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"Spawn" (1997)
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This was near perfection of Spawn, 11 March 2007

I agree with what many reviewers said and I wont rehash the story line anymore - many folks have done so already.

What I'd like to add is that HBO Cable Networks did a wonderful thing in showing this as a weekly series. I was glued to the television weekly at midnight - not just me but all of my friends as well. I don't care what I was doing, I HAD to watch this. We all loved this animated working of Spawn. The animation was crisp, the storytelling was adult and intelligent, the vocal casting was superb. This is what adult animation and comic book adaptation was about. The first season was better than the second one to me but both were groundbreaking.

What I disliked more than anything -- was the feature film of "Spawn". It did not hold a candle to this series and just ruined what was already done. Sad thing, HBO hasn't re-shown repeats of this and they should. And HBO hasn't produced & adapted other comics, which it should be doing along these lines. There are many production lessons here as well as a great adaptation lesson.

Todd MacFarlane's creation is the best here. I hope they show it again, release a DVD if so, do not miss this. Be forewarned - adult themes run through this version. The first season is NOT for the kiddies or a PG-13 oriented. It is dark, it is wonderful and it is the world of Spawn as it should be seen and interpreted.

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Didn't do anything for me, 10 March 2007

Jack Nicholson, who is a darn good actor plays Melvin a guy with obsessive compulsive disorder. He meets a waitress played by Helen Hunt to whom he starts caring about and he finally gets involved with his gay neighbor, Played by Greg Kinear who was horribly beaten and robbed when he had to take care of his cute little pampered dog.

I didn't much care about any of these characters after a while. The reason why I gave it a 3 is because the only time I was interested and saddened was for the neighbor that got senselessly beaten and robbed. Other than that, it was a soap-opera mess and not something I tend to want to pay for in feature films. The story got bogged down into sentimentality and to deliberately attract Oscar voters with all the unwritten Oscar rules to give it notice.

OCD is neither interesting or entertainment worthy in this instance and compound that with the overall meanness of Melvin, it's just not something that would make me care. Helen Hunt's character was depressing as well as annoying - but what turned me off from this film is that this is all something I can run into everyday, so honestly I wouldn't spend my time looking at a film of something I can just look at down my hall way or walk the street daily to see.

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I too liked this one even better than the first, 9 March 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'd probably rehash all the fun things that was said about this sequel - but I too have to say, this was funnier.

Sending the two Addams children to an 'overprivleged' camp was priceless and to be honest, I went to a camp like that at around that age. And I was the total misfit. Everyone there too were happy and blonde and knew each other. And oh yes...and the Graingers, Becky-Martin and Gary (played by Christine Baranski and Peter McNicol) were just like a few of the camp directors I had known. The most entertaining part to me is when Gary Grainger was staging his "vision" (play) and one of the campers was in another world, very off choreography. Garry goes over to the camper and hits him with a paper in frustration not losing a beat. I actually witnessed something similar to that at my camp too with a fellow unconcerned camper on talent training night. Too funny.

I never thought anyone could capture a place like that until I saw this film. The only difference is, Wednesday Addams (with a top performance by Christina Ricci) did what I wanted to do.

Raul Julia (Gomez) and Angelia Houston (Mortica) were enjoyable to watch as their two older children try to dispose of the new baby - a mustasched chip off the old block of his father. Joan Cusack comes in as the murderous gold digging babysitter and had a nervously funny performance with Gomez's brother played by Christoper Lloyd (Fester Addams)as her unsuspecting victim.

But the better parts of this sequel to me that makes the film work really well - are the one liners. Quick, sharp and very funny! Makes this an entertaining film for repeated viewing.

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Excellent look into two sides of one issue, 4 March 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is one of those movies I wish I had seen in a theater, but to be honest, I never heard about it. What a mistake. This is a masterpiece of cinema and just one of a few scant examples of a film that more than lives up to its book adaptation.

This is a very brutal, very clear cut film regarding drugs and drug addiction from two sides of the fence: the hardcore users/sellers and the unsuspecting prescription addict. It's also about love - unconditional and conditional but the best thing is it tells the tale very straightforwardly. There is no doubt at any time you have no idea what is happening and why the characters are in the positions they are in.

