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An average Italian giallo about prostitute killer., 17 March 2015

A black gloved killer is murdering Italian prostitutes with a razor and a captive bolt gun deathblow.The police in Rome is unable to solve the case,so the prostitutes decide to find the killer themselves.Any stranger could be the killer.Unfortunately Franco Ferrini's "Sweets from a Stranger" pretty much lacks stalk and slash thrills and there are only two razor killings shown.The script focuses more on the lives of prostitutes and there is a little bit of sleaze and nudity.Very nice cameo role of Mario Bava's regular Laura Betti,who plays older independent prostitute and is killed by unknown slasher."Sweets from a Stranger" is quite likable film,but I expected more gore and sleaze.6 razor blades out of 10.

Baby Love (1979)
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Balsorano: Castle of sleaze., 14 March 2015

Baby Love is a stepdaughter of an queen of the castle of Balsorano.The queen wants to sell Baby Love during the auction to the highest bidder.There are four bidders:a Chinese,an American,a Russian and a Sicilian.They want virginal Baby Love,but after successful auction the girl decides to lose her virginity with the queen's lover who enjoys throwing knives.Rino Di Silvestro's "Baby Love" is an insane Italian erotic comedy that offers tons of sleazy nudity including masturbation,lesbian sex,orgies and even whipping.The characters of four bidders are utterly crazy and the dialogue is extremely trashy.7 flowers of virginity out of 10.An absolute sleaze!

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Cinema manager and brutal serial killer., 14 March 2015

Sylvain((Pascal Cervo)is the manager of small theater which is about to go out of business.He works in the cinema as a projectionist and cashier and lives in the basement.Each night after the final screening Sylvain turns into vicious serial killer and stalks and stabs to death prostitutes and other unlucky women."Last Screening" by Laurent Achard is a pretty disturbing French horror thriller with some disturbing and detached murders.The performance of Pascal Cervo is quite believable and the storyline is quite absorbing albeit little bit repetitive.Still if you are a fan of Bruno Dumont's cinema or "Angst"(1983)you may give this one a look.7 hooded serial killers out of 10.

Suitably dull art-house extremity., 14 March 2015

The story of "Vampire of Quezon City" by Khavn is very simple:young women are raped,abused and murdered by religion-obsessed serial killer called Vampire of Quezon City.There is also a police officer,who is speaking directly to the camera talking about this elusive vampire killer or aswang,who has been stalking through the streets of Quezon City during the past few months.Pretentious experimental shocker with weak social commentary and plenty of sexual and physical abuse.The thin plot is mainly an excuse to show as much ugliness as possible.Unfortunately "The Vampire of Quezon City" is quite dull and unmemorable.The Hammond organ soundtrack is definitely overused.4 kicked dogs out of 10.

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Poliziotteschi mixed with giallo., 14 March 2015

"Calling All Police Cars" directed by Mario Caiano is an intriguing Italian oddity as it mixes elements of poliziotteschi and giallo.Massimo Dallamano's effective giallo "What Have They Done to Your Daughters?" is an obvious influence here.The body of murdered teenage girl is found at a lake.Commissario Fernando Solmi(Antonio Sabato)leads an investigation and he discovers a teenage prostitution racket.During the final third of "Calling All Police Cars" three vicious murders are committed by black gloved killer including nasty throat slitting.There is plenty of nudity and like I already said there is an emphasis on police procedural methods during the first hour of Mario Caiano's movie.7 nude teenagers out of 10.

Pretty good Italian spaghetti western with some touches of giallo., 12 March 2015

"The Price of Death" by Lorenzo Gicca Palli is quite an unusual spaghetti western as it mixes spaghetti western sub-genre with giallo/murder mystery.Silver who is elegantly dressed and lives in a hacienda with beautiful senoritas is hired to find out if the accused Chester Conway,the black sheep of the town really is guilty of the murder charge that he is to hang for.By investigating clues and arranging a trap Silver discloses some respected citizens as the guilty parties."The Price of Death" is watchable Italian spaghetti western with some humorous moments and a bit of violence.The film is quite tame and there is no nudity.However if you are a fan of Gianni Garko and Klaus Kinski you can't miss it.6 preachers out of 10.

Crazy Lips (2000)
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Twisted Japanese horror comedy., 11 March 2015

Hirohisa Sasaki's "Crazy Lips" left me stunned.The film mixes pinku eiga rape scenes with martial arts,comedy,gore and musical numbers.Michio Kurahashi has been accused for killing and decapitating schoolgirls.His sister Satomi believes that he is innocent.She enlists the services of a psychic named Etsuko Mamiya and her sleazy assistant Touma and all hell breaks loose in the family of Kurahashi."Crazy Lips" is gleefully weird and tasteless.It has rapes committed by Touma,silly FBI agents,bloody murders and cheesy musical number.The cinematography is lovely and there are some well-choreographed martial arts during the climax.7 scalps out of 10.Still haven't seen sequel to "Crazy Lips" titled "Gore from Outer Space".

Gothic psychological thriller with few horror bits., 9 March 2015

Edward(Jack Ging)wants to murder his own severely depressed sister Amanda(Edith Atwater)to get his inheritance.He hires a discredited ex-nurse Esthe(Antoinette Bower)to control Amanda's suicidal tendencies.Esther doesn't want to kill the old woman, though and she is curious about the secrets held in the house including a mysterious third sister Nell."Die Sister,Die!" is relentlessly talky and rather subtle Gothic thriller from early 70's.There is pretty gruesome and grotesque nightmare sequence and two suicide attempts,though.The script is quite surprising and the acting is solid.6 basement walls out of 10.If you liked French "Diabolique" from 1955 give this one a chance.

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Intriguing mix of poliziotteschi and hostage thriller., 8 March 2015

A trio of jewel thieves including Eliana(Margaret Lee)takes refuge at the home of a surgeon Guido Malerva after one in their group is mortally wounded in a robbery.When the doctor's wife Mara(Livia Cerini)comes home she is subjected to rape and abuse.I would not consider Vincenzo Rigo's "The Killers Are Our Guests" a full-blown giallo,but the film certainly has some giallo elements.The film is actually quite similar to Enzo Castellari's "Cold Eyes of Fear",but it's more exciting and violent.Great performances by Livia Cerini,Margaret Lee,Luigi Pistilli and Anthony Streffen plus some highly welcomed sleaze and beautiful music score by Roberto Rizzo.A must-see for fans of gialli and Euro-crime movies.8 heists out of 10.

Freddy Krueger-inspired homicidal maniac., 6 March 2015

Claudio Fragasso's "Night Killer" features masked Freddy Krueger-inspired serial killer who murders women with a glove with finger blades.Melanie Beck is the only surviving victim of this homicidal maniac,but she suffers from amnesia and is suicidal.She tries to kill herself on the beach but is saved by mysterious man named Alex who may be Night Killer."Night Killer" is obviously inspired by Italian gialli and American slasher movies like "Halloween" or "Nightmare on Elm Street" series.There is gore and nudity plus some jaw-droppingly absurd plot twists that almost made my head spin.I enjoyed "Night Killer" even more than infamous Claudio Fragasso's "Troll 2".6 deadly gloves out of 10.

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