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Crossroads (2002/I)
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A cheesy little movie!, 6 April 2002

Crossroads is a cheesy little movie which isn't that bad. Some of the scenes were just a little unbelievable though and did remind me of a few other movies, Coyote Ugly (Which is a better movie.) for example. The story-line here starts of with three young girls, Lucy, Mimi and Kit who are best friends, but as they grow up they drift apart. After there high school graduation though they basically reunite and go on a road trip along with 'bad boy' Ben to make there dreams come true. The performances here from the likes of Britney Spears and Taryn Manning are not exactly brilliant, but they are not terrible either and Anson Mount is shaping up to be a good actor. He's pretty cute too. All in all, nothing special here, but good enough.

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A Great Teen Thriller!, 5 April 2002

The In Crowd is a great teen thriller. The movie is about Adrien, a strange girl who gets a job at a posh country club, when she meets Brittany, a pretty, rich, popular girl who is the leader of 'The In Crowd.' Brittany invites Adrien to hang out with her and her friends and everything is going well at first until things go bad and Brittany turns nasty. I thought most of the cast played there parts well and even though as the movie went on you tend to know what is going to happen, the movie is still enjoyable to watch. This is definitely recommended for people who enjoy teen thrillers as this is a really good one.

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Average Teen Movie!, 4 April 2002

Boys and Girls is an average teen comedy about friends and dating. Freddie Prinze Jr, Jason Biggs and Claire Forlani all star here and they all give decent performances. The movie is really predictable though and it's really obvious who's going to end up with who by the end of the movie. This is a nice enough movie though which I'm sure will go down well with most teen-movie lovers.

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Ali G: The Movie is GREAT!, 22 March 2002

If you're a fan of Ali G (Like myself.) then you will definitely love this movie as just like the Ali G shows, this first Ali G movie (I'm sure there will be many more to come.) is great. It's rude, crude and really funny. In the movie Ali G becomes Prime Minister to help save his town, Staines with strange and funny things happening along the way. We even get to find out some new things about Ali G. (Eg: His real name is Alistair Lesley Graham and we see what his hair really looks like.) There are not that many British comedies that I really enjoy, so it's good to have one like this. Sacha Baron Cohen is absolutely brilliant. Fan or no fan see this movie. You're a guaranteed many laughs along the way.

Hollow Man (2000)
Great Sci-Fi!, 19 March 2002

Hollow Man is about a group of scientists who discover a way to become invisible. When one of the scientists, Sebastian Caine tries it out, he suddenly becomes really evil and realises he can do whatever he wants when being invisible. His co-workers have to find a way to stop his though, before it's to late. Kevin Bacon gives a good performance in the movie. I think he's a really underrated actor. The supporting cast, including Greg Grunberg and Elisabeth Shue give good performances too. The movie is a great, enjoyable sci-fi/thriller which has great effects and good music too.

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Why was this even made?!, 19 March 2002

Movies like this should not be made. Shooting Fish is dull, boring and just not interesting at all, which I guess is down to the downright awful screenplay as one of the main reasons. Kate Beckinsale is a good actress, especially in movies like Pearl Harbor and Serendipity, but here I can't even say she's good. The rest of the cast are just as bad. Just do not see this movie.

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Great screenplay. Everything else, well, good enough., 19 March 2002

Practical Magic is a basic witch story about two sisters who are brought up by there two aunts and are raised as witches. The family have a terrible curse on them though, where if they ever fall in love, the man they fall in love with will die. The movie features okay performances from the cast involved but nothing too brilliant. The screenplay to the movie which is written by the brilliant Akiva Goldsman is the best thing in the movie. It's exciting, interesting and just plain great. Quite a good movie, overall.

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Sabrina, The Teenage Witch, The Movie., 19 March 2002

Sabrina, The Teenage Witch, well, of course the movie is about Sabrina, a teenage girl who is sent to live with her two strange aunts. Whilst there, on her sixteenth birthday, Sabrina finds out she's a witch. At first, she doesn't know what to think, but she soon gets used to it. It's good that Melissa Joan Hart who also plays Sabrina in the TV Show, of the same name plays Sabrina here too as she really suits the role. It's a shame we don't have the likes of Jenna Leigh Green here though who played Libby Chessler for a few years on Sabrina, the TV Show, as she was really great, but fans of the show will most likely like this movie, anyway. I also think this is better then some of the other Sabrina TV movies.

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The ups and downs of the Tenenbaum family!, 16 March 2002

The Royal Tenenbaums is a strange, different movie and it certainly delivers what the movie is meant to be about. I'm sure fans of Wes Anderson will not be disappointed. The movie features good performances from the good cast involved, including Ben Stiller, Gwyneth Paltrow, Gene Hackman, Luke Wilson and Owen Wilson. The story to the movie is of course about the Tenenbaum family who are all basically a family of geniuses. As the family get older they begin to drift apart even more then they were before, but when Royal, the father of the family announces that he's dying, the family all meet up again. The Royal Tenenbaums is of course a comedy, but it sure does have it's drama in it and even though I wouldn't say it was the most brilliant movie around as it's not really 'my type of movie,' it is recommended for those who want to see a different comedy as it will and does have it fans.

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Expected more and needed a different cast!!!!!!, 15 March 2002

Thir13en Ghosts is about about a rich collector who supposedly dies and then leaves his house and all his collections to his nephew and two kids. When they enter the house, everything looks good at first, but then they realise that the house is not all it seems and is really a "machine built by the devil and powered by the dead" with twelve ghosts 'living' in it and a thirteenth ghost is needed to join them.

I usually love these kind of haunted house, horror, ghost movies and if people like these kind of movies too, then they might not mind this movie, but there are definitely better ones out there. One of the main reasons as to why I am saying this is because the cast in this movie are SO awful and unbelievable, it makes the movie hard to enjoy and take even a little bit seriously.

The worst performances definitely come from Shannon Elizabeth, (Joint with Salma Hayek for first place as one of the worst actress' around.) Tony Shalhoub, F. Murray Abraham, Alec Roberts and Rah Digga who all NEVER give good performances anyway, so I didn't expect much of them. Couldn't they of had better actors to play there parts. Matthew Lillard suits his role as the nutty Dennis, even though he's always really playing this kind of role in many of his movies.

There's nothing wrong with a little humour in horror movies, but sometimes it a movie like this just doesn't need it.... A couple of different things needed like a change of cast would of made the movie SO much more enjoyable as I like I've already said I do *love* these kind of movies and the basic story-line here and the special effects used for all the gore in the movie are okay.

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