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Club Fed (1990)
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A really funny movie!, 16 September 2000

Just caught this, really late, on Comedy Central and laughed out loud. Burt Young is the warden of a prison that "houses" very rich criminals. Karen Black, Allen Garfield, Sherman Hemsley, Judy Landers are outrageously funny as the prisoners. So are Lance Kinsey and Joe Campanella as the "good guys." There are lots of laughs and sight gags in this very broad comedy.

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A funny, warm and classy ride., 16 September 2000

Jerry Orbach is terrific as the aging gigolo who befriends a young nerd and helps transform him into a modern day Casanova. or at least he tries to. A surprisingly vulnerable and revealing performance by Audrey Landers, along with a very appealing cameo performances by Ken Kercheval. This was a great movie to watch.