This film is not fort the kiddies, but I would not exclude certain teens from sitting down and watching the girt and horror of all of this. The cast of Jared Leto, Jennifer Connelly, Marlon Wayans and Ellen Burstyn are top rate as well as the supporting casts around them that add more than ambiance but a real dose of human emotion, sexuality and reality.

There are parts in this film that will be hard to watch, hard to believe and hard to forget, but that's what makes this film one of the best and should take it's rightful place among the top 50 films of all time.

Zoolander (2001)
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The Best of the "Fashionatas", 3 March 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a true laugh and chuckle fest. No big meaning, quite the slap to male models, high fashion, fashion houses, folks in fashion and those who have opinions against the industry as well. It comes together interestingly enough, and that is what makes it fun.

Basically the story is you have a dense, clueless, top of his game male model named Zoolander (played by Stiller) who is as egotistical as they come and thinks he's going to win his 4th time as top male model. His life is all faux clothing artistic and design and that was fine - as long as he was on top. Then comes competition, another semi clueless model (played by Owen Wilson) who takes Zoolander's number one spot and his 4th win for top male model. After loosing, Zoolander realizes he must do something 'more positive for the world' besides looking good. With his fellow dense male model roomies, Zoolander decides to find out what that is. But tragedy strikes, and his roomie models are killed in one of the funniest scenes ever. Zoolander decides to go back to his roots and his male family members which is in a small mining town that doesn't take too kindly too male modeling. Not being able to find a place for himself, he returns to modeling to really find out who he is and what he can do to make a difference in the world. ANd that's the story.

Well..ummm...sorta. There are funny twists and turns in this, plenty of cameos by folks who can poke fun of themselves, a good Stiller family affair and the best over-the-top performance by Will Farrell who had to study every high and overly ego-ed male fashionata designer of the past 30 years.

Nothing to take too seriously here, just a lot of fun and silliness. And every now and then, that's all you need to make you feel a bit better about an industry and people who think way too much of themselves. Maybe ...they laughed as they watched this too.

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Sugary, sweet and boring, 23 February 2007

I tired on several attempts to sit down and watch this program "Gilmore Girls". It baffled me for I just couldn't put my finger on what this was about. Was this about a young woman having a baby young in life and never growing up? Was this about the daughter being more responsible than the mother? Was this about a rebellious rich girl and her non-rebellious daughter? What the heck is this show about? Finally, I just didn't care. The cast makes me want to scream. The writing is neither "smart" or "intelligent" it's syrupy and tedious.

So why did I watch? Because I heard SO many good things about this and I am not one to voice an opinion until I have watched. Knee-Jerk reactions are usually wrong, so I watched a few times. The first time I watched this, I saw the mother running around like she was 12 and the daughter acting like she was 40. Maybe that is what didn't attract me. I never liked any of the "Freaky Friday" films - not to say this is like that, but there are some similarities.

Also I have a friend who watches this show every week. So I asked her, "What is this show about?" A very bright young lady, usually articulate she never could give me a straight answer. So I asked others who rave about it - they really don't know either.

Gilmore Girls is turning out to be a TV program that's like an "art house movie". Many of us wont get it, but those that go try desperately to find a meaning where there really isn't one, just to be "hip." Yes, I find Lauren Graham's Lorelai annoying - whine, whine, nasally WHINE. A whole hour of that. Wow. And the rest of the cast is about as memorable as yesterday's cheese sandwich. The town is hokey, the men are wimps, the grand parents are boring, and sadly I find nothing redeeming about any of these characters or care about anything they do. It's like watching paint dry on the wall.

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Delusion, Talent and Money, 18 February 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Personally, I like "The Playboy Organization". Hugh Hefner took a simple concept of a men's magazine with "girl next door" type nude pictorial and grew it a recognizable multi-national organization.

