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Plotless, strange Metzger porno, 27 September 2000

Radley Metzger, who made softcore porn classics like Therese and Isabelle and Carmen Baby in the 60s, is the man behind this porn film, basically a plotless collection of vignettes at a brothel owned by Gloria Leonard. Metzger's style is basically closeups of genitals, but there is a memorably psychological and strange closing scene between Annette Haven and CJ Laing that is worthwhile, scoring above average points.

Cute ensemble film, by no means a masterpiece, 27 September 2000

An overrated ensemble picture that relies too much on the (great)music it includes,and not enough on character development. Luckily,two of my favorite performers, Tom Berenger and Mary Kay Place, are among the group. Fortunately, Berenger's role is surprisingly one of the most expansive of the bunch, and he makes what could have been a cliched character into a complex one.

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DIANE KEATON IS MAGNIFICENT IN RICHARD BROOKS' OUTSTANDING ADAPTATION OF JUDITH ROSSNER'S NOVEL. A quarter of a century later, this unforgettable film still packs quite a wallop. Only slightly dated,it's the story of a sexually repressed, disabled young Roman Catholic girl and her sexual awakening in the wild '70s. In virtually every scene, Keaton gives one of the greatest performances in film history. Aided by a great soundtrack and superb support from Tuesday Weld and Richard Kiley, the film also features the breakthrough performances by Richard Gere and Tom Berenger, destined to become two of our biggest actors of the '80s. You'll never forget them, especially Berenger in an offbeat role that was quite a risk for an up-and-coming actor. Like it or hate it, you've got to admit there has never been a film like this on the screen.

Lipstick (1976)
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Nowhere near as bad as it's reputaution, 27 September 2000

Not bad as otherwise suggested, this is an interesting exploitation film that served as the film debut of Margaux Hemmingway. Unfortunately, little sis Mariel totally steals the show from poor, pretty Margaux. Chris Sarandon is competent as the psycho rapist, as is the always great Anne Bancroft, but Perry King, then a pretty big star, has a worthless role as Margaux's boyfriend. Worth a look.

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An under appreciataed masterpiece, 27 September 2000

Due to an overblown publicity campaign, the press and public turned their back on this masterful film of Fitzgerald's novel. There's a great attention to detail, and the performances by Waterston, Wilson, Black, Dern and Farrow are all very fine, and Redford brings his own brand of warmth to the complex Gatsby role. A must see.

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one of the best porno films ever, 27 September 2000

One of the best porno films ever, this is a very funny sex comedy. The sex isn't that memorable but there are very funny characterizations by Ron Jermey, Merle Michaels, Samantha Fox, and Marlene Wiilloughy,and Veronica Hart makes her debut. You'll never forget it.

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one of the best erotic films ever made, 26 September 2000

Offbeat,well-filmed erotic nightmare,with great performances from Veronica Hart, Eric Edwards, Jamie Gillis and Kandi Barbour. There's a great scene between Edwards and Hart, that begins as a take-off on Psycho. Worth viewing.

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Pretty awful crime film, inspired by Bonnie And Clyde., 26 September 2000

It's hard to believe that Karen Black appeared in this terrible, extremely low=budget travesty, when she was already established as a star. Perhaps it was filmed years earlier and released after she became popular. Filmed in Florida, it's pretty torturous to sit through, and is recommended only for Karen fans, since she does look especially attractive, in black eyeliner. Aside from this, there's little else to remark on.

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If you can accept this Canadian made film as light entertainment, and not expect too much, you will definitely enjoy it. Unfortunately, at the time of release,it was unfavorably compared to the novel,and received some undeservedly vicious reviews,but it was a huge hit in Canada, where Helen Shaver received a best supporting Actress award for it.

Tom Berenger is remarkably charismatic as a Hungarian lad who has romances with some of the international cinema's most accomplished(and underrated actresses) actresses, Karen Black, Susan Strasberg, and Alexandra Stewart,after striking out with a girl his age(Marianne MacIsaac, sounding quite like a young Marilyn Monroe). Is's a pleasure to watch the then novice, very handsome Berenger hold his own as an actor against this talented trio. Much was written about the film's sexuality and nudity, but it's not much, except for an extremely heated closing encounter between Tom and Helen Shaver. All in all, a memorable, unique film.

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