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The Eye (2008)
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Jessica Alba Tour d' Force..., 4 February 2008

Jessica Alba carried herself very well in this movie. Her characterization is very believable. This is definitely a tour d'force for her. The story is good and the supporting acting is also very believable. I have to question the violin playing coaching. Jessica's "playing" movements were very weak. The movement of the bow was totally unconvincing. She kept bowing up and down out of sync with the flow of the music. That is the fault of the coach. I've seen better fake violin and piano playing. But this is minor to the rest of the movie. As I said, Ms. Alba was wonderful in this film. The film itself had lots of great shocks and twists. When it comes out on DVD I am definitely buying it.

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Highly Unusual Film!!!, 21 January 2008

Back in the fall of 2007 when I first saw the trailer for CLOVERFIELD I was very intrigued. The trailer was high tension. I was itching to see this movie.

I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED!!! I truly love this movie. Seen it three times!!! It was made to look like a video retrieved from what was once Central Park here in NYC. The movie starts with the U.S. Government blurb and logo. Its apparent that the footage was being viewed secretly by top military brass and members of our government. This the video begins. Its lighthearted and in many places funny before the attack. Its about one of the main character's Bon Voyage party and some of the insanity that takes place during the party. The there is the great explosion and insuring "attack" upon Manhattan. This is not a monster I've seen before which makes this extremely satisfying. Monster is NOT a reptile.

I understand the original title of the film was going to be PARASITE. I see why. WOW!!! But the military designation is even better.

Congratulations to Matt Reeves and JJ Abrams for bring us a highly original film.

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Christmas and outlandish violence against infants and women in labor., 2 January 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film is an atrocity! Either Shane Salerno has an innate hatred against infants, children and pregnant women in labor or its the two directors. Another thing is that this film was released on Christmas day which is the celebration of the Christ child birth. The film is loaded with the outrageous killing of newborns in the hospital nursery and the killing of infants in the womb just moments away from being born. The first atrocity was the face-hugger attack on what appears to be an 8 year old boy and the creature bursting out. HOW DARE THEY DO THIS!!! But when the attack happened in the hospital nursery and the later quick glimpse of the blood splattered area then the attack upon pregnant women, this was the destruction of any credibility the film and the filmmakers had! This film really deserves a big zero, because that is what it is worth. I gave it a 4 rating because the idea of the alien creature escaping into a small town was interesting, but the film turned out extremely bad...

The filmmakers and Mr. Salerno should be subjected to intense psychological evaluation for the atrocities perpetrated here and especially on Christmas which is the second holiest day on the Christian Calendar behind Easter. Let these men try some mess like this concerning Mohammed on Ramadan... Guaranteed they would wind up dead in a ditch somewhere.

This film was AWFUL!!!

The Mist (2007)
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Stephen King a la Lovecraft, 26 November 2007

I am not generally crazy about Stephen King movies, but this one I thoroughly enjoyed. I've never read the novella, but if what I saw is actually in the novella then this is an excellent blending of H.P. Lovecraft into Stephen King.

The acting was excellent. Thomas Jane fit into this roll very easily and his performance is highly believable. All of the actors were excellent. All. Marcia Gay Harden is excellent as the fanatical evangelist wannabe. Like I said ALL the actors were excellent.

The special effects are stupendous.

The atmosphere is of excellent quality with the very minimal music input made even more suspenseful and frightening. The music at the end of the movie added to pathos and the otherworldly divine and cosmic retribution atmosphere.

This is a very very powerful movie.

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The new B5 TV movie, 22 August 2007

I found the Lost Tales to be very interesting. Unfortunately, it left me hanging. There are great openings for continuation of the two stories that appear in the movie, but there were not enough meat on the bones to satisfy the watcher. I loved the idea of Londo sending the regent prince to B5 to be with Sheridan. Mr. MacIntosh's performance is wonderful. Beautiful to watch. I wanted MORE out of the segment. The first half of the movie is about a worker becoming possessed by fallen angels. A novel idea for the B5 universe. The idea that the fallen tried to seduce a human priest and Colonel Lockley (she got a promotion... good) to send the possessed out into space so that they can escape their earthly prison. The idea that they were "seeded" amongst the stars in the void awaiting human venture into space is a different approach. Unfortunately, again, I WANTED MORE. I was unfilled. Oh well. I hope JMS will take this up and expand upon what he introduced before more of the cast dies. I loved the reference to GKar and Dr. Franklin "exploring beyond the Rim" together. It was a very nice touch honoring them since the two men passed away.

