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TRON (1982)
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peeweehoglie proudly presents "Tron: The Review", 11 March 2002

SARK: Greetings! The Master Control Program, has chosen you to write a good or bad review of the movie "Tron". Those of you, who will be writing a good review, should go to the left room. Those of you, who will be writing a bad review, should go to the right room. You will each write your review on this identity disc. Your good or bad review of the movie "Tron" will be imprinted on this disc. If you lose your disc, or fail to follow commands, you will have to write your good or bad review all over again. That will be all!

GUARD #1: All the people who will be writing good reviews should follow me.

GUARD #2: All the people who will be writing bad reviews should follow me.


ME: Ouch! okay! okay!

MY GOOD REVIEW: I think this movie is one of the best movies that I've seen because the plot was great, the actors were great too and all of the action was pretty cool. My brother got the 20th Anniversary Collector's Edition DVD for his birthday and he really liked it. I like the part of the lightcycles because the game was very cool to watch and it would be also cool to actually play it! And..... um.... I forgot I was going to



SARK: Finish it!

ME: No!

SARK: You'll regret this.

ME: Ahhhhhhhh!!

Flynn: Wait! STOP! DON'T KILL HIM!! Just let him think what he was about to say in his review so he can finish it!


MASTER CONTROL PROGRAM: Let the reviewer figure out what to write next on the review Sark!

SARK: Well alright!


REVIEW CONTINUED: Overall, this is a great movie to watch with your family and great movie to own.


Funny, 3 August 2001

I just saw this movie just today with my mom and we both laughed and we both enjoyed it. The outtakes at the end were very funny and we both laughed out loud. I would like to go see it again with my nephew the next time because he has seen the first Rush Hour and we like to go see this one. VERY FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!

10 out of 10

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COOL!!!, 19 July 2001

This is the coolest Jurassic Park movie I have ever seen. The movie could have been a little bit longer but it is still a good movie to watch. My nephew would like this movie also if he comes to go see it with me.

Final Rating: 8 out of 10

Moonwalker (1988)
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Great Movie For All You Michael Jackson Fans!, 14 July 2001

I am a big fan of Michael Jackson and I would like to say this movie is good and exciting to watch. I've rented this movie for the first time a year ago and I loved it. I've watched it a second time with my nephew and he also enjoyed it. The actors were good, the songs were awesome and Michael Jackson was the best. Joe Pesci did a fine job of playing the bad guy because Joe Pesci has been playing bad guys in movies before and this one just surprised me with his performance. Great movie for all you Michael Jackson fans!

Final Rating: 9 out of 10

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Cool Man, 13 July 2001

This was the first show I ever saw Pee-wee Herman and I thought he was funny on The Pee-wee Herman Show. The other actors are good but Pee-wee was funniest out of all the actors. I first saw this when I was little and I laughed out loud and I almost cried because I believe that Pee-wee is the funniest comedian in the world. The show was cool and I rate it 10 out of 10 because Pee-wee is the funniest and the whole show is funny.

Grim Fandango (1998) (VG)
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Great Game, 13 July 2001

I have played this game since my mom bought it for herself and she enjoyed playing it. When I started playing it, I enjoyed it. Why, because this game has a great plot and the actors doing the voices were great. My favorite character was Manny because he is cool and he does funny stuff sometimes. The character made me laugh the most was Glottis because he did a lot of funny things and he sounds kind of funny too. I really wish LucasArts would make a Grim Fandango 2 because I loved this game and I enjoyed playing it.

10 out of 10

A Christmas Carol (1999) (TV)
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Better Version, 12 July 2001

Patrick Stewart did an awesome of playing Scrooge in this other version of the book. The other actors in this movie are okay but Patrick Stewart was better than the other actors. Some of the other actors who played Scrooge in the past were probably not that good but Patrick Stewart is better than the actors who played Scrooge in the past. I got this on VHS christmas of last year and I watched it with my nephew and we both liked it.

Final Rating: 10 out of 10

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The Best Christmas Special Ever!, 12 July 2001

This is the best christmas special I have ever seen on TV and on VHS! This christmas has handful of special guest stars who are really great people. Pee-wee was hilarious and all the other characters in the playhouse were also funny. Pee-wee Herman is the funniest guy in the world and I wish he could come back and make brand new Pee-wee movies and bring back Pee-wee's Playhouse on the air again.

Great Series, 11 July 2001

This show is very good and very good actors. William Shatner is very good of playing the role of Captain James T. Kirk and Leonard Nimoy is also very good of playing the role of Spock. All the other actors are very good of playing their roles and the plots of every episode are cool. I like the fighting scenes in every episodes and I also like the actors who played the bad guys. It's too bad it had to be cancelled in 1969 and I thought the show could have stayed on the air a little longer. Anyways I like this show and I like watching the reruns everyday and I will always watch this show and the other TV series and even the movies because the movies are good too.

Ghosts (1997/I)
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SO COOL!, 11 July 2001

Well Michael Jackson has done it again. He has made another cool short film that everyone would enjoy. This movie is very good. The plot is good, the actors especially Michael Jackson did an excellent job and the songs that Michael sang are awesome! The direction of this movie is good and the setting of the movie is great. I got this movie and when I watched it for the first time, I really enjoyed it. My nephew also enjoyed this movie and we like to watch it again and again. Good job Michael.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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