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Wanted....better, 16 June 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The problem I had with Cloverfield was not in the way "nameless" actors played their parts or even in the way a single camera recorded what was going on - it was in the telling of the tale.

I grew up in New York City and no matter how one wants to romanticize it - no one in their right mind, no matter how "in love" they are with a person would be ABLE to go and get them in a disaster of proportions such as this. It's not about compassion - of course you'd have it, but it is about survival - yours. And New Yorkers know better than anyone that self-preservation is the number one thing on their minds. Especially when Godzilla - or a reasonable fact similar - comes to town.

Again, this was NOT a feature film. I could have seen this in the SCI-FI cable channel and have been thoroughly entertained. Especially with it's running time.

There is something marketable about the idea of this film, but when you pay upwards $15 to sit down and look at it, you're pretty much ticked. The beginning of the film - the set up - was plausible enough - but it just went on too long for my tastes. And there were a few plot holes left for the viewer that could have easily been worked out more for the suspense of it all, which it was not. Sorry, but I felt that the film was "going somewhere" - - then the strike happened and they had it end it abruptly to get it to the theaters.

They're doing a sequel and for the first time I'm going to write: GOOD. This is one film that needs one, and my fingers are crossed that they don't fall into the same mistakes as before. If not, Cloverfield 2 can be a major chilling, scary, possible classic and a wonderful "let's pick up where we left off and fill those holes for ya" film. There is potential here.

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Fiddler on the Roof ... this is NOT!, 16 June 2008

The Millionaire Matchmaker - well - its a title that has many possibilities for a development for a TV series, a movie of the week - even a feature film cast with endearing "girl-next-door" types trying to find a mate who they later find out really a millionaire!

But this tripe is none of that, don't be fooled. It is teetering on the borderline of things we've seen other women in the past few decades go to jail for - just because this woman has a TV show, and an office and employees to whom she "sends out to find the right kinda gal" on the streets (oh, boggles the mind!) what makes her any different? That's a question you'll have watching this program.

The Millionaire Matchmaker takes us through the "business" of a woman who is a "headhunter for love" -- for millionaires. "Headhunter for Love??!?" Even that phrase makes me wanna shout "Objection! Cause for Speculation!" Even if you keep an open mind, you'd think that this would be endearing, interesting -- exciting. Instead it is turning out to be boring, unbelievable and very close to --- disgusting. Where the disgust? The dating? No. The Courtship? What courtship - that would be a show. Sex? Oh yes, this show is about sex and sexuality for "millionaires" who "can't find anyone" and go to this woman to help them. The matchmakers advice to both client and millionaire: "Don't have sex for 3 months" The client's and Millionaire's response, "Okay, sure" Yeah, right!

What bothers me the most wasn't even about the sex and sexuality. We're all human beings and that does play into attraction. But what got to me that with every show I saw so far the dialog was like this:

Matchmaker: "What kind of woman are you looking for?" Millionaire: "Oh, I dunno. Good looking, nice, in shape." Matchmaker: "Are you looking for a long term relationship? Marriage -Kids?" Millionaire: "Sure - Okay. Maybe"

Are you telling me.... that a man with oodles of money, jets, first class tickets on airlines, businesses, et al -- cannot FIND this kind of woman anywhere in the world and HAS to go to this matchmaker?!?! Heck even Bill Gates, one of the shyest billionaires in the world, knew how to find a wonderful mate without THIS kind of woman.

That's what makes this show utterly unbelievable. We KNOW what HE is looking for and we KNOW what the women they brought in are looking for and We KNOW what this matchmaker gets for doing this.

Add this all up - and lets be honest: Xaviera Hollander, Sydney Biddle Barrows and Heidi Lynne Fleiss together SHOULD be offered a show on Bravo to show this woman exactly what she is doing and why most viewers can see though it.

Goshawful show. No bravo here for BRAVO network.

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The Fans will Love it - Everyone!, 31 May 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If you're a Fan of the Show..this movie is what you have been waiting for. If you've never seen the show - or just heard about it - you would not get the real buzz out of it you should. Or care to.

'Sex In The City' follows NYC writer Carrie Bradshaw and her three friends who are now in their early to late 40's dealing with their new trials of life. Carrie moving on into the next big step with her on again, off again, on again "man" friend - Mr. Big. IT does pick off where the series left off and if your a fan, you're spending a few hours with people you loved to see and hear about week after week.

If you're NOT a fan of the show - sit this one out.

You'll be squirming in the chair for hours, wondering why folks are laughing at parts you don't find the humor in (because many are 'Sex In The City' series Inside jokes of sorts), growing tired of the disco charged soundtrack, and wondering why the all the clothes/shoes - fashion - fashionatas spotlights on women who could stand some decent protein every now and then even in their 40's and 50's. I am of this group. But my friends who are fans of this series loved this movie - clapped at the end and couldn't stop gushing about it.

