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Early Florida......a great flick, 13 November 2000

I remember seeing this film in 1961 at a local drive in theater.As a native Floridian I enjoyed it very much,especially since it was filmed nearby in Naples, Florida.To me it was an accurate depiction of how life was back then. Poaching was common,wildlife officers and environmentalists were fighting a losing battle against it. It showed Florida as it was at the turn of the century,when it was young and wild. This movie is truly a treasure of history in this area. I have been hoping it would be re-released for many years but to no avail. It is a shame that it cannot be viewed by our children.I would greatly appreciate owning a copy of this great film. Skip Kent,Bonita Springs, Fl.

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A good flick....not one to miss., 20 September 2000

Recently I had the opportunity to view an independent film,"Drawing Down The Moon" by Steven Patterson. This movie was a refreshing departure from what I had expected.How can you possibly enjoy a film without nudity, profanity or mucho Hollywood special effects?? (get my point)? I watched it and I liked it! This film depicts the Wiccan religion in a very truthfull manner.Many people think of witches as practitioners of evil and bound to suffer the eternal flames, however this movie tells it like it is.The witches I know of are resourcefull and very community minded,as well as compassionate.If you liked "Billy Jack",then you will like this film! For a rating, I would give it an 8.

Walter Koenig was great in this , however I would prefer him as portraying the good guy.:) I would also enjoy seeing Karina Krepp again, as she has much potential.