What Hugh Hefner has is three twenty-something women, all with different personalities, but are typical platinum blondes with all the right attributes, who are his 'girlfriends'. These women all live at the huge and fabulous Playboy mansion and share Hugh Hefner when needed. There are cute little squabbles, cute little jealousies, wonderful little parties, they all share the magazine projects and they all share Hef. They're SO cute!! It's such a cute portrayal, right? You've got to be kidding. Or better yet, to whom are they kidding - the guys who write to "Penthouse Forum"? (Sorry, couldn't resist.) What a crock! But... that is the beauty of the show.

Some guys will watch this and fall into the "crock". Other guys will watch for the eye candy and skip the informative narratives. (And there are plenty.) Some women will watch and be totally disgusted that an 80 year old man who talks openly about taking Viagra, and has had a below the waist implant romps around with these three twenty something 'girl friends'. Still other women will call them nothing but gold digging tramps who 'rob the old age home' for men with money and connections and have no self respect or morals.

But...other cosmopolitan women will look at this and know it's 'full of it' because no woman is comfortable in sharing her man with any other woman, let alone live in the same house with them and also work together. They would kill each other, and Hef would have to find other women for his enjoyment. But these women don't. And week after week they get cuter, and more delusional about their individual relationships with Hugh Hefner. If you watch the program knowing that, it is entertainment, you can't help but laugh.

But make no mistake, this show is as crafty as Playboy Magazine itself. And while it looks like these gals have the "upper hand", it's Hugh Hefner at his wittiest and smartest pulling 'just another one' on the media market. Ya gotta give the man a hand for that, 80 years old or not. Now that's real entertainment.

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If you EVER intend on buying a car, watch this show!, 18 February 2007

At first, I had no desire to watch this program - it was promoted "too commercial" of a "reality" show for me - the rap/hip hop - the "bling-bling", and SALESMEN. As a consumer, the one thing I hate is sleazy salesmen. But a few weeks ago I turned into a marathon of this program on the A&E channel and just fell in love with it. Why? Because I think that this show should be a mandatory view for ANYONE who will EVER purchase a car in their lives. And if like me you've purchased a few cars, this show is a refresher course.

I wish they had shown this show BEFORE I bought my first car. I had a car in mind, I thought I knew what I wanted and I thought my credit was perfect...because I had NO credit (just a student loan) and I thought buying a USED, putt-putt "little old lady from Pasadena" car would take me out of the hassle of 5 year payments, extended warranties, etc. It was a Plymouth Horizon, list price: $1,700. When it was all over, (financing, $500.00 down, SHOP warranty, etc.) I owned a used Plymouth Horizon which I ended up paying $9,800 for a $1,700 car! Think I learned anything? Nope. When I paid that off, I bought a used Hyundai for $7,000. When it was all over I paid $12,900 for it!! Two weeks after I paid it off, the Hyundai DIED. You think I was a bit knowledgeable by that time? Nope. I bought a BRAND NEW sports car which I negotiated DOWN from $22,500 to $15,700. I was proud of myself thinking I saved SO much. Paid too much. Paid that off...bought a new/used car (..had 300 miles on it). Same thing. Paid that off a year ago. Paid too much. Now, I'm riding in my car with no debt. Anything happens to it, I put that car together with "spit and polish" for I REFUSE to get into car debt again....and then this show comes along and explains every thing I went through. Could've saved quite a few steps.

To save folks from the above -- watch this show. I don't care if you bring your momma, your uncle, your best friend, a brain surgeon, etc., in with you when you buy a new or used car and intend on will still get it from these folks and "King of Cars" shows you why, and how it is done. Be upset watching this - criticize this, it's a good thing! But I bet if you walk into a dealer with this knowledge, you'll get a better car deal. I am SURE car dealers around the country HATE this show - or are praying consumers NEVER watch it. There is little variation on the "sale", it all comes down to what you see - be it a high end shop like this, or a corner neighborhood lot.

King of Cars starts off with a basic sales premise: sell. That's all "Chop" who owns SEVERAL dealerships and loves cars himself wants to do. To me, the salesmen all look like "ladies of the night" standing out side of the showroom ... waiting for a customer to come in to descend on and present their deals and wares. They're dressed in nice suits, they're nice and offer you whatever they can to sell you the car at the best mark-up possible. It's that simple. Forget the games, the camaraderie, women selling vs. men selling, the Blue's nothing more than that. There is more knowledge in this show about getting a car than anything else I've ever seen. Watch this and learn.

