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Might be worth a rental, 21 January 2001

Well, there is some pretty good action, and Dorff is decent as a pretty maniacal guy who just likes to shoot people. The real treat is the nude scene by Lucy Liu...Keitel plays the part of the wronged brother well enough, but the audience is expected to believe quite a bit of material that is tough to swallow.

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A good guy trying to right his life the wrong way, 19 September 2000

The film's title actually has changed to "The Gig is Simple."

This movie is a nicely done independent film that takes the audience on an action ride through small town Yakima, Washington. The good guy (Christopher Wiehl/TNT's "Bull") looks for an easy way out of a bad situation he put himself in by hiring two small time crooks to help him steal some money. A love affair and a nice celebrity (well known TV actress) nude scene add to the fast pace of this caper film. If some distributor picks this film up, they will be pleasantly surprised.