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Not as good as the show...but better than most movies & worth the time., 5 February 2009

I have waited a year & 1/2 for this movie. So I was more than a bit excited to finally see it.

I am happy to say, it was good. I would LIKE to have given it 10/10, but, I don't think it was excellent.

It certainly takes the shows aspects & uses them well. It does a lot of explaining at the start for newcomers, so you can at least try to follow what was a 2 year TV program with some sense of logic.

First, let me pick at the things I didn't like. I was thrown off by Georgia Lass (Ellen Muth) having a new voice in the starting scenes (which were done to a comic book styling & I personally did not really like...liked it even less when they used it again later in the program. Its like they were trying to fill film space.). But once the show started, her more familiar raspy (but not sounding like a 60 year smoker like in the opening credits) voice seemed to come back. Also, the idea that reapers never change appearance is hard to swallow when Georgia clearly looks older than 18, and Daisy has changed noticeably. The new "boss" Cameron Kane (Henry Ian Cusack) was annoying as hell, he didn't catch on to me in any way & I quite admittedly was rooting for his departure the whole way thru. He cant replace Rube, and it was one of the shows biggest flaws in trying to replace him. No more Der Waffle Haus, this was a staple of the show & if they do more movies, or bring the show back, they have to recreate it. It was sorely missed. I didn't like the new Happy Time, it looked too high end for HT. There is a scene where Delores (Christna Willes) & Georgia are interviewing someone with another co-worker, and its in a conference room that you would envision in fortune 500 companies, instead of a temp agency. Daisy Adair (Sarah Wynter...played by Laura Harris on the TV series) was "good" but again, like Cameron/Rube, you cant replace the original & in this case they literally tried to. Daisy suddenly has no southern accent & seemed to go back to the shallow Daisy of the first few episodes, instead of the complex Daisy of the later episodes.

Now, what worked. The cast still were able to pull off their roles to perfection. Mason (Callum Blue) looked, acted and sounded like Mason most of the time. His character showed no change & his idiotic incompetent slacker mentality was placed in perfectly when needed. Roxy (Jasmine Guy) was in fine form & showed even more attitude than she did on many episodes of the show...which is great, since we are to believe she has this ass kicking attitude, which only was shown a handful of times in the series, here it was in almost every scene (except where she meets the Police commissioner & oddly turns Daisy like for a minute). Georgia was still great. Her dry sarcastic tone was a little lighter in this, but its still there. Her interaction with her sister was maybe too short (hey, 2 more scenes of that to build it up more would of been great instead of cartoon drawings wasting film). Her expression & words at the end of the episode were perfect as she is showered in a downfall of post it notes. It also gives the viewers overwhelming hope, that if there is another movie, or return of the show that a much needed return may happen. It was both wonderful, and frustrating to me. Wonderful in the hint that there could be a return. Frustrating in the possible false hope, or worse yet, if there isn't anymore episodes, no way to tie up that loose end. The supporting cast of Delores & Joy (Cynthia Stevenson) were quite good when they had screen time. Reggie (Britt McKillip) got more screen time than probably ever before & she ran with it well. She has grown up, she has matured, and she has developed a life. Of course, she is still haunted by her sisters untimely death & when she is confronted with the possible death of someone else she is close to, she is pulled back in after possibly just finally getting on with her life. I always liked Reggies character on the show, and was glad they gave her a lot more screen time here. Her interactions with Joy & Georgia was terrific & really added to the movie IMO. I was disappointed how little screen time was given to Crystal (Crystal Dahl) as Happy Times mainstay receptionist, and the fact there was no Kiffany at all.

The movie opened up as many doors as it closes. Which is good for giving a new movie/return of the show room to move, but it is bad if there is no more as many questions are again unanswered.

As an avid fan, I was going in, with high expectations & low hopes. I was demanding excellence, since thats what the show always brought. But I was fearful it wouldn't meet up to that level & be a giant dud. I am pleased to say that it was good enough that it will make most DLM fans happy. Could it be better? Yes. Could it have been worse, DEFINITELY.

It was most certainly worth the 87 minutes I spent watching it thru the credits. Any DLM fan has to see it, if for no reason than to go down memory lane & keep up to tabs if there is a resurrection of the show (lets hope).

Hopefully the execs at MGM are taking notice of the great reviews its getting everywhere & bring the show back.........with Rube & the original Daisy.

Sicko (2007)
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A massive wake up call for an entire nation, 17 June 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I personally have never really been a fan of Michael Moore. I find him to be an attention whore more than a fact teller. This piece is no different, but with a twist. He comes with easily checkable facts & lots of them.

Any American who watches this will (unless they are a CEO of an HMO) be appalled by what they see. Any person from Canada, United Kingdom, France or even Cuba who may see this will be thankful of the system they have in place.

The American health system has been openly criticized for a long time because they don't have Universal healthcare. After seeing the horror stories of the individuals in this story, including the deaths of people with "coverage" in the U.S. it makes me thankful for being a Canadian citizen.

Of course, you may say "well what do you know, you don't live here" & while this may be true, I have lots of family & friends who DO live in the U.S. who hate their system, have had problems themselves with their HMOs & on at least two instances I know of, have travelled back up here for their medical needs to be met.

The healthcare industry is shown to be frauds in this film. They are in my opinion, pathetic. If I were a Doctor in the U.S.A I would be ashamed to admit that was my profession after this story comes out, and if I worked for an HMO I would probably want to commit suicide after seeing the harm that you have caused undeserving people by denying simply basic medical coverage.

