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Not bad..., 13 May 2001

As most movies The Witches fails to be better than the book on which it is based.

In second grade my teacher read my class Roald Dahl's "James and the Giant Peach"- we all were charmed by it and like most of my class, I too went out to the nearest book stores and libraries to read the other books of Roald Dahl. The Witches is one of my favorites of his works, although I haven't read it for quite a while. As for the movie. The casting is so-so. Anjelica Huston, though is superb as the Grand High Witch. Not really as how I imagined the Grand High Witch when I first read the book, but nevertheless she pulls it off very well. The effects were brilliant. the mice were realistic, as were the transformations and the 'real' face of The Grand High Witch. The biggest disappointmant though was the ending. I felt that the books ending was much more fitting. The ending here was simply the "happily ever after" type ending, but then again keep in mind it's a children's movie. But like Roald Dahl said "there's no such thing as a good witch". The Witches is an enjoyable movie, though and parents won't mind watching it with their children, because let's face it: books like The BFG, The Witches and James and the Giant Peach may all say ages 8-12 on the back but they can be enjoyed by anyone of any age.

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As far as I'm concerned the movie ends the moment the training does, 21 April 2001

It's a real shame because "Private Benjamin" had good potential, and everyone involved meant well but...

Well, I did laugh- the scenes where Goldie is in basic training in the military are funny, amusing and fun but the moment basic training ends and Goldie goes to France, it becomes long and boring with not a single laugh to offer. The last half an hour or so were completely pointless. The writers should have crossed out this awful romance plot and just continued with the fun humor- the movie should have been about Goldie in the military and that would have been fun- what this movie should have been- pure fun. The ending just leaves a bad impression, which is a shame since Goldie (who also took the part of executive producer) meant very well. It seems this is only the first draft. At fault are the writers, who produced many fun moments and then just lost all ideas.

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A Fun Movie, 5 April 2001

As I was flicking through channels one night I just caught the beginning of a film. It was probably the names of Swoozie Kurtz and Meat Loaf that made me go 'what the heck, I'll watch'. The acting is not superb, but the film doesn't demand great acting. The script isn't brilliant, but the film doesn't demand a great script. Taj Mahal (an interesting name) is the highlight as latenight radio host Dix Mayal. A few gory scenes but interesting to see how the night progresses.

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Enjoyable Thriller, 5 April 2001

I was about to go to sleep while I flicked through the channels one last time and happened to catch the beginning of "The Long Kiss Goodnight"- perhaps I missed the first minute or two. But I remembered I had marked the movie to watch and thought what the heck- I'll watch. I can honestly say that I really enjoyed those two hours. The scene with the truck was definitely fun, and at the same time terrifying (as you know the purpose of the truck and who's in it, I won't spoil it for anyone). The humor was great too, and the acting of the four leads (Davis, Jackson, Zima and Bierko) was quite enjoyable- as is this entire film.

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Why do they insist on torturing us?, 4 April 2001

I can take Beverly Hills 90210. I can watch Dawson's Creek if I'm bored. Heck, I can even stand Melrose Place. But Grosse Pointe is truly one of the most pathetic shows I have seen. Look at the cast- let's see: you've got the pretty, the beautiful, the handsome, the cute, the very pretty. Hmmm? It is funny how teenagers think these people are good actors. Yes, yes- I once too adored all these shows. I once too thought the cast of Buffy were brilliant actors. Luckily I grew out of that stage. All these reviewers will too, eventually. Grosse Pointe is your typical teenage TV show, with a cast of noneother but pretty people. Well, that's what the majority of teen audiences are after. I personally cannot stand this teen culture.

December (1991)
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Got so much better towards the end, 3 April 2001

"December" started off pretty well, but the acting seemed to be too soapie and fake. But somehow the second half was just so much more beautiful. By the second half you're already in the movie and know the characters, but the acting just got so much better. The best acting came from Wil Wheaton, though still not his "Stand by Me" standards, which I doubt as an adult he will be able to accomplish. Jason London (not to be confused with his twin Jeremy- known from "Party of Five") also gave one of the best performances in the film. He was quiet and knew his character. But Brian Krause (you might know him as Leo from "Charmed") was just a tad on the soap side. I found it interesting how the movie progressed. At first only Tim wants to enlist, then others for their own reasons decide as well. And I was happy with the way it ended- not to sappy, not to expected. Kind of "happy ending" but you know that tragedy or loneliness can come to these people's lives. It was interesting to see how each boy debated whether to go, the conversations, the outcomes. It was all very real and believable.

