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Probably Premnath's greatest ever role!, 10 December 2001

This film has the lot: romance, action and hit songs. Manoj Kumar undoubtedly holds the lead role, but as far as show-stealing goes, Premnath's 'Sardar Harnam Singh' has to down as one of the greatest character portrayals, ever.

Not only did he recite some of Sikhism's holiest 'prayers' fluently but was also allowed to swear (rather frequently) in Punjabi. Which, both added that extra class to his performance.

His role was so widely acclaimed amongst Punjabis, that whenever Premnath was to visit Punjab, any services or goods he may require were given free of charge!

Pratiggya (1975)
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The low-down on all the thrills and spills, 2 November 2001

Another brilliant curry-western from Dharmendra (having already done Mera Gaon Mera Desh and Sholay), but this with a lot more of the comedy element. Which is enforced with the help of Johnny Walker and Jagdeep, plus a whole village of comedians (including Mehar Mittal - the King of Punjabi comedy himself).

The film also includes the hit song "Main Jatt yamla pagla diwana" - sung by non-other than Rafi sahib himself. As well as "Uth neend se Mirzeya", a Lata-Rafi duet on the Mirza-Sahiban theme.

On the whole this is a very funny film, which also has its typical serious side too. The story starts off with Dharmendra learning that he is really the son of a wealthy family massacred by Ajit. The nanny manages to escape with him (as a baby) and then brings him up. Upon learning this fact Dharmendra sets upon finding the villain. In doing so, his first confrontation with Ajit leads to a few police officers being killed. After which Dharmendra puts on the uniform and marches into the local village as a Thanaydhaar.

Here he recruits the locals into the police force and teaches them how to use a gun. This is where the fun starts!

As for the romance side of things, Dharmendra falls for (who else??) Hema. Hema, the niece of Ajit finally succumbs to Dharmendra's charms, and hence "Main Jatt yamla pagla diwana". Ram Mohan plays Hema's mute 'adopted' brother.