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Eh....!, 7 August 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There are no chills, or thrills in this second American installment of The Grudge series. It doesn't even have part of the interest the first one had. You get REAL tired of watching the little boy and woman running around, dead as anything, ticking off anyone in their space.

But ya know what...what is kinda interesting is the opening credits. I like to be told a story or kept in interest while the names of the folks responsible for the film is going by. This was interesting enough. That was worth at least ... a point for me. Sarah Michelle Geller was worth ...a half a point and Jennifer Beals gets a half of a half of a point and the rest of the people in the film get the rest.

While I can name SEVERAL other films of this year MUCH worse than this one, this is bubbling down the gosh awful disappointment pike. There's nothing new here, nothing exciting if your a buff of the Japanese versions or the American one. If you're new to horror, this might make you sit up and take notice.

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A summer movie that lives up to the 'hype', 28 July 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

They hype of this movie is: "The Simpsons on the big screen". And that's just what I got, The Simpsons on the big screen -- and it was fun, summer entertainment.

You are not going to see anything new - in fact, that is the beauty of the film. They're not attempting to do more than what you normally see if you're a Simpson's fan. To be honest, that was very refreshing that they DIDN'T try to "remake the wheel" or spruce everyone up to be office. Unless this is your very first time EVER seeing The Simpsons, you know how everyone is going to act and re-act - and they do so here on the big screen. And it does work.

The story? Typical Simpsons' for this time but it is funny as the Simpsons get -- and that made for quite a few jokes in the film. They poked fun at us the audience as well as popular culture, and wrapped it around a simple story. Surprisingly very effective.

My complaints? I've seen 'Itchy and Scratchy' do MUCH worse on free TV, I missed Kang and Kodos, and of course, Sideshow Bob. But in the light plot of this movie, that wasn't bad at all. Maybe I'll see them in the NEXT movie, ya know? If not, watching them every week on TV for all these years wont mean I'll miss them that much either. That's how seamless this big screen movie is right into the weekly series.

A fun time at the movies with "The Simpsons" doing what they do in Springfield best.

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A child watching "Here's Lucy" .... and loving it!, 15 July 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was a mere child when "Here's Lucy" aired first run on television and I loved it. But here's the thing: my mom and dad...hated it. Why? They were BIG fans of "I Love Lucy" and by the time this came on, they thought Lucy was all worn out without Ricky and the Mertzes, and it was time for her to go to pasture. Me? I never saw "I love Lucy" (A few years later when I entered grade school and would come home for lunch, it would be on in repeats and that's where my interest for that show came in!) so I had no previous opinion of her work.

But not me - I was a child and this appealed to me like Saturday Morning Cartoons. I loved the little dancing doll of Lucille Ball. You ask me, the whole show should have been that dancing doll at my young age.

I loved the overblown colors, I didn't get ALL of the humor but I liked watching Lucy, and her teen children. That's what appealed to me the most:The teens. As a child who had quite a bit to go towards teen-hood, watching these teens interested me as adults did at the time. And if you ask me, that's basically what this series was about: a single mom trying to raise her "hip" teen children and having a really crappy job with a really crappy/silly boss. It was the "sign of the times" and "Here's Lucy" was reflective of it.

Now here's the thing: I don't quite remember the "guest stars" - maybe that could be because I didn't know WHO they were. My parents knew ALL of them and maybe that is what influenced them the most about this show - where it did nothing for me.

There's the 'generation gap' for ya - those that know and have established views and those that don't and like what they see for the first time. For my generation, this was fun for its time - even though re-watching it NOW, as an adult...I can see what my parents were talking about. But even so, I still loved that dancing doll of Lucille Ball.

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Doggone Shame, 15 July 2007

Lucille Ball was the Queen of TV comedy. After "I love Lucy" she had other noticeable TV shows but this - this was a doggone shame.

The 80's was a time of greed on all levels and to "make a profit from anyone at any cost". This show's development seemed to fit along those lines. It's not as if Lucille Ball could NOT have had a successful family show in the 80's, it's just that this one was not drafted all too well for her talents and age and most appropriately - the time.

