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WOW ---> Wonderfalls, 30 October 2006

It's so rare to find a WOW show on TV. Especially a WOW with heart, wit, and passion! And that was Wonderfalls. I stumbled upon this amazing show by pure accident (or was it :) I had not heard about it when it was originally on FOX, but then I don't really get involved in many new shows these days. Anyway, during a night of channel surfing and multi-tasking I stopped momentarily on a random cable station. I can't even say that I was paying attention to the TV, but for some reason, within a few minutes of having it on in the background, I found myself drawn into what I would later learn was: Wonderfalls! I thought to myself... wow, what is this show?! It's quirky, it's refreshingly different, I strangely liked the characters immediately! Afterwards, I wrote down the name of the show, did a little research and surprisingly learned that Wonderfalls had its own little cult following. (Very much deserved btw). Now, I don't normally... or ever, buy a TV series on DVD... especially for a show that i've only seen 1 episodes of.. but after that one little taste of Wonderfalls, I had the distinct feeling that I would and could be hooked. Well fast forward months later, and having just finished watching the entire series on DVD, I can honestly say that I loved every single episode, and I'm really sad it's over! I thought the writing was strikingly smart, the characters were all portrayed brilliantly, and the chemistry between Jaye and Eric -- just spark after spark after spark! I'm convinced that this show could have been a huge hit with proper marketing and scheduling. Quality doesn't come around often, but this was the real deal. What a WASTE. If you haven't seen it yet, buy the DVD!

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Light romantic comedy, but..., 2 May 2005

Gosh darn it, I liked it. Did I think it was a cinematic masterpiece - definitely not, but who really expected that anyway? What we have here is a cutesy formulaic light romantic comedy. I laughed and walked out with a smile. Will I remember it in a year, probably not, but thats OK. I'd also like to comment on a post I read here, where the writer was 'distressed' by the characters in this film displaying VERY antiquated and unhip desires - like, dare I say it... wanting to secure a successful career, find love, and get married by age 30. Wow, can you imagine people nowadays feeling that way?! I personally find it 'distressing' to think that we live in a society where having traditional desires is made to be odd. I'm in my 20s and know many other people who are looking for these same things. So go figure, I actually found this perspective in a modern film refreshing.

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Very Interesting, 21 November 2004

I just spent 2 hours lost in Lost Junction... and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Excellent film. Best part was the very real chemistry between the two main characters. It's not so much an edge of your seat type of thriller, but more of a quirky southern mystery with charm, romance, and subtle humor. I'm not claiming that this is a life-altering movie or even a 10, but at times it's so bursting with honesty and emotion that you can definitely get lost in the moment. (Sure you have to suspend disbelief, but isn't that why we watch movies). Different is good. I had not heard of this film before finding it at the video store, which amazes/annoys me because it's a lot better than the majority of junk out nowadays. Take a chance and visit Lost Junction.

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WOW, that was great . . ., 26 April 2003

Don't listen to most of these reviewers. This movie is fantastic!!! Definitely give it a chance. It's the kind of film that you can't stop smiling throughout . . . especially if you're single and in your 20's. I'm amazed it wasn't widely released.

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Smartly written stupid humor..., 14 February 2003

Hey, I think people have been way too hard on this little movie. It's not meant to be an intellectually stimulating experience... it's supposed to be light comedy - and you know what - it succeeds! Sorority Boys happens to be HILARIOUS!!! So yeah, maybe the plot is ridiculous, but so what.. unlike so many other brain-dead college flicks, the humor in this movie actually compels you to laugh out loud and then keep going - now isn't that the goal of comedy? I'd call this smartly written stupid humor, so there.

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Wow. That was good. Really good., 11 January 2003

Seriously, this was one of the most real, intelligent, and emotional films I've seen in a long time... and it was essentially a fantasy. The acting was superb; I truly cared about the quirky characters. I don't understand how this didn't become a huge hit, simply poor marketing. "Happy Accidents" was a treat - a rare gem.

Panic Room (2002)
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Let's see: scary NO, realistic NO, thrilling NO, 28 April 2002

This was an AWFUL movie. I can't even put into words just how much it stunk. I'm amazed by the positive reviews?? I just don't get it. Panic Room is full of flaws. Every character in this film makes TERRIBLE decisions. There is no reason for the majority of action that the characters take, except of course to create drama, and therefore to produce a movie. But I say, if it's so obvious to the audience that the characters keep making BAD decisions (and therefore digging themselves deeper into trouble), all to create "plot" and "tension", then what's the point?

Once the bad guys entered the house and the real "action" began, I started to panic . . . NO, not because I was afraid for the characters, but because I realized that I was going to have to sit through over an hour and a half of this movie.

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Think, stuck in a traffic jam . . ., 20 April 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

You know the feeling when you're stuck in the middle of a big traffic jam. .. you're moving ever so slowly, and becoming more & more frustrated by the minute. . . well, that was "Changing Lanes". You sit there watching this train-wreck of a story become a huge unnecessary mess. The characters behave like complete morons, and find themselves in the most unlikely and unrealistic of situations. As the plot becomes more and more absurd, I became increasingly impatient and annoyed. It's difficult to get involved in a movie when you don't like any of the characters all that much; and in my opinion, both men in this film were unlikable idiots. (Spoilers) Still, there are moments when the audience has no choice but to sympathize with the characters; however, this feeling never sticks because in the end, this is a movie about two hotheaded maniacs who get into a fight and then respond by stooping to the most extreme of tactics (computer credit erasure, sabotage, and much more). Yes, the concept is good; it's fresh and should be interesting, but yet it's NOT.

And I just loved the speech that Gavin's wife gives him in the restaurant. I actually laughed out loud because it was so melodramatic and corny. What was the writer thinking? "If you want to live on the edge with me", blah blah blah. Who speaks like this?? Dads in a jam so he instantly calls his daughter to take care of business - plain dumb. Don't get me wrong, I didn't hate the movie. There were some interesting scenes. But as a whole, I'd say save your money, and if you cant sleep one night, watch it on cable.

Simply Lovely, 17 February 2002

What a wonderful film!!! Pure, innocent, beautiful, and lovely. This eptitomizes true love. So many films today focus on shallow kids jumping into bed with one another, but this film develops a love story -a true love story. There is no need for gratuitous sexuality, because the innocence of true romance shines though. This is a film for people who dream of and believe in true love. You'll love it! The acting by both Mandy Moore and Shane West is simply superb. They emit chemistry, honesty, and true love. Congratulations to the director and all those involved - you have made one of the loveliest, most honest films, in existence. This is destined to be a new Classic.