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Big Place in my cartoon heart..., 17 February 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Magilla Gorilla was a night-time cartoon from Hanna Barbera. Hanna Barbera was on a roll in the sixties with "night-time" cartoons: The Flintstones, The Jetson's, Top Cat and Magilla Gorilla.

Magilla was goofy and silly. For my age, goofy and silly was fun. And Magilla had an admirer who couldn't afford him but wanted to own him, Ogie. She was adorable - just as adorably-obnoxious as she should be for wanting a GORILLA as a pet. No one wanted to buy Magilla. Mr. Peebles, the owner of 'Mr. Peebles Pet Shop' couldn't get rid of the silly thing, no matter how many times he put the Gorilla in the window. Never did it occur to me why a small pet shop would have a gorilla with a hat - and that's the joy of being a child. There was no need to know, just accept and have fun.

But Magilla wasn't my favorite of "The Magilla Gorilla Show". I was in love with "Ricochet Rabbit". He was a sheriff, he was fast, he was in the west - he was cute and fuzzy, he was fantastic to little old me. There is nothing like a little toddler running around the house yelling "Ping-Ping-Ping!" all day long. (Let me take this time to make a revelation of how great my parents were for putting up with me.LOL!) I actually remember they bought me a Ricohet Rabbit movable toy that I loved dearly and my older brother sibling broke. I would have kept that forever and if I did, I would have a pretty penny right now - those toys are worth a few bucks.

Now the other childhood memory of Magilla Gorilla is something important with many Hanna-Barbara cartoons ... and ALL cartoons of the 60's whether American made or Japanese made: The theme songs were to DIE for! They made lasting memories. The Magilla Gorilla theme song was produced like a Broadway Show! It was big. It was grand. It was memorable. It was sung by a men's chorus. (Too cool!!!) This past Saturday as I was cleaning my home, I caught this on 'Boomerang'...and now as an adult as I heard it - I started dancing ...I was doing "turn-turn-kick-turn....turn-turn-kick turn" to this theme song and it hit me how "grand" of a theme song this was!

The Magilla Gorilla theme song is second only to the cartoon "King Kong"! (And as trivia: that line "He's really Ideal" is on purpose because Ideal Toys had a tie in to this cartoon show! Ha~!) Great toddler memories. Hanna Barbara was the best.

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When things were imaginative and fun, 17 February 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Hanna Barbera - the Kings of Animation for over 4 decades created this wonderful cartoon memory - a western-type horse named 'Quick Draw' ("I'll do the thinnin' around here!") and his (mule? pony? donkey?)assistant Babba-Louie ("Quicks draw!"). Loved that accent for Bubba-Louie. To be honest, I didn't know this cartoon was THAT old. Amazing, I must have seen it in repeats - but I thought I saw it in first run. But it was fun. And my favorite was 'El-Kabbong'. When my parents bought me a guitar at 6 years old, I tried to copy that goofy sound for years! Going off the beaten track ...let me also take the forum to write about two things regarding Quick Draw McGraw: One, this cartoon did not promote violence and again, I was totally ticked off at the 80's parental group that ruined it for the next generation of children behind me to be able to see this....and two - in the 90's when the Arsenio Hall Show was on, I remember he came out and performed a monologue about "El-Kabbong". Many in the audience didn't seem to know who that was or what cartoon was referring to...and Arsenio explained how this cartoon was one of the best cartoons of his childhood. It was one of the funniest monologues he ever did.

I'm loving the Turner Corporation for creating the "Boomerang" Channel where Quick Draw, Babba-Louie and the Zoro-ish alter ego of Quick Draw, "El-Kabbong" now has a home. My children, my little relatives can see what I saw and have a great time too. Hanna Barabara had many hits (and some misses) in their pursuit to entertain children and adults. This is definitely one of the hits.

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