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A Masterpiece, 19 October 2001

One of the best movies ever made, where Kartal Tibet excels as a character actor. The action scenes are very well coordinated and is an honor to watch.

One cannot ignore this movie.

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three thumbs up, 30 September 2001

One of the best movies ever. I believe that after watching this movie no-one can ever listen to Blue Donau as before. Making Sci-fi movies with techno music (except from bladerunner where the 80's techno thing fit perfectly well there, to be exact it is not techno but new wave as they call it) with one good guy and one bad guy trying to kill each other and similar things is so common nowadays. But Then I question myself, how can such a brilliant movie ever be made. Why don't they at least try to make such things nowadays.

One word for the people claiming that the movie is boring etc etc.. I am sure that someone who watched that movie is aware of the distinction between novels versus poems. What matters is how you feel at the end of the movie, what it changed in your life and so forth. A good movie should not be a 2 hour long stupid freak show, ref. double team, star wars episode 1 (the others exempt)...(although I enjoy to watch them, but again I believe that it is a sin to put such productions in the same category with 2001.)