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And I thought Pokemon was bad?!, 25 March 2001

OH MY GOD!!! My 5-year-old-sister and 10-year-old-brother rented this from the DVD place. I think I like Jack the Ripper and Ted Bundy more than the creators of this movie, if you can call it that. I didn't watch it, if I did I probably would have committed suicide sometime during the first ten minutes but it was playing on the background and I got to see a few minutes or so. Talk about bad! The plot of this movie was a bunch of kids saving the world from a computer-virus-mon, or whatever. The animation- I have no idea how people call it great. Basically one big constant giant headache. At least there's something about Pokemon, that I dunno- it's cuter. 'Course it's still a load of trash too. All this Japanese mon-ending stuff is generated towards one cause and one cause only--- money, money, money.

Parents beware!!! If it ends with 'mon' it's gonna end with aspirin pills and a psychiatrist.

Charming Little Film, 28 January 2001

For me, it's hard to rate movies with a perfect 10. I don't think there ever was a movie that was 100 percent perfect with no flaws what-so-ever, but few come close and "Waking Ned" is one of them. It's a change from all the Hollywood Shmollywood c**p out there. You can tell it's no big budget Blockbuster movie with trillions of dollars wasted on special effects. No pointless sex, no DiCaprio-Sarah-Michelle look-a-likes cast for their looks, and not every other word is the F word. It's a sweet charming film which I doubt America could ever make.

You can tell you're in for a good movie already from the beginning, which really got me laughing. I'm not going to go on and on about the plot because I'm sure you know it by now. The idea is magnificent, the humour is Irish-British and very funny, a witty script, witty dialogues, witty twists. But most of all- real characters and magnificent acting. Not just the brilliant main characters, the whole lot of Tully Moore It's amazing, it was like watching real people. It was so great that time just flew by and I was so upset that it was going to end. I wanted more. And when I went into Ian Bannen's filmography and saw that he had passed away it got to me a bit.

"Waking Ned" is a touching charming brilliant funny well-written well-acted movie. Worth a rent from the video store and even worth taping if it comes on TV. Movies likes this are hard to come by.

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Funny Show, 15 January 2001

I don't think "Who's Line" can be compared with "Seinfeld" or "Friends", they're all great comedies... but different. "Who's Line" is a fresh improv-comedy and it's hilarious. I've never seen the British version so I can't compare (although I have seen the completely moronic and idiotic Israeli version). Wayne Brady is truly a one-man act. I love it when he sings to some girl from the audience (forgive me for not remembering the name of the game. Brad Sherwood isn't bad at this game either). Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie are definitely a duo. It's amazing how funny they can be together. Then of course there are some other recurring contestants like Brad Sherwood, Greg Proops and Chip Esten. The women don't seem to be as successful on this show as the guys, although I do like Karen Maruyama. People, I see mentioned Josie Lawrence but even if I have seen her on the show I'm afraid I don't remember her. Laura Hall (on the keyboards, I believe) is always an upbeaty person and I really like her. In Israel we're behind on every possible television show so I still haven't seen any episodes with Robin Williams but I'm looking forward to (even though ever since he complained about his salary on 'Aladdin' I think less of him). I like Props, Hoe-down... well I can't remember the names of all the games but "Who's Line" is very well done and very entertaining and I don't think people understand just how hard it is to stand in front of a live audience plus millions of viewers at home and try to make up something funny and most the people on this show do a great job at it.

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Has stupid moments and funny moments, 14 January 2001

"Histeria!" has both it's share of funny moments and it's share of um... less funny moments. I do like it's parody of history and how it makes fun of it. But I do think that it's audience is not that that it's intended for. Adults will understand the jokes much more than children. I especially like The Oldest Woman in the World. Cute show.

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