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Summer's Children
2 February 2012
Summer's Children is a compelling, thought-provoking, and entertaining action/drama about Steve, a young man in his 20's, who tries to leave his lovestruck sister, Jennie, and his unstable home for a new life in the city, but he's off to a bad start when he crashes his Mustang and loses his memory of a troubled past. The opening scene is brilliant, as the lights from a tow truck lead Steve's Mustang allegorically through the seven circles of hell. The story moves along briskly as Steve gets a job as an auto mechanic and enters into a new relationship, but his sister Jennie pursues him in a cat and mouse game through the city's underground. Well-integrated flashbacks from Steve's past contrast with his current pursuit of Jennie, as the director captures the stark world of seedy bars, fleabag rooming houses and hobo hangouts. Kohanyi elicits strong performances from his cast, such as Don Francks, who does a captivating interpretation of Albert, a bookie who is known as The Professor. Summer's Children is a sensitively directed drama, unusual for its delicate and controversial subject matter.
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