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I watch a lot of movies. These are the ones watched AUGUST 2017 in order (more or less).
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I love action movies. Manly action movies. There are also some action movies with female heroes. I threw this together quickly, any suggestions?
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I LOVE vigilate movies! It's a fine line between a revenge movie and vigilante movies. Sometimes the lines are blurred. Anyway, I like both. No older westerns or super hero movies. Sorry.
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Adventure and Action movies often get lumped together as one genre. This is a list of Adventure movies that I have assembled. I really love some of them. Others are not so good. I add new ones as I remember them or find them. You won't find many sci-fi / fantasy movies on this list. (including LOTR, Harry Potter, Princess Bride etc...) I was really going for the whole Indiana Jones type genre.
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Actors that have such great voices, people could just sit and listen to them read a phone book. After nearly 20 years in broadcasting, these are the voices that I love listening to.
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Testosterone filled movies. What did I forget?
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These actors used to be in the Hollywood blockbusters, now they're either choosing or stuck making straight to video or made for TV movies. Who did I forget?
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In my opinion these are the funniest ladies in the business.
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Enough action for him. Enough romance for her
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They may not always get a leading roll, but they put a smile on my face when they show up in a movie that I'm watching. These are the best of the best.
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Comedy Actors who's movies I usually enjoy.
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Let's try to get their schedules all in sync this time, please.