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Blue Ruin (2013)
Quiet and bloody revenge., 29 December 2014

Dwight,a bearded loner lives in his old car on a Delaware beach.He is completely isolated character with sad mournful eyes.But he has a mission to brutally kill people who once murdered his parents."Blue Ruin" by Jeremy Saulnier is a must-see for fans of "Fargo".The film is moody and atmospheric and there are some grisly paroxysms of bloody violence.It's a lyrical slow-burner which can be quite unsettling at times.I must say that Dwight is obviously quite unusual vigilante protagonist.He seems incredibly lonely in his often disorganized vendetta.The plot of "Blue Ruin" offers few genuine surprises for example an excruciating incident with a crossbow.There is real emotion captured in "Blue Ruin",an unexpected poetic sensitivity.7 locked guns out of 10.

The Guest (2014/I)
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The Guest is coming back home., 29 December 2014

David Collins is a charming soldier who has recently been discharged from service.He befriends the Peterson family claiming that their deceased in action son Caleb was his friend during war.The loss of Caleb turned the Peterson family into dysfunctional group of people.At first David tries to help each member of the Peterson family to solve her/his problems-even with the use of brutal violence.But there's something not right about the family's new guest.Writer Simon Barrett and director Adam Wingard obviously are in love with 70's and 80's action movies and slasher flicks."The Guest" mixes elements of intense action thriller,black comedy and slasher flick.It's obviously influenced by "Halloween" series,"The Stepfather","First Blood" and "Rolling Thunder".The cast is exceptionally good but Dan Stevens steals the show as David.The electronic soundtrack is excellent and there are some classy songs of The Sisters of Mercy,Front 242,Hocico and Clan of Xymox playing during various film scenes.8 killing machines out of 10.

Stylish hybrid of science-fiction/crime and neo-noir., 28 December 2014

"Dead Mountaineer's Hotel" is an effectively oneiric adaptation of a 1970 science fiction detective novel written by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky.Inspector Peter Glebsky goes to a small resort located in a secluded valley in the Alps to investigate murder case.He meets some bizarre hotel guests in Dead's Mountaineer's Hotel.Soon an avalanche blocks the entrance to the valley and one of the guests named Olaf mysteriously dies.Glebsky realizes that the guests are not who they appear to be.Very interesting and stylish hybrid of crime drama,science-fiction and neo-noir.The mood is very phantasmagorical and there is some impressive use of colors in the vein of "Suspiria".I enjoyed electro soundtrack of "Dead Mountaineer's Hotel" too.Often written comparisons to "Blade Runner" are quite thruthful.8 dead mountaineers out of 10.

Eerie silence and muffled screams., 28 December 2014

8th July of 1986.Eleven year old Pia is raped and murdered by Peer (Ulrich Thomsen)while the second man Timo (Wotan Wilke Möhring)watches disgusted and aroused.23 years later another girl goes missing.Her bike and bag is left at the same spot where in 1986 Pia was raped and murdered.Who is behind this 'copy-cat' killing?"The Silence" is a beautifully made and extremely well-acted crime drama about grief and guilt.There is plenty of sorrow and some stellar acting performances.The characters are somber and the cinematography is visually stunning.The plot keeps viewers guessing.Golden fields where young girls were raped and murdered.Peaceful lake where their bodies were found.Green islet of trees among the fields.Omnious silence and hidden secrets/perversions.8 silent screams out of 10.

Weird and bloody nightmares and anatomical mannequin., 27 December 2014

"Night of Bodys Model" made by Japanese Pinku Devil Hisayasu Sato is a weird and unsettling psycho-sexual horror movie about a woman who moves into an apartment complex near the river.Her closest neighbors are truly bizarre and psychotic characters.A man next door constantly listens her all sounds via his complex wall-listening equipment.There are also scientist father with his creepy looking prosthetic arm and his son who is obsessed with anatomical mannequin and his father's body part.The woman has some bloody nightmares which involve body parts and bloody guts.This surreal and nightmarish Sato's movie has three graphic sexual scenes and some insanely bloody imagery.It's not as gory as "Naked Blood" but equally as disturbing.Fetishists and pinku lovers will enjoy this surreal flick.8 medical mannequins out of 10.