To me it viewed like old, scripts that they dug up, tried to brush off and make a go of it in the mid-80's hoping it would catch on and revitalize Lucille Ball's career. And as much as we loved Lucy, those watching had high hopes for it. But it fell like a pancake, and this was NOT the way I would have like to have seen the youngest generation to see such a wonderful comedic actress like Miss Ball. It would have with better writers who were of the time, and of course with Miss Ball in a more appropriate place, time and light.

But(her?)the love affair with her old staff of writers, etc. was the major downfall as well as how it transposed on screen. In watching it, I was thinking: "They need to fire the production and writing teams and give this show another chance". Now, decades after the fact you wonder what would have happened if they did.

Beerfest (2006)
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Now this is stupid, raunchy fun!, 8 July 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film surprised me. I was all set for disliking this film. Here's another example of how trailers can really mislead you. (Film marketers, are you reading? Take note!) I hated the trailer, hence I did not see the movie upon release. Or on DVD. But I did take a look at this on my IN DEMAND service - and here's where I caught this low keyed raunchy gem.

The one thing I already knew was this was by the Broken Lizard Company that brought us 'Super Troopers' - which I found okay and 'Club Dred' which I liked more. This silly fun fest, I found the best of the three.

Beerfest manages to make fun of everyone and everything in the name of Beer and Beer contests. I am not a beer drinker, I find beer disgusting as well as those who drink it - but this film made me laugh and not even think about any of those things - and there in lies the key to comedy and pleasing the hardest critics.

The tale is of two brothers who's Beer guzzling grandfather dies (a fun cameo by Donald Sutherland). Their Great Gam Gam (played by the funny Cloris Leachman) tells the boys they have to spread his ashes in Germany as it is tradition. So when the boys go, it's Octoberfest - the biggest beer party of the year over there. The boys are to meet a man who is to tell them where they need to spread their grandfathers ashes, but they get caught up in Octoberfest and get involved in an unfortunate accident. Nevertheless they get led to a more super-secret-by-invitation-only-every-country (but the USA, mind you!) beer-competition where they discover much more about their relatives and impending legacy.

The outcomes are priceless and the competition is like a "fight club for beer" where the legacy and the beer capabilities of the USA against the World are at stake. Loads of silly, raunchy fun. Something to offend every nationality. Lots of beer. Lots! (Enough to kill you so please do not try any of the stunts you see on this film at home!) A wonderful "good sports" turn by the serious actor Jurgen Procknow and what a hilarious rip and "Das Boot" was the funniest - that is what had me laughing out loud! Not all jokes will work for everyone...A few surprises, but none of it ...serious.

This is how I like my silly, stupid, offensive films. While everyone is giving "praises" to yawn-fest like 'Knocked-Up', maybe they should watch this to see how to make a common (or in this case, several common!) subject(s) stupid, silly, offensive, funny and fun - mindless, doesn't take itself seriously. Broken Lizard has a lot of comedy potential in a troupe like Monthy Python, The Kids in the Hall, The Groundlings, Second City and the first 15 years of Saturday Night Live and so on. Not for everyone - but for those who like their 'yucks' with a little bit of everything in comedy styling, try this one on for size.

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A great adaptation of a popular cartoon, 4 July 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Let me state the obvious and why I scored this pretty high even with my problems in this film: this will go down as one of the best adaptations of a popular cartoon to date. And how refreshing it was to see robots that looked like robots and not men in silly rubber suits. The special effects was top notch and this will be the film to beat in that area come Academy Award time.

And let me say this: this is a guy's film. And that isn't a bad thing, it's rather good except for the blatancy of it being a "guys" film with an element of Spielberg magic mixed in - the child with the "My Little Pony" stuffed toy (was that Hasbro too? Great joke if so!) and the Decepticon that reminded me a lot of *batteries not included.

For example, I loved the military guys - but their characters were not flushed out enough for me. I think it was because they wanted to get the teen element going. And that is one of the problems I had with the film.

