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About as much fun as being punched repeatedly in the groin., 21 July 2007

Surf School is without question one of the worst movies I've ever had the misfortune to watch. It's dull, predictable, poorly conceived and painfully unfunny. The characters are paper thin and the plot lurches awkwardly from one yawn-inducing scene to the next. There is not a single original or entertaining moment in the entire 85 or so minutes. This film tries to position itself as a comedy in the vein of American Pie but whilst that movie (and it's first sequel) succeeded at being both entertaining and engaging Surf School fails spectacularly on both counts.

This movie should not be watched by anyone ever.

As a side note I find it interesting that the people who have left comments raving about how great this movie is have never commented on any other films. Draw from that your own conclusions.

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Bad but watchable, 7 April 2004

To be perfectly blunt, this movie sucks. The characters are one dimensional, the plot is overly simplistic and Robert Duvall (who I am a big fan of) does a ridiculously bad Scottish accent. I don't blame him for murdering it, it's a tough accent to do but if he couldn't do it then he shouldn't have used it. However, despite these obvious flaws the film is most definitely watchable although you'll surely forget it just as soon as the credits have finished rolling. There are some good points, Ally McCoist is better than expected, Andy Gray & Rob McLean's commentary is great and really helps the film and Owen Coyle is in it which made my flatmate, an Airdrie fan, happy. Overall I would not recommend you watch this unless you're particularly interested or really have nothing better to do.

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90 minutes of pain (Why did Kirsten Dunst agree to do this?), 11 January 2003

I like teen movies. Even the ones that are a little dumb. Why? Because they are fun to watch.

"Get Over It" is not fun to watch. It's painful. It's incredibly unfunny. It's like anti-funny. It actually sucks the humour out of your body. I am personally planning on tracking down the director and the writer of "Get Over It" and taking whatever measures necessary to ensure that they never make another film.

Wish me luck.

Third time unlucky., 25 July 2002

I really liked the first two AP movies so I was looking forward to seeing this one. Unfortunately it didn't live up to my expectations. It starts off well with a really funny pre-credits sequence but after that it goes downhill. There are a few hilarious moments throughout but not enough to stop you from leaving disappointed. If you're a really big fan of the series you'll probably love it anyway but if you're not then don't get your hopes too high.

Not that good, but interesting., 3 May 2002

Ok so when I finished watching this film I thought it was really weird. It had subplots that didn't go anywhere and characters that were direct copies of other characters from the first film but with different names.

But then I read the "Trivia" and "Alternative Versions" and it all made sense. I think its a shame this show got cancelled. It might have improved as it went on. As a film though it kind of sucks. I would still recommend it to fans of the original because it's interesting and does give you a little insight about the history of the main characters.

Plus, as everyone else mentioned, there is nudity. Always a bonus.

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Cool movie, very funny., 2 May 2002

Ok, so this is just a cheesy action movie but that doesn't mean you have to hate it. It's got a lot of plus points. The performances of the two leads is good and they do have actual chemistry. Plus this movie is funny; whenever the cops come to a dead end they just beat some people up. There is a fight every few minutes. It's great. Plus it teaches kids an important lesson: VIOLENCE SOLVES EVERYTHING! Wooooo!

What I don't get is how come Michael Biehn isn't a bigger star. He is quality.

If you see "American Dragons" on TV then give it a look, you might like it as much as I did.

You might not though. I'm not promising anything, ok? OK?

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If you really hate someone but don't know how to tell them, why not buy them a copy of The Haunting?, 15 April 2002

Oh man, this film was awful. I only watched it for two reasons: Catherine Zeta-Jones (babe) and Owen Wilson (he's the man) but not even they could save "The Haunting" from sucking.

Almost everything about it was bad. The plot had massive holes and the direction was sloppy. Of course you could forgive this if the film was actually scary. But it wasn't. It was mind bendingly dull. You never felt threatened and there were no big shocks.

All the actors tried their best, except for Lili Taylor whose performance was extremely annoying, but there was nothing they could do. "The Haunting"'s extreme lameness overwhelmed them.

I gave this film 3 out of 10 because I was feeling generous. Avoid it unless you are a really big fan of one of the actors and if you do decide to watch it then prepare yourself for one and a half hours of pain.

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A very good thing., 15 March 2002

I wasn't expecting much from "The Good Things". I mean, a twenty five minute movie about a toll booth worker? It hardly sounds like the most moving thing. But it is. You really connect with the main character of Zach, thanks mainly to an excellent performance from Wil Wheaton.

I would recommend this movie to everyone. A well written and well directed piece filled with great performances all round but especially from Mr Wheaton.

Formula 51 (2001)
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Not a classic but a good laugh, 13 January 2002

Look here!: 51st State is funny.

Oh yes, its true. And here, in brief summary form, are some other things that are true: The acting of Samuel L Jackson and Robert Carlyle is very good. The plot is ok but there are some holes in it. The directing can be quite annoying and often undermines the action taking place. The other actors range from quite good to pretty bad.

Overall this film is just a good laugh so if that's what you want then I would definitely recommend it. However if you're looking for a new British classic then stay away mofo!

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Yawn, 2 December 2001

This film was bad. Bad acting, bad directing, bad writing. But it wasn't bad in a funny way. It was bad in a boring way. I watched "Surface to Air" because I thought it might be a laugh. It wasn't. Don't make the mistake I did. There are plenty of more enjoyable ways to spend an hour and a half such as watching paint dry or reading the dictionary. Seriously.

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