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There's no formula to determine what makes a film manly. It either is or it isn't. But the unifying characteristic in all of them is the presence of at least one man, or in the alternative someone who becomes a man throughout the course of the film. If your next question is, "What is a man," then society and your parents failed you. But the fact that you've nevertheless made it to the right place is an impressive first step. Here is a compilation of over 150 examples of what a man is.

If after looking at the list you are confused then I suggest that you watch some of the films on the list. If after watching at least 20 of the films on the list you are still confused about the concept of what a man is then you might want to check the expiration on your man card because it might be in need of renewal. If you don't have a man card then the best advice I can give you is to find the nearest woman and tell her that you are not a man but you would like her to point you in the direction of the nearest man because you do not know what one is. After she points you in that man's direction, go up to him introduce yourself and tell him you need a mentor. His answer will tell you if he is a real man because only a real man would be willing to help.

Since this list isn't comprehensive, I'm more than willing to take nominations for additions to the list from other users. Just nominate the film and justify why it's manly.