Michael goes to 4 countries with Universal healthcare coverage, including a longtime alleged nemesis Cuba. In all instances he finds that there is great medical coverage, FOR FREE. Ontop of that, medications are either free, or almost free compared to U.S.A. In Cuba a woman paid less than 5 CENTS for a medication that she was charged $120 for back home, while in Britain there is a $10 (approx) maximum charge on any prescription. In France, if you have a medical condition you are paid by the government & the employer to rest up. The myth of long lines to see a Dr. in Canada are blown away.

Simply put, this IMO is the most damning piece of film ever put together on the Americal healthcare system & frankly, it should make every American irate. It should certainly become a hot point topic for the 2008 elections & the American people should refuse to accept anything less than a comparable system to what we here in Canada have, what the British have, French have & Gasp, the Cubans have.

I might not like Michael Moore, but I respect him a lot after this film.

Sharkwater (2006)
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Incredibly informative movie, 24 March 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I had done a report on sharks & how they are being killed off once.

So I was drawn to this film when I heard it was coming out. It did not disappoint.

Sharkwater showed (sometimes in all too real) real life imagery of these proclaimed "deadly killers" being docile & non-threatening in the open waters. These were captive trained animals, these were wild creatures & showed no desire to maim or even intimidate humans during the filming.

Sadly & more importantly, it also showed the senseless killing of these animals around the world, and all for their fins. Shark hunting has become a massive money maker because of the illogical delicacy of "shark fin soup" & has created a black market in many third world countries for shark fins. These hunters go out & only catch the sharks so that they can cut their fins off, then dump the (sometimes still partially alive) rest of the sharks body back into the water.

I personally have never seen any other documentary style film on sharks that took the viewpoint of pro-shark & it was refreshing. Many of the things they tell you in the movie are things that I myself have uncovered in my report on sharks & knew all too well when they re-iterated these facts throughout the film.

Sharks are not as dangerous as the media & other groups, who profit from shark killing, would like you to believe. Most shark attacks are accidents, as is explained in the film.

I was pleased to see that a movement has started to protect sharks from being hunted. Perhaps this movies release will make it even more widespread.

I recommend this movies to everyone, whether you have an interest in sharks beforehand or not. I am sure most or all of you will go away after it with a much greater appreciation for sharks & will see them as not just non-menacing, but essential to the entire ecosystem & fascinating to watch.

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The boys do what you expect them to do, 9 October 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I went in with a slight worry it wouldn't be as good as the TV show.

I was cautiously expecting it to mediocrely bomb a little, since often TV show based movies don't live up to the hype of the show.

But for once, I was impressed & possibly even thought it was a little better than the show.

Ricky acted like Ricky, Julian acted like Julian, Bubbles acted like Bubbles & the supporting cast of Mr Lahey, Randy, Corey, Trevor, Trinity, Lucy, Sarah & others acted just as you hoped they would.

There was Lahey & randy trying to screw over the boys. there was the boys trying to make quick cash without getting caught. there was Corey & Trevor being screw ups. It was nearly flawless from the show.

Best scene IMO had to be Ricky trying to STAY in jail, all so he could help the other inmates beat the security guards in a game of hockey, only to be forcibly removed from jail & given early release. Even the most uptight people in the theatre laughed at that scene.

I considered giving it a 10, but held back only because if they decide to continue the season from the point they leave off, I would hate to think everything that finally went right for them will fall apart come the new season, because it was just a storybook ending (for their standards) & you just know the show couldn't work with them actually doing well, so it left me a little unsure of the ending & how I felt about it.

All in all, if you love or even moderately like, the show. Odds are you will like or love this movie, because I believe it COUDL be even better than the show is. At the very worst, its as good as the show.

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The worst movie ever made to date, 25 August 2006

I went into seeing this with no idea of the concept & no notion of what I would be watching.

It was 4 house-mates & friends, along with myself. Total 5 people, all with vastly differing movie tastes to say the least. However there is one thing were were all unified on for once, it took us less than 30 minutes to decide to turn this movie off & save what few braincells we had that either thankfully slept thru this torture or didn't succeed at committing suicide in a rage against me for forcing them to acknowledge this trash.

Since I cant submit a rating of 0 for the movie, I was forced to give it a rating of 1, which in my opinion is 2 more than it deserves.

Save yourself the time wasted & the mental anguish & AVOID this movie!

Out Cold (2001)
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Not as bad as critics said, 25 November 2001

Sure this movie was no award winning piece, but it was entertaining for the most part. people who went thinking they were seeing some serious movie about snowboarding may go away upset that there was more to the movie than some snowboarding tricks. I think the continual "Casablanca" references were lost on the people at the movie since many of them were late teens early 20's. I'm only 28, but atleast I had seen this movie so when they used pieces from it, I was albe to see the entertainment in it. I think this movie does exactly what it sets out to do, entertain & take your mind out of the real world. Its a senseless comedy with a loosely planned story around it that which is good, if thats what you plan to see. If you are going to see tonnes of snowboarding trick & special stunts, find something else to watch. If you want to spend an hour & half just watching a goof ball movie that you will laugh at occasionally this will be exactly what you want. I paid $8 (CDN) to see this & found it NEARLY worth its money. A.J. Cook & Victoria Silvsted didnt make it too bad on the eyes from a male point of view either.

Sirens (1993)
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waste of time!!, 21 November 2000

If it wasn't for the nudity, this would be the worst movie of all time. Don't waste your time. I would strongly recommend watching deal snails race before you agree to watch this ultimate waste of time! So please do yourself a favor dont rent this or buy it or watch it. You will wish you hadn't.