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My favorite of many outstanding episodes, 13 September 2000

I enjoy this series (I faithfully watch the reruns) for the same reasons millions of others do; the story lines that provide valuable lessons in life and the outstanding performances by regulars and guests. I would like to let readers know my all time favorite episode. It's the one titled "The Man Inside". This is the one about the fat man who decides to "leave" so his daughter will no longer have to be embarrassedd by him. Later, the children in the blind school open her eyes and help her realize what a great father he is.

"Fury" (1955)
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My very first favorite TV show; please bring it back, 27 October 2000

This was my favorite television show back during the time that it was on. I was approaching my teens and its western location and various adventures appealed to my own sense of and desire for adventure.

Alas, I have not seen it since it went off the air. In other words I have never seen any reruns; I don't know for sure if there ever have been any reruns. I fear that the reels of film may have been lost. But if they are still available, and if a person with the capability to put this show back on the air as reruns happens to read this, please do so. Thank you.

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Another Disney masterpiece about animal/human interactions., 8 September 2000

This is Disney at its best. Filmed on location amidst beautiful scenery. An intelligent and common sense screenplay. Human actors that are down to earth and believable. A truly outstanding narrator. An endearing story line that isn't really that far-fetched; pets, especially dogs, have been known to travel great distances to get back home.

I want to emphasize the narration. This movie is just one example of Disney's ability to find highly skilled narrators for movies/documentaries in which humans play a minor part; and sometimes no part at all.

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Excellent movie, 19 December 2000

For starters, this picture was thankfully filmed in black and white. This is only appropriate for gray colored ships shooting it out in the North Atlantic. The performers were, for the most part, convincing. The movie got a little risky by using a fictional character (played by Kenneth More) for the lead role, and delving a bit into his personal life. But it didn't get out of hand. The movie takes just the right amount of time in developing and depicting the important events in the eight day life of the Bismarck. I got the feeling that I was actually there and watching these events take place. The movie is essentially accurate, based on accounts I have read in books; including one by the highest ranking German survivor. The depiction of the destruction of the British battle cruiser Hood was not exactly accurate, but I would rank that a minor point. Getting the ship used in the movie to blow up the same way the Hood would probably have been more trouble than it was worth. The bottom line is the ship was destroyed and only three crew members survived.

This movie is an excellent, no-nonsense portrayal of the short and dramatic life of the legendary German battleship Bismarck.

Porky's (1982)
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Absolutely hilarious, 29 April 2003

I looked at the first two pages (here on the IMDB website) of other comments and am not at all surprised to find comments ranging from very good to very bad; this is that kind of movie.

If you haven't seen it, here's my take on it. People who are stuffy, proper, sophisticated, and politically correct in a social sense are not going to care for this movie. On the other hand, if you are laid back, easy going, don't have to have an uplifting and moral story line, and appreciate comedy (often sexy and somewhat raw), you are going to love this movie. The producer and director very obviously made this movie for the simple purpose of providing the audience with a lot of very funny comedy. And they succeeded immensely (if you are laid back, easy going, etc.) The scenes range from funny to hilarious.

Buy or rent the video. I've seen this on network TV and it is very "sanitized".

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A movie well worth watching., 26 April 2003

The story line of this movie gets a bit fanciful at times, but it doesn't get out of hand and the movie does not pretend to be anything it isn't, so I think most people well enjoy it.

There are several fine performances. My favorite is that of Raymond Massey as he is very convincing in the thankless role of a cold-hearted governer who towards the end shows a sadistic side and then, at the very end of the movie, shows that there is good in everybody.

Then there is the hurricane itself. Naturally I have not seen every movie ever made, but seeing how this movie predates the computer age the hurricane is surely the greatest special effects in movie history.

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If you liked the movie and haven't read the book, read it., 23 November 2001

I watched this movie out of curiosity because I have the book and have read it; five times. My book is 4" x 7" and is 311 pages long. That seemed like a lot for a two hour (I believe it was two hours) movie. I wanted to see how good the movie was and what parts of the book the movie omitted. I liked the movie despite the fact that it very understandably omitted a lot from the book. I read through the other user comments quickly and found two that said they like the movie better than the book. I would like to encourage those of you who have seen the movie but not read the book to get the book and read it. Parts of the book tend to be grandiose, which might be why the two users said they liked the movie better. To me, the book tells a great story with meaty characters that you get to know and care very much about. Central is Jane Withersteen who is being intimidated by the top Mormon men of her community. When she finally finds out how this intimidation campaign got started and, especially, who started it, she is rather shocked.

Old Yeller (1957)
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Perhaps Disney's best animal-oriented movie, 15 September 2000

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I get the feeling that many people consider this movie "old fashioned". That's unfortunate. The story of people appreciating a dog's love and loyalty should always be considered first rate material. And in this case it was done by the master himself; Walt Disney. Who could not be captivated by Old Yeller's lovable face and smile. The well done story line took him from scoundrel to protector and companion. Granted, the scenes showing Old Yeller fighting off the animal "villains" had a somewhat unnatural look about them; but getting a herd of wild pigs, for example, to do what you want, can't be too easy. And Tommy Kirk really nailed it (the feeling of grief) in the scene where he put Old Yeller out of his misery.

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12/60 Christmas episode; great performance by Will Wright, 5 September 2000

My favorite Andy Griffith show episode is the Christmas show when mean old Ben Weaver tries to get himself arrested. (Enter "Will Wright" in the database search box and note #6 under Notable TV guest appearances) On Christmas Eve, Ben Weaver (a legitimate liquor dealer) insists that Andy arrest a farmer for making some illegal moonshine to celebrate Christmas with. Andy brings the farmer's wife and two kids to the jail and, with Barnie, Opie, Aunt Bea, and Ellie, the whole lot of them celebrate Christmas right there in the jail. Ben becomes aware of this; feels left out; and tries to get himself arrested so he can join in the festivities. Thanks to some brilliant acting by Will Wright you start off intensely disliking Ben Weaver and end up feeling genuinely sorry for him.

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A very fine all-around movie, 24 September 2001

I missed out on this true story when it actually occurred, but I feel fairly confident in saying that the producer, writer, and director added very little, if any, "fictional fluff". The movie starts off by showing us the setting and most of the main characters. Everyone and everything looks real and believable; almost always a good indication that the viewer is in for an entertaining movie. And that is certainly the case here. Once the abduction occurs, the director skillfully keeps the interest nonstop and makes us very reluctant to get up and go to the fridge or anywhere else. There are solid performances by the supporting cast; the usual flawless performance we have come to expect from Megan Follows; and a superb performance by David Morse.

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