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Porky's (1981)
The Epitome of '80's T & A Flicks, 27 December 2000

This whole franchise is great for what it is: gratuitous sex and hi-jinx with a group of friends. If you view it for that reason, Porky's is a very entertaining movie. I always thought it would be nice if they did one of them in college, but anything beyond a third installment of a movie is usually trash.

Disappearing Acts (2000) (TV)
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Not as good as the book, but you've got to love Sanaa Lathan, 10 December 2000

First of all, I have to make an admission; I love Sanaa Lathan (forgive me Omar Epps). She is a beautiful woman, but not in the intimidating movie star way. In a sense, she epitomizes what can be called the "Black Pack," the group of young Black actors and actresses (Sanaa, Omar Epps, Morris Chestnut, Nia Long, Terrence Howard, Regina Hall, Taye Diggs, Monica Calhoun) that are intertwined by being in virtually every quality Black movie in the past two years. It must be said that she's on the verge of being recognized as a great actress. Unfortunately, her role as Zora Banks won't be remembered as the one that put her over the top. The movie was decent at best with very little in the way of character development. The on-screen chemistry that was so successful for Sanaa and Omar in Love and Basketball (or for that matter with Taye Diggs in The Best Man) simply never materialized between Sanaa Lathan and Wesley Snipes. It seemed to rush through things, and left much to be assumed. Having read the novel, I thought that this was EASILY Terry McMillan's best, and would have made an excellent movie. However, the character development and detail of the novel simply didn't transfer well to the small screen. Therein lies the problem; had this project been given the resources and exposure of How Stella Got Her Groove Back and Waiting to Exhale, then I'm confident that this would have easily been the best of the McMillan movies.