This film spent too much attention on the teen element: Shia LeBouf (or whatever his name was) was adequate. The female teen was as cardboard as most women in Micheal Bay movies (He REALLY needs to work on that). Nothing to write home to mom about.

Speaking out what I think is one of Micheal Bay's biggest problems is that in many of his films, the women are lost in characterizations and they just seem to be there to keep the attention of the guys when the cars weren't screeching, transforming or metal was clanking itself together. Yeah, they tried to give them a story ... but as usually it was rushed and falls flat as a pancake. Be honest - take a minute to think of these women (two ...and the momma) ...and now take them out of the film. Miss them? No. And the tow truck driving at the end? Any male character could have done it. Would have LOVED to see some testosterone there to keep the action going like the military man who grabbed the motorcycle and kicked royal butt! She was no big whoop...except for the reasons I stated above.

I would have given this film a ten if they got RID of the teen(s) and his first car element. If the story focused on the military men - that would have been fine. But the question of who would have gotten the Camaro needed to be solved. With better writing in that area, it could have been without the ho-hum teens and annoying parents.

The other thing that bothered me was the camera work. I was never a fan of the shaky hand held MTV-type camera work and they should have left it alone here. There was some amazing special effects going on that was drowned in parts by this shaky-amateur camera work. Maybe its because Micheal Bay doesn't like Downtown Los Angeles. Everything seems to come to a head down there for him, and speaking as a bi-coastal Los Angeleno - it is a shaky place....

Bottom line: I was hyped up and totally satisfied with Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee, Jazz and all the rest of the Transformers and transform they did. Wonderful! Amazing! And as many reviewers before me have pointed out - the humans in this film were ...very second tier compared to them. And because of Optimus Prine, Megatron, Bumblebee, Jazz and all the rest of the Autobots and Decepticons is why this film got very high marks from me.

This special effects work of making one of my favorite cartoons come 'alive' was outstanding, well worth the time even over my nit-picky objections and the hope that Transformers 2 (Oh come on - you KNOW there will be one!) story will be more worthy of them, the women inserted will actually be integral to the plot and we'll see some of those "other" Transfomers we know will have us screaming in our seats now that we see them in all their glory in live action.

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Refreshing....Attractive....Touching...A wonderful film!, 1 July 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Ah, to be an apprentice at Disney --- and to come full circle. Brad Bird is that person and for all of those who are out there that think the odds are against them in such a dog-eat-dog world of entertainment, just mapping Brad Bird's career and his latest installment of Ratatouille should make you get up and not allow anyone to stop you from what you can do! It doesn't matter how old you are, Ratatouille is the film you have to see this summer. It is cute, funny, this summer of big money sequels. And to coin a key scene from this movie -- watching Ratatouille took ME back to a time when I was six or seven years old watching Walt Disney Films on TV when Walt oversaw the studio. Ratatouille is a film done in the tradition of the Walt Disney Company -a well thought out, family film with hope, an unlikely hero, fun and heart. Ratatouille is right up there with the Walt Disney legacy films. Bravo.

Ratatouille's story is a story of prejudice, triumph and cheer about a rat with a talent in his keen sense of smell and in gourmet cooking, and a big dream and he gets lucky, and even though you might have a few reservations about "rats" in a kitchen (I did!), that's what makes this film so wonderful - it'll bring your 'imagination' and 'fantasy' back - and not the reality of "hey, there are disease ridden RATS in the kitchen!" Disney Animation was always on the forefront of that. Remember those days...those carefree, childhood, imaginative days? No? Then go see this, you'll be happily reminded.

Threre isn't enough praise to give to the animators at PIXAR here as well, the characters are well developed and drawn out and they have captured Paris wonderfully and puts you right there. You cheer and clap at this film but best of all, you laugh - with you and yours. This IS a family movie indeed that doesn't hit you over the head with that notion. And that's a good thing. Go see's a lot of fun!

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Disappointing, 24 June 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a film that could have been a laugh riot - and made quite the nice poke of fun for NASCAR and that circuit in general.

But this falls WAY flat - it leaves "funny parody" and becomes a series of half baked one liners looking for a movie.