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All Souls, 12 February 2007

All Souls is one of my most favorite episodes of the X-Files. Of course, this is the writer's spin on the legend of the Nephilim. The story of offspring of "fallen angels" go much further than what the X-Files presented. The global accounts of "giants in the Earth" is part of the Nephilim story. The writers of the bible called these "giants" the Nephilim. In other parts of the world and other cultures these "creatures" were called by other names, but described in the same manner. There is "talk" that the nephilim are still amongst us. All in all, the story is very touching and in some parts very heart wrenching. Gillian Anderson gave a stunningly superb performance here.

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One of the WORST monsters I've ever seen., 5 February 2007

Personally, I have no problem with the acting, nor the script. I do have a problem with the giant bird. It was simply AWFUL. Plain and simple.

One's first impulse is the roll around laughing when one sees it. What were they thinking!? Budget be damned. The monster bird was a monstrous joke.

Of course, in my opinion if the producers could obtain actors such as Ankrum, Corday and Morrow, then they would have the special effect people come up with a much better beast. Oh well. What is done is done. This will be the case of the eternal joke on them that was unintended.

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An Extremely Interesting Treatment of both Franchises, 1 February 2005

I thought this was a very excellent treatment and bringing together of the two franchises. Of course this movie is based on the extended novels, comics and video game. I found the idea extremely intriguing and entertaining.

Sanaa Lathan is excellent as the Expedition Guide to the newly discovered subterranean pyramid where the Hunter/Warrior race battled the creature as a "rite of passage" test for young warriors. Her later teaming up with the Hunter was done tastefully so that it didn't appear corny. The Elder Hunter Chief honoring her at the end for her brave stand and fighting along side the slain Hunter against the Alien was a wonderful touch.

This opens the door to a host of new sequels and possible TV movies based on all of this creative material.

I congratulate Paul W.S. Anderson on this excellent film.

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Excellent Program with a Heart Wrenching 5th Season, 20 April 2004

I came into watching the series after the first season. I only saw a few episodes of the first season. The subsequent seasons of B5 were excellent. All the episodes seem to be two stories winding around each other with one main story holding it all together. The characters and actors were of high quality and calliber. The stories down to earth and believable. Michael O'Hare only being with the show for one season left an indelible mark and Bruce Boxleitner bring up the rear as Capt. Sheridan was a powerful force to be sure. The shadow war kept the views riveted to the show all the way to the confrontations with telepaths and Psi-Corp. J. Michael Straczynski a master craftsman guided the show as its primary writer to a tear jerking and heart felt conclusion in Season 5 with the death of several main characters through the horrors and atrocities of war and occupation, to the disbanding of the senior staff of B5 and the death of Sheridan. The final pang came with the destruction of Babylon 5 station not through war but through Earth's budget cuts and the sense of redundancy. But that demise was portrayed with love and honor. A most excellent series.

My congraduations to J. Michael Straczynski for an excellent show and Christopher Franke for a heart felt musical score.

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The Movie METEOR as a spin-off of this film., 25 February 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

An interesting film. I saw it in 1958 when it came out in the U.S. It was nicely done. Different Italian film effort, but interesting. Some really good special effects for atmosphere disturbances caused by the approaching meteors. I especially enjoyed the affects of seeing a giant dark spot in the sky over New York City with a halo outlining it. There were other nice ones. The meteors were destroyed with every country in the world sending up rockets to pulverize them.

The movie METEOR is based on this 1958 film. Unfortunately for METEOR they used a weak sentimentality of some sort of pseudo solidarity between the U.S., the USSR and Communist China which I found campy. The 1958 film mainly showed missiles being fired toward the heavens from many countries on the globe who are capable of doing so.

A good movie.

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