was that ? The Arms dealer lobbyist also ?

In brief; please invest in this movie your time and money because these movies has to be made in order for us to become more educated

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