The theme is interesting enough - Ricky Bobby was born in the back seat of a fast car which means he was practically born to race. HIs daddy leaves, his momma raises him, he has always wanted to "go fast". He has a BFFL (Best friend for life) who supports Ricky and they're in a pit crew. But RIcky gets a chance to compete when the lazy driver he's pitting for goes out to eat a chicken and doesn't care about finishing the race - and Ricky Bobby shows everyone what he can do. Eventually his BFFL gets to drive too - they create the "shake and Bake" and "slingshot" that puts Ricky Bobby on top. He gets all that comes with his new fame, a lazy well kept wife and sponsorships. Until a racer comes from France and takes over the winning pole from Ricky Bobby, and his BFFL takes over everything else from Ricky Bobby. This could have been a nice hokey little film but instead, it just goes down, down, down. Silly routines, a neurotic escapade that doesn't make sense, cameos that have no reason to be there in the first place, and the gay references that aren't really funny...flat, flat..FLAT.

All of this flatness could be because all those involved didn't know enough about NASCAR to properly spoof it. Or maybe there's stuff on the editing room floor that is funnier than the stuff that made it on the film. But to be honest, there ARE elements in this film you want the jokes to pay off for...and all I can say is that they just don't.

In other words....I am STILL waiting for a good, funny NASCAR spoof.

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Another way to go on a popular 70's themed story, 13 June 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Sentinel was one of those low budget films coming in the wake of "The Exorcist" and "The Omen". Around this time, everyone was looking for the next God vs. Satan" blockbuster and this was another entry - albeit a late one.

This was also one of those films that was cast like an Irwin Allen movie - 'big names' from the golden age of film with new actors getting their break - and many new actors got a beak in horror/sci-fi films. The cast here is something to see, even if the movie is so-so.

The film centers around a young woman who doesn't want to get married but moves into a New York apartment house that houses some of the eclectic group of neighbors you ever did see. Frankly many of us would have moved out five minutes after meeting some of these folks..but hey, it's New York City and the rent was cheap! What's a few sadistic, freakish, nosy, crazy neighbors? But she finds out the building and she has a purpose, as well as the strange folks in it, and therein lies the story. It has all the cheap film 70's ambiance of the time and doesn't quite take off to where it needs to be - but the inhabitants are pretty horrific so you think they spent most, if not all of their money there just to get them on camera.

If nothing else, it's interesting to watch seasoned actors like Ava Gardnier, Burgess Meredith, John Carridine, Eli Wallach, Sylvia Miles, etc. against up and coming ones like Chris Sarandon, Jeff Goldblum (yep!) Christopher Walken, Beverly D'Angelo in a small role I thought would KILL her career, etc.

A film to rent just to look back and see the beginnings of many careers, and the tail end of some great ones.

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The Young and the Super..., 10 June 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a film you want to succeed on a high basis. You like Brandon Routh as Superman, you like watching Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor, you like Frank Langella as Perry White - now if only the story was stronger to give them all the chance to shine it needed.

The special effects were 'super' wonderful - but I have to admit, the story started interesting then went idiotic. I could not believe what potential Lex Luthor had and what he did! Was it because of PG? Or was it just because the writers got lazy. Lex Luthor is horrible, sinister, without conscious. Here he was ....almost horrible, almost sinister and a few taps short of a gallon without conscious.

What really took up too much time for me was Lois Lane and that drab, dibble of a story line. But again, she started out fine with her "Who needs Superman" expose and then just ended up like another daily drama on a daily soap opera we could all watch for free - for those who like that kinda thing. And Kate Bosworth as Lois? Sorry, no dice.

Superman returned and he returned with a lot of pot holes that could have been filled without going the 'sappy' route. I like Superman, and I like THIS Superman - and just like my other comic book buddy "The Hulk" let's hope a director/producer team get's their butt out of the popcorn movie, "oh the children" mentality that has taken over these days ... and make Superman...'super' ...with this cast of at least 3 decent actors in these main roles to keep him going. (And yes, I said three...those mentioned above...recast all the others.)

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