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These are the movies [as far as I can remember] that I watched throughout the 1990s. I was a teenager then, living in Puerto Rico, and my world revolved around Andy Garcia, Winona Ryder, The Crow [it got a movie!], The Sandman [I hope it never gets a movie!], anime, and John Malkovich. I lived in a small town, and depended on subscription channels such as HBO, Showtime and Cinemax, rental stores [mostly Blockbuster video, at my neck of the woods], and the occasional trip to the actual cinema, which would often involve driving several towns away in order to find a screening of Disney movies in English.
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These are my favourite actors, the gentlemen who present a solid argument for shelling $10.00 or more for a cinema ticket, who will get me to watch any number of bad movies because they have a cameo, who have introduced me to fantastic directors and to Indie and international cinema, who [before the days of Netflix and YouTube] would send me on cross-town/city searches for VHS/DVD copies for rent at Blockbuster and other, more esoteric video stores [including the public and academic libraries, as Blockbuster usually didn't carry the "old" movies I wanted to watch], and who make any scene they're in the best part of the movie.
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For good, bad, or ugly, these are the movies I loved as a child growing up in the 1980s. I watched these over and over and over, knew the songs, the score, the dialogue--and still have a soft spot for them in my heart, even if the Adult Version of me now recognizes that some of these are not exactly great cinema.