Me...? Well, I'm waiting for the opening of Hellboy 2. And I'm going to drag my friends to that one as they drug me to this and -- I am sure their review of Hellboy 2 will be like my review of this. I'm a fan of the comic, they're not. That's the beauty of being a fan - and having friends, and a different view of what one likes - and doesn't like.

Good film for the fans...

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Steven, George, David and John..., 26 May 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Indiana Jones and the Kingdon of the Crystal Skull is entertaining. Very entertaining. And like most folks here, it was a pleasure to see Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones crack that whip once more and teach that ...archeology is not just meant for the classroom, you've got to go out and dig too. And dig we did. And that wasn't just meant for 'archeology'. It was absolutely meant for THIS film, and everyone involved.

So I sat in the theater watching this film unfold I felt I was also watching a team of four do some archeology of their own and tip a hat to themselves, and what made them what we know of them today. All of this wrapped up in this installment of Indiana Jones. T here is no denying all the styles of these folks were there and all the whimsy of what made these four the tops in Hollywood today is all there too. For example, critics have said, "The script is bad" but if you dig a bit deeper, you'll come to understand that the script is "what it is" and it isn't "bad", it's actually inspired and pure David Knopp - just as George Lucas inspired touches and no one can miss Steven's and of course John Williams score and popular Indiana Jones theme to drive it all along.

Yes, this was a team effort -- with team input -- and something to remind you the movie goer that " a time, not so long ago, when Hollywood took big chances on young directors, writers and producers, they made history in entertainment. No need to copy or redo, it's been done, and was done well. Now it's time to give the new ideas their chance too." Far fetched? Err, not if you really watch Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull again - and do a little digging for yourself. Sure it helps to know a bit about Steven, George, David and John's history from a few decades ago to drive you along to now and this - but that's the fun of archeology - it's in the discovery after you dig. Just like Indy.

Knocked Up (2007)
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Overrated Knocking, 22 May 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I had watched this film on cable-TV a few nights ago and wanted to know what the appeal was. I still haven't a clue. Funny? I didn't laugh - not once. Not even a chuckle. Touching? Only when I had an itch. I didn't think anything could be more overrated, over-hyped and completely meaningless and forgetful than the gosh-awful "The 40 Year Old Virgin" but I was wrong. "Knocked up" blows that away for "why would anyone pay money for this?" I did not find one character likable, believable or interesting. I was totally annoyed at the whining, the over glamorization of "E! Entertainment Network", the over acting and over simplification of these actors AND their characters and situations.

Be honest: This feature film WAS an ABC after-school special you paid $12-$15 to see. And I shouldn't compare ABC Aftershool specials to this mess because many of them were light-years in interest, emotion and entertainment than this one.

Knocked up starts out well meaning enough - a career woman gets a promotion, goes out to celebrate and gets totally bombed, has one night casual sex with the ugliest guy in the bar, and later finds herself "knocked up." She should be so lucky in this day and time.

Then I had to sit through what seemed like hours of immaturity from 20-somethings who made other 20-somethings look like caution-to-the-wind alcoholic idiots in the age of STD's, AIDS and all sorts of other things they haven't even named yet. And after everything, she has a healthy, cute, smiling, bouncy baby and great career. Again, she should be so lucky.

A real dud of a film no matter what angle you look at it.

Iron Man (2008)
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More than I expected..., 4 May 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Iron Man surprised me for it was more than I expected - it actually went more for the 'background story' of Tony Stark, than the easy way out as most summer blockbusters of Marvel/DC comics to the big screen - lot of action and little story. Iron Man is one of those comics though that has a story to tell first out and I'm glad this development chose this route. This I found most refreshing and entertaining - leaving the door open for another installment that CAN be more action packed.

Robert Downey Jr., is a good cast for Tony Stark - showing you how womanizing, alcohol-drinking, egotistical, M.I.T. Magna Cume Laude Tony Stark develops into Iron Man. Gweneth Paltrow was ...okay - not much to crow about as Pepper Potts ...anyone of a number of actresses could have done the same. The actor they SHOULD be talking about is Jeff Bridges. He did quite the bang up job for this installment - showing how corporate hierarchy works and how he intended to keep his star shining in the pecking order - internationally...devilishly good. A very entertaining film.

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The Tragedy of it All, 30 April 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I started watching Speed Grapher on the Independent Film channel where they showed it weekly, but couldn't wait week after week to see the rest. So - I bought the series. Glad I did, I enjoyed this - even if parts higher in the series seemed uneven. But, as you watch the entire series, it all makes sense.

This is the story of greed, sex, family, medical experimentation, war, politics, finance and ultimately - revenge. And a promise to a teen who is going through much because of what she can do. What she is assigned to do without much of her acceptance is what strange adults are paying a great deal of money to have her do to them.

This is a story of a photojournalist who gets a story tip and decides to check out this "secret club". What he finds there - and who he finds there - sets off this 26 series adventure as the photojournalist becomes entwined with all of these lives.

There is everything you can imagine here - including the last few episodes that deals with the "here and now" of political maneuvering between Japan and America that makes you -- chuckle a bit. Where many characters in this series aren't as they appear to be, and many get drawn into a world they had no business being a part of to begin with, you get caught up with the cat and mouse games, the surprises and the end that wraps it up.