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Infected ship and Canary Islands., 21 December 2014

Ángela Vidal(Manuela Velasco)is rescued from the zombie-infested building in Barcelona by two brave soldiers Guzman and Lucas.All of the survivors are taken aboard an ocean liner where they are quarantined.However Dr.Ricarte and other scientists are performing laboratory experiments with dangerous virus.After one of the infected monkeys is set free the outbreak begins and bloody mayhem ensues."REC 4:Apocalipsis" features some effective gore including fairly gruesome propeller killings.Still quick cuts and various close-ups are often irritating.There is a lot of screaming and running through an ocean liner corridors.Zombie monkeys are creepy looking,though.6 infected out of 10.

The Mark (1977)
Obscure Greek sexploitation thriller., 20 December 2014

"The Mark" by Ilias Milonako is the story of stolen gold that is hidden and all the back stabbing and double crosses various groups go through in trying to find it.Blonde beauty Artemis Charmy stars and has some hot girl - girl sex scenes with Claudine Beccarie.There is plenty of sex and graphic nudity in "The Mark".Some steamy sexual scenes like lesbian sequence on the beach are bordering on hard core porn.There are also some violent and misogynistic scenes including razor slashings on naked female skin and final slow-motion shooting sequence in the vein of Sam Peckinpah "The Wild Bunch".If you like Euroexploitation genre you can't go wrong with Ilias Milonako's "The Mark".7 lesbian trysts out of 10.

Very cheesy action flick with some funny scenes., 15 December 2014

Mary Ann Lovett((Lucinda Dooling)is called by her friends Lovely.Her younger brother drowns in a drug related accident.Mary becomes angry and decides to stop drugs in her high school via martial arts."Lovely But Deadly" was directed by David Sheldon,who also directed quite effective horror flick "Devil Times Five" in 1974.The acting is amateurish but full of enthusiasm and the fight scenes are unintentionally funny.I loved girl fight scene between Mary Ann Lovett and some blond cheerleader during the party.The film is quite violent but not bloody at all.The body count in this supremely cheesy vigilante flick is surprisingly low.If you enjoyed "Coffy" with Pam Grier you can give "Lovely But Deadly" a look.7 karate cheerleaders out of 10.

La gabbia (1985)
Great Italian erotic thriller., 12 December 2014

Tony Musante of "Bird with the Crystal Plumage" fame plays Michael Parker,rich and successful American businessman who lives with his girlfriend in Italy.Fifteen years ago he had sex with Marie(Cristina Marsillach)and left her without explanation.When his girlfriend and her kid leave him for Christmas Michael decides to have an affair with his sexy neighbour.But this time Marie(Laura Antonelli)is going to kidnap him and put Michael chained to bed in her bedroom.Jacqueline,Marie's nubile preteen daughter also desires Michael and wants him only for herself."La Gabbia" was co-scripted by Lucio Fulci and Francesco Barilli.It's quite stylish and moody erotic thriller with some graphic nudity provided by sisters Cristina and Blanca Marsillach.Antonelli has lovely masturbation scene too.8 fatal attractions out of 10.

The first giallo made by Godfather of Gore Lucio Fulci., 12 December 2014

Doctor George Dumurrier(Jean Sorel)is a handsome and rich man who has his own private medical clinic.He is married to Susan(Marisa Mell),but their marriage is unhappy as his wife feels neglected.George has long-time mistress named Jane but he doesn't want to leave Susan while her health is deteriorating.When Susan suddenly dies Dumurrier encounters a stripper who looks strikingly similar to his late wife.Gorgeously photographed giallo obviously inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's "Vertigo".There is plenty of sex and steamy eroticism plus a little bit of violence.I particularly enjoyed Marisa Mell's performance as a cunning femme fatale.San Francisco seeped in late 60's hippie psychedelia is a perfect setting.There is a brief moment of gore when rotting corpse Fulci style is shown.No black gloved killers with childhood traumas,though.8 death rows out of 10.

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