This series is entertaining: the story is more adult themed with the politics and war and the anime was - okay. It does keep your interest. And I thought the installment that went over everything in the series "so far" was alright because remember, this was a series that unfolded week after week. For those just coming in at any point, this was a nice way to recap.

The only one thing I did not like in this series was at the very end... the credits were rolling as the story was still being told. Bummer! That was very distracting because you want to see what happens to these characters without interruption.

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Not Bad, 20 April 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

While many consider this Paul Verhooven's "best", I consider it 'among his best' because there are others he did in his native country that moved me more than this one. BUt this one was good. Perhaps is because in the 1970's, every star crossed lovers in TV and film had very tragic endings to their relationships - and while this is another one, I liked the telling much better.

Turks Fruit isn't as antiseptic as the American "Love Story" - this story is filmed as honestly as possible, showing you everything and anything that happened to this young couple of the early 70's and how the generation gap of the parent (not parents mind you!) really got in the way. This is more adult and you do follow the story of a gifted artist and his wanton lover - in the early 70's.

I too had to laugh at the vomit scene - you'd never see that in American Cinema back then for such a love tale, and how 'bohemian' the female was - not the male. This was liberating for women during the women's liberation movement kinda thing. Rutger Hauer played his character of a gifted struggling 70's artist well - knowing what he wanted and how uncompromising he was to his art - but on the other hand would do what it took to support he and his wife.

I had to find this film to remember it - it was shown on the Los Angeles based Z channel, but I didn't remember seeing it. It took sometime to find an old dubbed version and I think it was cut - but I still enjoyed this, even today. The two things that bothered me was at the end, where was Olga's mom? What really happened to her in America? (There's a scene with Olga getting examined and she says something like: "He hurt me" and the technician replies, "I know". Makes me think there was more to this - or was Olga just responding to the exam?) Funny thing though - I never knew the name of the candy I loved so much as a child -- until this movie, and so this did have quite an emotional impact for me as tragedy struck these two. And more tragic yet, the empty life that had to be lived after such a love and tragedy.

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A film that leaves an impression, 15 March 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

No Country for Old Men by the Cohen Brothers is one of the best films of 2007 hands-down. This book adaptation was made for these two brothers to do, and I am awfully glad they did. All of the Cohen's styling were here, and that's what made this film the most horrific, 'down-home', violent, film of the year.

Like everyone else, the performance of Javier Bardem was extraordinary - scary, evil, horrific and just plain old gives you the chills like no other psychopathic murderer in film. Josh Brolin's was wonderful as the character of Llewellen finding the money also presents one with a dilemma - "what would you do if you found 2 million in cash?". But after this film I know exactly what I would have done, and that was leave the money where it was! And finally, Tommy Lee Jones as the Sheriff is also worth much note and accolades for his portrayal was exemplary. Many folks felt robbed of 'the ending' but let me say, I found it appropriate and...artistic. That's what I loved about this film. The Cohen's could have taken the "easy way out" at the end, but instead, they presented us with a different take - one that really works and leaves you discussing the film even after the credits start to roll.

No Country for Old Men had me doing something I rarely do at films: Talk to the screen. I was really scared for some characters, afraid for others and on the edge of my seat - many times. This was a truly good film.

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Not what I expected...., 3 February 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Every girl dreams of possibly having a big fabulous wedding. And many of those girls work and save towards them but end up doing the best they can. So...why not have a program where a girl can watch what others have done and dream about what could be?

What I expected from this program was to see "big fabulous weddings". And while technically that is true, what I am also seeing -- is a program thinly veiled MOSTLY about: "good-diggers run amok".

When watching this program, the spending cost about the amount of some folks homes...and in many cases, the value didn't quite match the purse for me. Very expensive couture bridal gowns... 9 and 10 carat diamond rings..20 tier cakes...big bands...exotic wedding party locations...and that is just the bride. What has the groom got in all of this? The bill.

This is where the "fabulous" ends for me, and the "I just bought and paid for this bride" portion of the program begins. Yes, you can get caught up in how great this all 'looks'...but after a few programs you begin to wonder what's "in" it for the groom? The bride seems to be pushing the spending...and on quite a few occasions, the most I've seen for the groom is a "cigar bar" of hand rolled cigars for him, and his groomsmen and male guess to enjoy. Watching them all slowly die of cancer after spending six figures doesn't seem too "fabulous". And their friends and invited business guests must be gushing because what a wonderful way to free-load! All jokes aside, this program kinda disturbs you after a while. Once you get beyond the price tags -- which is what seems to be the "fabulous" part -- all you have is a "high end" version of the program "Bridezilla" and a new program of the groom you can call..oh, "Wuszilla".

You'll wonder for all that money he spends (notice too how the women haven't REALLY put any big money into these 'fabulous weddings'!) how long he will stay married to his new pretty little trinket he may sometimes refer to as "wife". Fabulous, indeed.

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